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Live from Havencon 2022: Everything you wanted to know about demons but were afraid to ask!
A little chat about the Round Table and where it all went wrong
Things that go bump in the night!
Talking about Tuatha de Danu, Fomori, Tuatha de danu, Morrigan, Tuatha de Danu, and more!
A long, rambling conversational journey through Celtic myth begins!
Ep. 37 – Charon is Caring

Ep. 37 – Charon is Caring


If not the oldest psychopomp, possibly the grumpiest...
Dancing with death and the devil!
Ep. 35 -WORMS

Ep. 35 -WORMS


Let's talk about worms?
D+B=BB4EVR! Tape #2 of the most awesome mix tape the world will ever experience...
D+B=BB4EVR! Because sublimated homosexuality is obviously THE dominant theme of "Inferno" we round out the year with this love offering.
Festivus is almost upon us! We answer the question, "what will YOU buy Victoria?"
One last stop in our journey through Hell...
Get these XXXXX snakes off my XXXXX bolgia!
Moving on, we start to get deeper into fraud and deceit and...more popes...
Our sprint through the inferno takes us through the Circle of Wrath!
Welcome to the dark woods of our lives: Infernovember 1!
Announcing our November challenge - sprinting with Dante...
Ep. 26 – Antichrist

Ep. 26 – Antichrist


How much do you know about the Antichrist? Really? Want to host a podcast?..
Spending a few minutes with the baddies of Egyptian mythology...
#HOIT - Horus, Osiris, Isis, and Thoth!
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