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Host Sarah Isgur is joined by Steve Hayes, and Jonah Goldberg for a weekly thoughtful discussion on politics, policy, and culture.

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Sarah is joined by Jonah and Steve to discuss the Hunter Biden conviction and debate how much Biden’s age matters. The Agenda: —“This is what Joe Biden wanted.” —Hunter’s tax charges —Rep. Nancy Mace’s political evolution —Have Republicans set expectations too low for Biden? —IVF and political malpractice —The secret recording of Justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts Show Notes: —Dukakis' death penalty question —Yuval Levin’s new book: American Covenant: How the Constitution Unified Our Nation―and Could Again —Yuval Levin on The Remnant —Ryan Anderson’s piece about IVF —NYT: Alito’s ‘Godliness’ Comment Echoes a Broader Christian Movement The Dispatch Podcast is a production of The Dispatch, a digital media company covering politics, policy, and culture from a non-partisan, conservative perspective. To access all of The Dispatch’s offerings—including members-only newsletters, bonus podcast episodes, and weekly livestreams—click here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by Andy Mills—host of Reflector and a co-creator of the New York Times’ “The Daily” podcast—to discuss why he left seminary for journalism and what’s gone wrong inside American newsrooms. The Agenda: —Andy’s background —Why is everyone in New York? —Policing curiosity —The outsized power of young journalists —Take them seriously, not literally —Woke McCarthyism —The Twitterization of journalists —What makes a great podcast? Show Notes: —The Dispatch Podcast with A.G. Sulzberger —Andy Mills and Matthew Boll’s Reflector —The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling —Nellie Bowles' book —Tom Cotton's op-ed in the NYT —Adam Rubenstein's Chick-fil-A story The Dispatch Podcast is a production of The Dispatch, a digital media company covering politics, policy, and culture from a non-partisan, conservative perspective. To access all of The Dispatch’s offerings—including members-only newsletters, bonus podcast episodes, and weekly livestreams—click here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joe's Woes | Roundtable

