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Author: E.L Discipline & Sujey S.

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Raw, uncut, no filter, no holds barred. After dark conversations with seven time book author E. L Discipline and business manager, Sujey Sotomayor. Go get your wine ready and make sure the children are in bed. This is that soul food talk, prepare your mind to be fed. #TheDisciplineTherapyPodcast
60 Episodes
In this special edition episode I recap from bdsm 101 part 1, season one finale (episode 12), of the titles, levels, compatibilities and incompatibilities. You will not want to miss this one. Even if you’re not interested in the BDSM lifestyle.
If you missed part 1, just go back.
Chapter 12 in my first book, ‘The Seduction of Discipline,’ is titled.. “When She Relinquishes Her Gift.” Let’s discuss what it means when a woman let’s go or gives a man control. We also have a guest female caller to vocalize her perspectives on the topic. Tune in. #TheDisciplineTherapyPodcast #ConversationAfterDark
The innocent face chapter 25 in my first book The Seduction of Discipline. Let’s discuss the shy girls and the reserved women.
Listen in as we interview LottoTheKid @1LottoTheKid on Twitter and Instagram: @lottothekid. He shares with us his journey as a musical artist and his goals.
We get into an interesting conversation. Listen in on our views of, should people ask for gifts they can’t afford themselves, or provide for someone else.
Listen in on how I discuss how to use “This is Chess, Not Checkers” in every day life experiences.
We want to thank Credle @iamcredle @credleent for coming and joining us on the show. Check out his music, and new single “The Chase” out now. Streaming on all major listening platforms.
The season 4 premiere has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. Listen in as we discuss, what’s most important to us. Is it love, sex, quality time, trust, respect or loyalty? And you can only choose one. And, we have a guest caller on the line. You won’t want to miss this.
Don’t forget to tune in this Thursday may 6th 2021 @ 9pm EST
This is the last and final part. Thank you all for tuning in all three consecutive days.
Tune in as we continue where we left off. If you missed part one, scroll down.
There will be a part 3 of discussing my journey as a writer and published author of seven books. We begin where it all started with book one, ‘The Seduction of Discipline.’ Tune in and thanks for stopping by on your favorite podcast app to listen to us.
The tables always turn is a chapter title in my sixth book. Which is a novel and the sequel in the Stuck Between Two Different Worlds book series. Tables have turned with men in women in this generation. Listen in on how, why, when and more!!
Do you believe ‘Great Sex is Power?’ This is a chapter title from my sixth book and the sequel in the 'Stuck Between Two Different Worlds' book series. Tune in to hear what we have to say.
Let’s discuss lazy lovers. Tune in as Sujey and I, share our experiences with all of you.
Sex, sex, and more is here!! Listen in on something that might open your mind. Put the children to bed, we have those vulgar and soul food conversations, prepare your mind to be fed. Grab popcorn, wine or roll one up.
We are joined on zoom with special guest, CEO, coach, entrepreneur, investor, author... Jeffrey St. Simon.
We have musical artist Danny aka thaheartbreakkidd and producer, engineer and artist Wallard. Social media: @thaheartbreakkidd_ @youngwallard. We would like to thank them for sharing their journey with us.
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