DiscoverThe Dispatchist: A Friendly Podcast about Hell
The Dispatchist: A Friendly Podcast about Hell

The Dispatchist: A Friendly Podcast about Hell

Author: Victoria, Jamin & Jacob

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A podcast about Hell, demons, the underworld, mixed drinks, and other fun topics. Humorous and light, we don't think YOU'RE going to hell...but we probably are.
85 Episodes
Episode #84: The Rise and Fall of Pride, with Dr. Nick Literski!
Episode #83: Angry about Wrath!
Episode #82: In Halifax with Tundale!
Episode #81: Experiments in Envy!
Episode #80: A brief and addled history of the Goetic demons
Episode #79: The hosts barely make it through sloth.
Ep. 78 – Greed is Good

Ep. 78 – Greed is Good


Episode #78: Greed is Good. Our gently unhinged ramble through the seven deadlies continues unabated.
Episode #77: Back to the Seven Deadlies with the sin of lust!
Episode #76: Before we get back to the seven deadly dwarves, we talk about the concept of sin for a while.
Episode #75! We celebrate this, and the season of Epiphany, with the lightbringer himself: Lucifer!
Celebrating the holiday season with a chat about Gluttony...
The hosts attempt to talk about Baphomet, something of a spiritual rorschach...
Deals with the devil, demonic pacts, and faustian bargains: a DIY guide
Welcoming back our friend Liz to talk about Pan! More goats!
Ep. 70 – Goats go to hell

Ep. 70 – Goats go to hell


The beginning of a short arc about goats and goaty entities. It's been a long time coming.
More Zoroastrianism, more chaos, as we talk about spirits, critters, wolves, crabs, and hedgehogs.
A chaotic dive into Zoroastrianism. Where we're going, we don't need outlines.
Ep. 67 – A Mithra Minute

Ep. 67 – A Mithra Minute


We're not saying Yahweh stole all of Mitra's best ideas, but...
Satan's transition from attorney to monster
A little "light" entertainment as we tackle Michelle Remembers...
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Kelsey H.

francis is Argentinaian and a jesuit. it's weird to some that he chose francis as his pope name.

Feb 12th