Joe's Woes | Roundtable


Sarah, Jonah, and Mike discuss President Joe Biden’s immigration executive action and the coverage of his son Hunter Biden’s trial. The three also define “whataboutism” and “both-sidesism”, narrowly avoiding an existential crisis for Jonah. The Agenda: —Biden’s border crisis —Hunter’s gun trial begins —The debate over Biden’s age —The hostage crisis in Gaza —Returning grocery carts Show Notes: —Jonah’s Wednesday G-File —Ronald Reagan on Saturday Night Live —Advisory Opinions’ episode on Hunter Biden —Jonah’s Remnant with Mike Warren The Dispatch Podcast is a production of The Dispatch, a digital media company covering politics, policy, and culture from a non-partisan, conservative perspective. To access all of The Dispatch’s offerings—including members-only newsletters, bonus podcast episodes, and weekly livestreams—click here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Washington Post columnist George Will joins Jamie to discuss the Trump verdict, the state of American politics, Israel’s predicament, the influence of college campuses, foreign policy, and the future of the Republican Party. Show Notes: —Will's Washington Post column on not voting in November —Will's Washington Post column on nuclear annihilation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A jury found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 counts in his New York criminal trial. Sarah is joined by Jonah, Mike, and Steve to break down the conviction and discuss where we all go from here. The Agenda: —Was this a Stalin show trial? —When law enforcement becomes personal —Trump’s defense failure —Shame on everybody —Did this change anyone's vote? —Trump raises $34.8 million —Will Trump receive prison time? —People you disagree with aren’t evil —Was this worth our time? Show Notes: —The Collision: What's next? —Last night's live Advisory Opinions —Rep. Susan Collins’ reaction to the conviction —NYT’s profile on Alvin Bragg —Advisory Opinions on the New York indictment —Elie Honig: Prosecutors Got Trump — But They Contorted the Law —Larry Hogan’s statement on the conviction —538 emergency pod Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, joins Jamie to discuss the role of an economist and recession predictions. The Agenda: —Explaining why a recession hasn’t come this year —The role of the Federal Reserve in managing inflation —Rent prices and housing stock —Education reform and a pro-growth tax code —The breaking point with interest rates —Will the U.S. dollar stop being the reserve currency of the world? —The economic impact of defending Taiwan against China Show Notes: —Minutes from the latest Fed meeting —Latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jonah is joined by Steve and Mike to discuss Nikki Haley saying she will vote for Donald Trump, and they also get into the “deadly force” lie being spread by Trump supporters in Congress and right-wing media. The Agenda: —Haley endorses Trump —Trump-Haley ticket —How the ‘Deadly Force’ Lie Swept Through the MAGA Media Ecosystem —The corrupting influence of Trump —Potluck foreign policy —The ICC arrest warrants —The death of a butcher —The pizza debate Show Notes: —Boiling Frogs: A Case for VP Haley —Julie Kelly’s original “deadly force” tweet —Julie Kelly’s January 6 book —Jesse Watters' coverage of the “deadly force” claims —Trump’s Wildwood, New Jersey, speech —The Trump-Oprah voter —Biden’s Morehouse speech —The Remnant with Ken Pollack Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
George Packer joins Jamie to discuss how a new round of progressive culture in universities stems from the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests. The Agenda: —The competitive atmosphere of getting into elite pre-schools —Rejection of nuance and debate —How to teach history and civics —New progressivism and its roots —Progressive ideologies leading to cancel culture —Culture wars and anti-Zionism Show Notes: —Packer: When the Culture War Comes for the Kids —Packer: “The Campus-Left Occupation That Broke Higher Education” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Donald Trump and Joe Biden have agreed to a debate and no one knows who benefits. Steve and Jonah join Sarah to make some predictions about the upcoming presidential debate and discuss how you should think about your vote. The Agenda: —The debate —Why did Biden agree to this? —White House operatives’ blind spots —RFK Jr. not invited to the debate —“Never Trump” vs. “Never Again” —Would Jonah vote against American baby Hitler? —How you should think about your vote —Jonah for President —Official judicial ruling: tacos and burritos are sandwiches Show Notes: —Nick Catoggio: Let’s Get Ready to Bumble —NYT: Biden’s approval ratings —High Steaks —Axios: Biden’s polling denial —Biden accepts the debate —Biden’s “Free on Wednesday” T-shirts —Pod Save America with Jen Psaki —Polling on who people trust with info on Ukraine —The Bulwark with Steve Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by Bill Ayers—former professor and co-founder of The Weather Underground, a far-left militant organization—to provide a far-left perspective on the merits of the anti-Israel encampments and Israel’s response to October 7. The Agenda: —The safety of Jews on college campuses —Do the encampment protesters care about the hostages? —Condemning Hamas —How Israel should’ve responded to October 7 —Is Israel an apartheid state? —Is Israel a free and open society? —Debating a two-state solution —Monolithic thought on college campuses Show Notes: —Jamie’s first interview with Bill Ayers —Jamie’s second interview with Bill Ayers —The Dispatch Podcast with Medhi Hasan —Steve Salaita’s article on Israel’s self-defense —Bill Ayers on X Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Megan McArdle of the Washington Post joins Jonah and Sarah to discuss Trump’s *explicit* trial, vice presidential contenders, and the downfall of the Tea Party. The Agenda: —Vice presidential picks —Let’s keep the Burgumentum going!!! —Handgate and Marco Rubio —FreedomWorks closes up shop —Checking in on third parties —There are monsters inside of RFK Jr. —Man vs. Bear debate Show Notes: —WaPo's explanation of brain worms —Biden threatens to withhold military aid from Israel —"A Huge Gender Gap is Emerging Among Young Voters" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Robert Costa, chief election and campaign correspondent for CBS News, joins Jamie to discuss what a second Trump administration would look like. The Agenda: —GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s previous Dispatch Podcast appearance and Costa’s response —How Trump pressured different Republican leaders leading up to January 6 —Steve Bannon’s motivation and role —Trump’s ongoing legal cases and how they affect his campaign —Trump’s possible VP picks Show Notes: —NYT "Could Trump Go to Prison? If He Does, the Secret Service Goes, Too" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Can you compare the pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses to January 6? What about 1968? Or 2011? Sarah is joined by Jonah and Steve to debate these questions and discuss Trump’s Time magazine interview. The Agenda: —Nostalgia for the Civil Rights protests —Do we have political parties anymore? —Protests become violent —Whose fault is this? —No Jewish hummus —The UNC frat bros’ Iwo Jima moment —Trump’s Time interview —Ron DeSantis bans lab-grown meat Show Notes: —Kaitlan Collins interviews J.D. Vance on CNN —Serge Schmemann: Student Protest Is an Essential Part of Education —UCLA wins the award —Jonah’s Wednesday G-File —McKay Coppins: You Should Go to a Trump Rally —Ross Douthat: There Will Be No Trump Coup Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Qatar hosts a major U.S. air base, but its patronage of radical Islamist terror groups has some Americans questioning the alliance. Jonathan Schanzer, senior vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins Jamie to explain. The Agenda: —Introduction to Qatar —Various actors and terrorist organizations in Qatar —Qatar’s financial influence in Washington —Al Jazeera's relationship with Qatar —Responding to Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s comments on Qatar Show Notes: —Jonathan for The Jerusalem Post: Qatar: ‘The arsonist who then claims to be the firefighter' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Derek Thompson of The Atlantic joins Victoria to answer the question: Why did Americans stop hanging out? The two discuss the steep decline in face-to-face socializing, the rise of loneliness, and the fraternizing role of protests. The Agenda: —The decline of social institutions in America —Smartphones’ effect on teenagers’ lives —Women turning to pets —Challenges of raising kids in the digital age Show Notes: —Derek for The Atlantic: Meritocracy Is Killing High-School Sports —Derek for The Atlantic: Concerts? I'll Pass —Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community —Watch this episode on YouTube Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Congress did their job—for now. Sarah is joined by Steve and Jonah on today’s episode of The Dispatch Podcast to discuss Speaker Mike Johnson’s successful passage of Ukraine and Israel aid and explain the intellectual history of the illiberal right. The Agenda: —Ukraine aid passed —Heritage Foundation vs. Erick Erickson —What is conservatism? —Columbia protests —Will history prove them right? —Genocidal language at Columbia —Looking Jewish Show Notes: —Ukraine: The Latest with Jonah —Jonah's recap of the Mike Johnson saga —Erick Erickson’s article on free markets —The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Right and Left —Norman Rockwell painting —Why are we protesting? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Adaam is joined by Shai Davidai, an Israeli-born assistant professor at Columbia University, to discuss a viral moment in which he was denied entry to Columbia’s campus and how the university’s administration is failing to protect Jewish students. The Agenda: —Shai Davidai’s background, from Israel to Columbia —The antisemitism he was warned about —Dialogue with protesters —The administrative involvement in the protests —Play-by-play of Davidai's experience on Columbia's campus —Are Jewish students safe on college campuses? Show Notes: —Davidai's "Rape is never ok" tweet —Petition calls for Davidai's termination —Davidai's appearance on 60 Minutes —Rep. Ilhan Omar questions Columbia University president —Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad's appearance at Columbia —Time to Condemn's website —Resistance 101 event at Columbia —Joseph Borgen, Jewish man assaulted in 2021 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by Tim Miller, host of The Bulwark Podcast, for a debate on the impact of social justice principles in the American education system. Jamie invites The Bulwark Podcast host Tim Miller to debate the impact of social justice principles in the American education system. The Agenda: —Younger people's support of Palestine —Woke curriculums in elementary and middle schools —Debate on sexual education —Why Miller thinks Donald Trump's second term would be worse than the first —The difference between The Bulwark and The Dispatch Show Notes: —Steve Hayes on The Bulwark Podcast —Jamie Weinstein on The Bulwark Podcast —The Bulwark Podcast featuring Ross Douthat Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As Congress devolves into high school drama, Sarah, Jonah, and Mike discuss the fight over aid to Ukraine and Israel and the resulting threats to oust Speaker Mike Johnson. The Agenda: —Internal drama and blocks to getting foreign aid passed —Polling shows Trump losing his lead in swing states —Trump’s bodega campaign tactics —Latinos’ affinity for Trump: real or media illusion? —The need for messianic figures in politics —Assessing the Biden administration’s public-facing stance on Israel —Does spanking children reveal a cultural divide between the elites and working-class people? Show Notes: —Mike Johnson’s interview with Jake Tapper —National polling —Nick Catoggio’s Boiling Frogs on Mike Johnson —This week’s Collision —The Commentary Magazine podcast —Jonah’s G-File on the messianic temptation —The Remnant with Eli Lake —Matthew Yglesias on “the spanking gap” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by New York Times opinion columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Carlos Lozada to discuss his new book, The Washington Book: How to Read Politics and Politicians. The two discuss how to read a politician’s memoir and the failures of The 1619 Project. The Agenda: —Does everyone use a ghostwriter? —Insights from the acknowledgments section —Inside Obama’s presidency —Has The 1619 Project harmed the NYT’s brand? —The worst books by politicians Show Notes: —Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama —Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose —Decision Points Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (19)

