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The Discipline Therapy Podcast

Author: E.L Discipline & Sujey S.

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Raw, uncut, no filter, no holds barred. After dark conversations with seven time book author E. L Discipline and business manager, Sujey Sotomayor. Go get your wine ready and make sure the children are in bed. This is that soul food talk, prepare your mind to be fed. #TheDisciplineTherapyPodcast
46 Episodes
The tables always turn is a chapter title in my sixth book. Which is a novel and the sequel in the Stuck Between Two Different Worlds book series. Tables have turned with men in women in this generation. Listen in on how, why, when and more!!
Do you believe ‘Great Sex is Power?’ This is a chapter title from my sixth book and the sequel in the 'Stuck Between Two Different Worlds' book series. Tune in to hear what we have to say.
Let’s discuss lazy lovers. Tune in as Sujey and I, share our experiences with all of you.
Sex, sex, and more is here!! Listen in on something that might open your mind. Put the children to bed, we have those vulgar and soul food conversations, prepare your mind to be fed. Grab popcorn, wine or roll one up.
We are joined on zoom with special guest, CEO, coach, entrepreneur, investor, author... Jeffrey St. Simon.
We have musical artist Danny aka thaheartbreakkidd and producer, engineer and artist Wallard. Social media: @thaheartbreakkidd_ @youngwallard. We would like to thank them for sharing their journey with us.
He’s back! But it’s a different topic. Listen in how we speak of what is loyalty and trust to you. Do you have both and do you expect both from the people you deal with?
If you believe sports are rigged, you might want to tune in. We might be doing the sports analysts a favor here. If you don’t believe it is, don’t tune in. We like to keep it real on our show, therefor if the truth makes you feel uncomfortable..this is not the place for you.
We would like to thank Vincenza Reneé for sharing her journey with us and we wish her luck on all her future endeavors.
Do you have someone in the friend zone? Are you in it? Let’s get into it. Listen in as we share our experiences and we have a guest caller!!
What are your relationship or potential relationship deal breakers? Listen in on ours.
We have a special guest artist, young Marckson. Follow him @youngmarckson on all his social medias. Listen in as we ask him about his aspirations.
Part four is finally here! If you have no idea what I mean, you must go back to season one, Bdsm 101, season two bdsm 102 and 103. Part 1,2,3 are back there. Here is four. Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Submission/sadism and masochism. Let’s really talk about it. And we have a special guest caller.
We would like to thank Rob Rodriguez @robmurdaink, for being a special guest on the show. Go check out his social media platforms and you can comment or ask questions about tattoos and tattooing (if you’re an aspiring tattooist).
Would like to thank Rafael G for being a special guest on the show. Go watch and listen to his show The RandR show every Wednesday night at 7pm ET live on the LDM Network.
This is a special edition episode. No giveaways in the description. You must tune in to find out.
We have a special guest. Entrepreneur and published photographer. He tells us about his journey of being a photographer and we’re going to see if we can get him in on the conversation of Dating outside of your race, color and/ or religion. Listen in
We dissect the terms alpha and dominant. Are they synonymous? Tune in and find out. Which one are you? Are you even aware? Perhaps you are both? Join us in on the discussion.
If she’s on her menstrual cycle and doesn’t want to engage in any sexual activity, should he be entitled to another woman who will? Kicking off the season three premiere with a bang!!
We hope you all had a great new year. Season three premiere will commence January 14th 2021. It will be fire!!
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