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The Invisible Man of Britain’s Far Right
Simon Cox investigates the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim organisation Knights Templar International – not to be confused with the medieval Knights Templar organisation. In a recent interview its front man Jim,Dowson described KTI as a "militant Christian organisation". KTI posts regular ads on social media to recruit new members and seek donations to fight what Dowson calls the "war between militant Islam and Christianity". In a recent interview he warned "we are going towards a war in the West. We want to make sure when people hit the streets, militias will form. The Templar way is to train men up in everything - we have training course in video journalism, military stuff". With the money raised KTI buys paramilitary equipment which is sent to places like Northern Kosovo where British troops are still stationed to keep the peace between the Muslim Kosovo Albanian community and Orthodox Christian Serbians. Last year Dowson was banned from Hungary for being a threat to national security. The British anti-racism NGO Hope not Hate warns “he (Dowson) and his organisation tread a very fine line between antagonising people’s fears, stirring up and stoking people’s fears. He is the ‘Mr Slippery’ of the far-right world in Europe”. Within the far right community Dowson is a familiar figure but more generally he has kept a fairly low profile and has been dubbed in media reports "the invisible man of Britain's far right". Concern about the activities of Dowson and Knights Templar International is growing across Europe as the organisation recruits more members to its cause and threatens the peace in some of the most volatile regions.Producer: Anna Meisel
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Patrick Kopko

Leftist bbc is spreading feminist propaganda

Apr 16th


incredibly informative and interesting, a virus which is not well recognised in history and needs to be understood. thank you for this podcast.

Jan 16th

Antonio Carlos Pires Esteves

Very good documentaries.

Jan 10th

inez miller

impartial reporting went the route of the elephants apparently. this a rather vile piece that doesn't even pretend to address the very real situation of animal abuse that has been a constant in circuses. It would seem "tradition" is WAY more important than acting humanely.

Dec 18th

Ishan Fernando

Greate documentries

Nov 2nd

Gerard Oussoren Oussoren

Gerard maar

Oct 7th

Aubrey Whitehead


Oct 5th

Victoria Kirk

really enjoy listening to the BBC podcasts. Always interesting topics and very descriptive that keeps you engaged.

Oct 1st

Marek Janata

really super cool podcast, the best on the market. I would appreciate more background ambient music when someone is speaking instead of noisy room

Sep 19th

7thstreet india


Sep 6th
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