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Author: Jennifer Weed and Barb Davids

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2 wild and crazy marketing gals bring actionable advice about web design, WordPress, SEO and other digital marketing while working on their own websites and clients'. Uncensored and tangential conversation between Jenn and Barb, they talk about the knowledge they’ve attained in their careers. Jennifer and Barb are relatable, funny and real, and tailor conversations to bring you the best tips to enhance your website and grow traffic. The Digital Café is published once a week with tools and tactics business owners can use RIGHT NOW. Jennifer Weed is owner of Caffeinated Web Studio ( and Barb Davids is owner of Photog Marketing ( To be a part of the show or get your questions answered, send an email to
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It's that time again! We're bringing you some caffeinated happiness. Awesome productivity tools to help you with business and life!What You’ll Learn:How to free up space on your Mac.A way to keep track of your passwords.A great way to keep track of your website downtime.Some places to find paid and free stock photography.A cool way to track your bills!Quick Links:CleanMyMac 3 – – https://www.lastpass.comCSS Peeper – https://csspeeper.comUptime Robot – https://uptimerobot.comHow to Block Certain Referrers in Google Analytics – Stock (paid) – https://stock.adobe.comDepositPhotos (paid) – https://depositphotos.comAppSumo – https://appsumo.comUnsplash (free) – https://unsplash.comSkitterPhoto (free) – https://skitterphoto.comFlickr (free) – (paid) – https://www.stocksy.comKaboom Pics (free) – https://kaboompics.comLibrestock (free) – https://librestock.comHauteStock (paid) – https://hautestock.coPrism Money –
Sometimes you need another set of eyes on your site. Today we’re reviewing ten sites that listeners submitted.This episode is pretty long (we got a little carried away… ha), so grab a cup of coffee or a beer!Note: The audio for this episode has been split in two. The video is a complete recording.Video: Reviewed: 00:4:18 00:14:14 00:23:40 00:37:28 00:48:40 01:11:41 01:22:18 01:36:32 01:43:09 01:57:57Quick Links:The Contract Shop (affiliate) – Policy Generator –
Sometimes you need another set of eyes on your site. Today we're reviewing ten sites that listeners submitted.This episode is pretty long (we got a little carried away... ha), so grab a cup of coffee or a beer!Note: The audio for this episode has been split in two. The video on our site has is a complete recording.Video: Reviewed: 00:4:18 00:14:14 00:23:40 00:37:28 00:48:40 01:11:41 01:22:18 01:36:32 01:43:09 01:57:57Quick Links:The Contract Shop (affiliate) - Policy Generator -
In part one, episode 4, we talked about why it's important to start with setting up Google Analytics.In today's part II, we're going to dive into the specifics. Setting up analytics to read from search console, set up a report, a goal. Dive a little into Tag Manager, using Jenn's site to track her downloads.What You’ll Learn:How to set up a dashboard and send reports via Google Analytics.What search terms your website is coming up for.How to exclude your own visits from Google Analytics.How to exclude spam referral sites.How to track downloads and external links with Google Tag Manager.A fun way to view ALL THE DATA!Quick Links:You've set up your website, now what? Part I – Analytics – Search Console –'s Google Data Studio Dashboard – Video –
011: How to do Local SEO

011: How to do Local SEO


What is Local SEO? Why should you care? Jenn and Barb dive into how it can help your business get in front of the right people.What You’ll Learn:Simple ways to get started with Local SEO.Where to list your business.Why your Facebook page is making Jennifer crazy.How reviews impact your SEO.Quick Links:Photograph Like a Thief – Steal Like an Artist Journal – My Business – Places for Business – https://www.bingplaces.comYahoo Business Listings – Maps – (manages your listings for you) – https://www.yext.comMoz Local (manages your listings for you) – Example 1 – Example 2 – Plugin (free) – Plugin (paid) –
Today we're covering how to find keywords.What You’ll Learn:How to find a keyword.How to use Google Suggest.Tip to see how Google sees your site.List of tools free and paid to help find keywords.Quick Links:Kristen Kay Photography - https://www.kristenkayphotography.comDocument for Keywords discovered for Kristen Kay's website - - https://www.useloom.comWP Media Folder - Together (Community Over Competition FB Group) - Tide (National Group for Tuesdays Together) - - (Barb is an affiliate because it's her #1 go to tool.)Screaming Frog - Finder - https://kwfinder.comUberSuggest - the Public - https://answerthepublic.comAHrefs - https://ahrefs.comKeywordTool - https://keywordtool.ioWordtracker - https://www.wordtracker.comKeyword Discovery - - Trends - - http://keyhole.coBuzzSumo - http://buzzsumo.comTweetReach - https://tweetreach.comSpyFu -
Dubsado is a CRM that can help you run your business efficiently, making you look like a rockstar! Barb and Jenn both use Dubsado and are breaking down how it can work for you!What You’ll Learn:What the shit is Dubsado?How Dubsado can help you automate your business.Why people are obsessed with Dubsado.Quick Links:Dubsado - Accounting - https://bastianaccounting.comMore info on Dubsado and some screenshots! - Set Coffee (place with delicious bagels!) -
008: What the shit is SEO?

008: What the shit is SEO?


Today we're covering the very basic explanation of search engine optimization or SEO.What You’ll Learn:What a SERP is.The top 3 things that will help increase your Google ranking.Barb makes bad jokes.Quick Links:SEMrush - (Barb is an affiliate because it's her #1 go to tool.)WooRank - https://www.woorank.comMoz - https://moz.comLighthouse Google Chrome Extension - -
007: Caffeinated Happiness

007: Caffeinated Happiness


Today Jenn is gonna spread some Caffeinated Happiness! She runs across so many apps and solutions in her business and periodically pulls together a few to share.What You’ll Learn:How we easily share instructions with clients.A great way to organize all kinds of data.A learning resource with tons of great info.And more!Quick Links:Loom – https://www.useloom.comAirtable – https://airtable.comAirtable Community– – https://www.lynda.comPage Ruler– – – https://www.hopper.comHow to Efficiently Design Everything at the Last Minute –
Today we're talking about some of our favorite marketing ideas that are simple and that you can begin on today! Yeah... TODAY!What You’ll Learn:A hack way to easy blogging.Why a Google My Business page is important.The power of cross marketing.Quick Links:The other 27 ideas –
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