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We have some questions to make you think
Get your notebooks out.
I will speak of a lot. Bucket your mental seatbelts.
Get your women to work. Put them to work for you and they will appreciate you more. Learn to value you more.
Let’s get into it all!
Another chapter from the sixth book and second book in the Stuck Between Two Different Worlds book series. We dissect. You should and I implore you to read the book before listening. There will be spoilers.
Next week’s episode and this is a preview of what’s to come and more
We discuss my sixth book, and sequel in the ‘Stuck Between Two Different Worlds’ book series… ‘Strong Bonds Never Break,’ also with a guest caller.
Take a listen to this one men. Happy Father’s Day
This is an interesting one. Take a listen
Raise and maintain testosterone. Here are the steps.
Is it fair? Let’s get into the terms, the examples, the hypotheticals and then the reality.
Another audio show for you
Bonus episode. We return June 16th @ 9pm EST. We have two guest callers joining us about this topic.
This one is for the men!
Chapter title in my first book The Seduction of Discipline. We also have a guest caller for this one.
We have a guest caller for this one. You can also purchase my first book, The Seduction of Discipline. And read chapter 25- The Innocent Face. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and stream it on iTunes or amazon kindle, electronic versions as well.
Let’s get into it. We have two guest callers. One is a host of “The New Normal” podcast. Who? You’ll have to take a listen and find out. Thanks for tuning in.
Bonus episode, with stoic talks podcast host, creative entrepreneur, sound healer, business owner and more…Jasmine.
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