Dan Jones

I shouldn’t find it surprising no one on this podcast mentioned how many innocent Palestinians have been killed by the IDF 9,000 as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry. Israel has been illegally occupying parts of the West Bank and their claim of sovereignty over East Jerusalem is not recognized by the United Nations as well, Happy Holidays and from Sarah, Jonah, and Steve may all Palestinians die and have no right to a home.

Nov 3rd

Lloyd Higley

lol dog whistle. What a joke

Jun 11th

Jeff Lewis

100% agree with Jonah about dress codes

May 29th

Kurt Gillon

regarding the sentiment that Sen. Warnock was weak in Georgia, I had that conversation a couple of months ago. If anyone other than Walker, the R's would have swept the spare. It wasn't meant as an insult to the Senator but just a fact on the ground. He did get reelected and we are glad for that, the on the ground vote movement in the AA was real, with the anti walker/trump being a motivator as well.

Dec 9th


Very insightful as always (from a left leaner) - I find myself agreeing with quite a few comments. Funniest moment of the podcast, though, was the moderators decrying the impact of hyper-partisanship, then one of them stating near the end "I've never voted Democrat, and doubt I ever will".

Oct 31st

Karluigi Marie

I am a new progressive listener today. I love this podcast! it is so refreshing to hear another veiw or a different approach to policy, economy and politics. Thank you!

Jun 26th

Dan Jones

Elizabeth Warren and Ron DeSantis are the two of the worst’s on each political side when it comes to culture war issues

May 14th


This is one of the best episodes of any political podcast I have ever listened to - this is the type of discourse we need in our country!

Apr 21st

Dan Jones

Jonah is wrong about Joe Manchin being the most popular politician in America, coverage for pre existing conditions: popular, protection of the LGBT: popular, but let’s not bring that up, also Republicans aren’t that popular right now either with their legislative attacks on elections but all hats to that analysis Jonah, total old white guy take

Apr 16th

Dan Jones

With all due respect to Sarah, Jonah, David, and Steve I would like to know, and I don’t think any of you have, talked to the predominately black communities about their feelings on the laws passed throughout the country on the “election security” even though Bill Barr couldn’t find sufficient voter fraud to swing an election. Lines in black communities on average 3x as long as lines in white communities, since the passing of Shelby v. Holder the predominant number of polling places closed were in African-American communities. But in 3 white people in affluent neighborhoods who haven’t had their voting tampered with think everything’s ok, so everything’s ok 😁 I also don’t think bringing up that many of these laws were passed based off of a lie told by our former President, was convenient for anyone to bring up, Sarah point was valid high voter turnout doesn’t necessarily mean Democrats will sweep the ballots, the GOP held strong on 2020 elections, but good luck in your white lives, kno

Jan 13th
Reply (3)

Just an Opinion...

Oh well, we can't win'em all...

Sep 9th

Anthony Kolby Brent

35e4 r 2 e e3p x

Jul 29th

Sara Chick

Love Chris Stirewalt! Hope he joins the Dispatch ❤

Feb 8th

Eileen Klees

Ms Severino talked too fast and came across as entirely partisan regarding Supreme Court confirmations and decision outcomes. The Warren Court did overstep its bounds but its criminal justice and civil rights rulings came about because of terrible injustices. I expected a more scholarly overview along the lines of Jeffrey Rosen or Norm Ornstein or Nina Totenberg. This was just a rant.

Sep 27th

William MWestcott

Here it is. Not coming up on searches though

Jan 9th
Reply (1)