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Author: Victoria, Jamin & Jacob

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A Bimonthlyish conversation about Hell in its many and infinite forms.
17 Episodes
First of a two-parter on the queen of the night, wife and grandmother of the devil, Lilith!
The Ladies of Hell - the Pleaides, alewives, The Farmer's Curst Wife, and Mictecacihuatl!
Because the one thing you need if you're trying to pick up someone in the subway by being the lord of darkness is a sound track.
Bittersweet wrap-up of Mesopotamia with the star-crossed bromance of Gilgamesh and Enkidu...
The Harrowing of Hell: The action-packed second film in the Easter Trilogy!
Today's ramble was inspired by Mesopotamian demonology, but who knows where it will go!
More ancient myth: two Mesopotamian gods of the dead, one house, one crazy father-in-law, comedy ensues
Starting on a long road of ancient myth and wobbly research: the Mesopotamian netherworld and the Descent of Innana!
Special guest Jason joins us for fond (?) memories of the 1980s Satanic Panic.
Fun with urban legends, part two - tunnels under New Jersey,, the Devil's Den, Bloody Mary, and the Gates of Guinee...
Fun with urban legends, part one - two hellmouths, a cryptid, and some cursed poetry...
Ep. 6 – Santa Vs Satan!

Ep. 6 – Santa Vs Satan!


In our most self-indulgent episode yet, we tackle the Christmas magic of Santa Vs Satan.
Ep. 5 – Krampus Night

Ep. 5 – Krampus Night


The hosts go on a winding (maybe swerving) journey through Krampusland,
Part two of our journey down the Styx, with a few non-Greek side trips.
Sailing down the rivers of hell, part 1
What does the devil look like? We don't know. Ignorance shall not stop us.
Expectations, preconceptions, hello, and a whirlwind tour of hell's history!
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