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Guatemala – After the Fire
On 8th March, 2017 a fire engulfed part of the Virgen de la Asuncion children’s home on the outskirts of Guatemala City. 41 teenaged girls died. A further 15 were seriously injured, and are still recovering from burns. The President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, declared 3 days of national mourning. But the story that soon emerged revealed a child protection crisis of epic proportions.Virgen de la Asuncion was supposed to be a refuge for children affected by abuse, neglect or who had become entangled in Guatemala’s gang culture. Often girls were placed in the home for their own protection, to keep them from the clutches of traffickers and drug dealers who operate with impunity in poor neighbourhoods. But conditions at the home were appalling. Designed for 400, it was home to hundreds more boys and girls. And far from being a sanctuary for the children, there was a terrifying culture of abuse – sexual and physical. On 7th March, 2017 more than 100 of the children and young people broke out. Most were rounded up in the local area by the police. As punishment, they were locked up. And in protest, in the room where the girls were corralled, one of them set fire to a mattress.Assignment meets families, explores the fate of others who lived at the home, and talks to welfare workers. Why did no one heed the loud warning bells about Virgen de la Asuncion?Presenter Linda PresslyProducer Georgina HewesPhoto title: Heidi Hernandez – her daughter survived the fire with life-changing injuries / Credit: Georgina Hewes BBC
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Patrick Kopko

Leftist bbc is spreading feminist propaganda

Apr 16th


incredibly informative and interesting, a virus which is not well recognised in history and needs to be understood. thank you for this podcast.

Jan 16th

Antonio Carlos Pires Esteves

Very good documentaries.

Jan 10th

inez miller

impartial reporting went the route of the elephants apparently. this a rather vile piece that doesn't even pretend to address the very real situation of animal abuse that has been a constant in circuses. It would seem "tradition" is WAY more important than acting humanely.

Dec 18th

Ishan Fernando

Greate documentries

Nov 2nd

Gerard Oussoren Oussoren

Gerard maar

Oct 7th

Aubrey Whitehead


Oct 5th

Victoria Kirk

really enjoy listening to the BBC podcasts. Always interesting topics and very descriptive that keeps you engaged.

Oct 1st

Marek Janata

really super cool podcast, the best on the market. I would appreciate more background ambient music when someone is speaking instead of noisy room

Sep 19th

7thstreet india


Sep 6th
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