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Author: Tawny Platis

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The Dirty Bits Podcast is performed by Tawny Platis, a professional voice actor, who gives a casual -and hopefully comical- southern Californian retelling of the sexy, scandalous, and salacious stories from history your teacher probably left out. Whether it's Hans Christian Andersen's masturbation obsession, Jack Parsons bizarre mixture of NASA, the Occult, and Scientology, or Catherine the Great's chairs embellished with phallic symbols, we're totes about to dive in on the Dirty Bits and learn how the sexual drives of those who came before us shaped our world.
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Psst...hey lovebugs, it’s Tawny. A quick word before we get started today: George is currently on oxygen and the machine is pretty darn loud. We’re trying to find a way to work around that in regards to the podcast, so you may notice the audio quality is a little funky in this episode. We appreciate your patience as we make adjustments in regard to George’s diagnosis. Stick around for this episode’s “After Dark” segment for more details.In This Episode:As we tell this story, keep in mind that due to history largely being written and taught from a European perspective, the legitimacy of the so-called madness that Ibrahim became notorious for is still debated over by historians and biographers. As you know, these are always my favorite episodes to explore because it’s such a fun puzzle to try to solve. "But by this time, Ibrahim was so paranoid after walking on eggshells for so many years that he thought it was a trap and Murad was still alive, like he was gonna pop out behind a column, like, “Got ya sucker!” and then slit his throat. So his mom and Grand Vizier are like, “No, really, he’s dead.”And Ibrahim goes, “Let me see the body then.”And they’re like, “Are you serious?” And Ibrahim goes, “He just killed four of our siblings, yes I’m fucking serious. Show me the body.”So he PERSONALLY examines his brothers corpse and after he’s finally convinced that the whole situation isn’t some giant ruse, he’s like, “Ok, I’ll take the job.”During the early years of his reign, Ibrahim’s Grand Vizier is mostly calling the shots and he makes progress stabilizing the empire. "If anything sounded goofy in this episode, it probably was! Don’t take my word for it - always do your own research and make sure what you’re reading is from a verified, reputable, and academic source.Get in touch with us on our website at or by emailing You can also hit us up on: Twitter @thedirtybitspod or on Instagram @dirtybitspodcast or on Facebook in our group: The Dirty Bits Chat and Comedy Special thanks to our Executive Producers and Podcasters at for making the show possible. Without your support, the show wouldn’t exist. Melisa N.Sally M.Shayla T.Sadie MaeBoozy Movies Podcast (a personal favorite of mine)Canadian True Crime PodcastPlayComics PodcastCreative Zombie StudiosDead Ladies Show PodcastHistory Goes Bump PodcastSouthern Fried True Crime PodcastThe Exploress PodcastMysterious Circumstances PodcastPleasing Terrors PodcastSexy Pillows PodcastThe Minds of Madness PodcastThe Retro Cinema PodcastTrue Crime Fan Club PodcastTwisted Philly PodcastThe Limey and the Yank PodcastAnd Voice of the Victim PodcastAfter Dark:Frida Kahlo episodeNext up on the Dirty Bits we’ll be talking about Frida Kahlo, as picked by our patrons on Patreon. For just $3 a month, you get to vote on the next episode subject, trading cards, behind the scenes sneak peeks, like outtakes and bloopers. Questions:Who is your favorite person from history?How old are you guys?What makes you choose some scandalous people from history and not others?Where do you draw the line in comedy? SIngle worst event in history?Comedy recommendation - The Righteous Gemstones Sources: Peirce, Leslie Penn (1993). The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire. Studies in Middle Eastern History. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-507673-8.Gökbilgin, M. Tayyib (2012). Ibrāhīm. Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition. Brill Online. Börekçi, Günhan. "Ibrahim I." Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire. Ed. Gábor Ágoston and Bruce Masters. New York: Facts on File, 2009Lucienne Thys-Senocak, Ottoman Women Builders. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006Coco, C.: Secrets of the harem, Philip Wilson, 1997Zacks, R.: History laid bare (Love, sex, and perversity from the ancient Etruscans to Warren G. Harding), Harper Collins, 1994
Welcome to The Dirty Bits of History. I’m Tawny Platis, a professional voice actor, who gives a casual, and comedic southern Californian retelling of the sexy, scandalous, salacious, fierce, funny, and freaky bits of history your teacher probably left out. Stay tuned after the episode or take a peek at the show notes for The Dirty Bits After Dark: Catching Up With Tawny and George, our contact info, coming attractions, and a special thank you message to our producers. For commercial-free episodes, visit Now, enjoy the show. If you aren’t familiar with Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, they were writers and socialites who became the poster children of what we now call, “The Jazz Age.” Scott seems to be best known for writing, “The Great Gatsby” and less well known for mercilessly plagiarizing his wife, Zelda. They’re both notorious for alcoholism, infidelity, mental illness, and just generally causing a scene in general during the 1920s and 30’s.After nearly a century, why are we still so obsessed with the artists? What is it about Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald that has kept them relevant generation after generation? The academic answer would be that we remain fascinated by the duality of narcissistic geniuses and reckless self-destruction. I personally find the answer to be that America has always loved to stop and gawk at a gnarly trainwreck. And the Fitzgeralds were the gnarliest of trainwrecks. Per usge, to better understand what’s going on here and get the full picture, we have to go back to the very beginning. And because she got the shit end of the stick for so long, I’m starting out with Zelda.If anything sounded goofy in this episode, it probably was! Don’t take my word for it - always do your own research and make sure what you’re reading is from a verified, reputable, and academic source.Sources: Smith (September 8, 2003). "Love Notes Drenched in Moonlight; Hints of Future Novels in Letters To Fitzgerald". New York Times., Nancy (1970), Zelda: A Biography, New York: Harper & RowPrigozy, Ruth, ed. (2002), The Cambridge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-62447-9Cline, Sally (2003), Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice in Paradise, New York: Arcade Publishing, ISBN 1-55970-688-0The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People -By Irving Wallace, Amy Wallace, David Wallechinsky, Sylvia Wallace, Deborah (2017). The Subversive Art of Zelda Fitzgerald. p. 43. ISBN 978-0-8262-2104-9. Bruccoli, Matthew Joseph (2002), Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald (2nd rev. ed.), Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, ISBN 1-57003-455-9Lanahan, Dorothy. "Introduction." In Bryer & Barks 2002, p. Xxvii Real F. Scott Fitzgerald: Thirty-Five Years Later - by Sheilah Graham(The Lost Summer: a personal memoir of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Tony Buttitta)Music: “Fig Leaf Times Two,” “Fuzzball Parade,” “Maple Leaf Rag,” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Domain Recordings Courtesy of MusOpen: Rhapsody in Blue I&II, Bullets and Bayonets
His love for the ladies, particularly intelligent, young, beautiful ones, has been WELL documented. There were at least 13 women Benny-boy dated, er, at least... tried to date. This one is a surprisingly fun romp through flirty history.
Agnes Sorel: With Tawny

