DiscoverThe Dispatchist: A Friendly Podcast about Hell
The Dispatchist: A Friendly Podcast about Hell

The Dispatchist: A Friendly Podcast about Hell

Author: Victoria, Jamin & Jacob

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A podcast about Hell, demons, the underworld, mixed drinks, and other fun topics. Humorous and light, we don't think YOU'RE going to hell...but we probably are.
61 Episodes
Ep. 60 – Suddenly Satans!

Ep. 60 – Suddenly Satans!


Talking about the developing concept of The Devil in the intertestamental period. PARTY CITY!!
Tackling the Watcher myth, strident and uninformed opinions on 1 Enoch, and so much more!
Two of the biggest Satan stories in the old testament...or ARE they? Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and Job's vicissitudes.
Ep. 57 – Yahoo!!

Ep. 57 – Yahoo!!


After two years, we're finally getting to the bible! A bit about the history of the Jewish religion and of Jahweh. We're confident we're going to get this wrong, but we're confident!
It's 12th night...are you still spinning flax? For the love of god, STOP!!!
Drew Edwards returns to talk about the various monsters (and one rather nice grandma) of the Christmas season!
The perfect autumn miniseries with just a dash of Dante - Over the Garden Wall
Elizabeth Andres joins us to talk about the strange underworld of Beetlejuice!
A Halloween special talk about the Wild Hunt...what is it? Is it really a thing? Are babies involved? So many questions.
Author La Carmina talks with us about Satanism, world travel, and her new book!
It's #50!!! We celebrate by arguing over who is the best Satan for two hours!!
Ep. 49 – Hellpets!!

Ep. 49 – Hellpets!!


Animals of a somewhat hellish nature and (sometimes) a petlike quality.
Ep. 48 – Cryptid Kids

Ep. 48 – Cryptid Kids


Various demonic kiddies, vampiric infants, and flying babies
We're on a regrettable roll! Rumors of infant sacrifice and cannibalism abound in humanity's favorite game: Othering!
Infant Damnation, babies as infernal torments, The Patriarchy vs. Women (but also vs most of humanity) and more! Triggers abound!
Special guest Drew Edwards, author of "Halloween Man," joins us to talk about the Hellraiser franchise and his new Kickstarter!
Still more questions! Does the devil wear Prada? Does the pope? Why do demon names have all those "Z"s? We don't answer any of them!
Celebrating Episode #42, questions and...answers?...from our friends about a range of infernal topics. Also, Submissive Chicken.
Live from Havencon 2022: Everything you wanted to know about demons but were afraid to ask!
A little chat about the Round Table and where it all went wrong
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