Agnes Sorel: With Tawny


In today’s episode, we’re taking it all the way back to 15th century France when Agnes Sorel, a lady in waiting from a family of minor nobility became the first officially recognized mistress to the king, inspired many artists of the time, most notably Jean Fouquet’s Virgo Lactan’s or the Nursing Virgin, and was the first woman to hashtag free the nipple.
In This Episode:Our lives may (finally) be boring.Favorite woman comedians?Why is your show in the LGBTQ category in podcast directory?Who’s Babbs? I see the name when you sign stuff.Who is your favorite podcaster?Game of Thrones finale? Yay or nay?
The Reverend Sylvester Graham was a hell, fire, and brimstone Presbyterian minister who combined Christianity and healthy living, successfully pioneering the way for all of the self-help guru, diet faddists who now grace our Instagram feeds.
The Questions:What kind of porn do you watch?What kind of music do you listen to?What are your favorite podcasts?What other movies, shows, podcasts etc. are like the Dirty Bits?Why did the show take a break? And I thought you were doing more and longer episodes?Do you have kids?Are you Greek Orthodox?
A lot of people already know he was a pretty big important, controversial military and a lot of people already know he has a reputation for being into some weird sex shit. What you may not know is that he may have been the original fedora wearing self-proclaimed nice guy with a massive chip on his shoulder.
Mary Shelley’s name has been waiting patiently on my episode list for over a year now. I’ve been conflicted about telling her story. One of the reasons I love producing a show about history is due to the fact that everyone is long dead. Nobody can be embarrassed or offended by any sarcasm or sass which makes it much easier to riff on my subjects without much hesitation.But Mary was different.
George's heart surgery went great! However, when he arrived back home, he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. He has been in the hospital for two weeks and will be having surgery on Monday to remove the infected growths that were found on his right lung.
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