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Nick White is the founder of globally recognized dog training business, Off Leash K9 Training. With over 130+ locations throughout the world and called upon by the top celebrities in the country for training, Nick's level of expertise, sarcasm, and sense-of-humor is sure to delight!

Joe Zitzelberger is the manager of Off Leash K9 Training and also is an expert in the field of dog training. Joe owns many locations throughout the country, as well! With his equal sense-of-humor, passion, and knowledge; Joe and Nick often clash in a humorous way on different topics throughout the world!
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The Differences Between Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs with Chris Baity, Ep  #19
Have you ever thought about the differences between service dogs and emotional support dogs? Do you know how the law differentiates them? Chris Baity from Semper K9 joins The Dog Show to discuss the differences between the two and to discuss this important topic in general. The nonprofit, Semper K9, provides veterans with trained service dogs free of charge. Service dogs are a hot topic right now in the dog world and Chris walks through some key points about service dogs and how to work through the issues they present. Don’t miss what expert Chris Baity has to say about emotional support dogs on this episode of The Dog Show. What is the difference between service dogs and emotional support dogs?There are many differences between physical disabilities and emotional disabilities. Service dogs provide help to people with physical disabilities. These dogs may help their owners with specific tasks like crossing the street safely. It may be obvious that these are working dogs, but there is another type of dog that helps people. Emotional support dogs are specific to people who are suffering a range of psychiatric disorders. Some of these dog owners may be suffering PTSD, anxiety, agoraphobia, or a number of different issues. Listen to this episode as Chris Baity spells out the differences between service dogs and emotional support dogs. How to stop the fake service dog problemThere are a lot of fake service dogs out there. Anyone can pay $59 and get an ‘official service dog’ vest for their dog to wear. All of these fake dogs are making problems for people who really need emotional support dogs. If something isn’t done soon, then the emotional support dog program could be ruined for those that need it most. This could be stopped with a service dog certification that is nationally recognized. The real question is: should this problem be legislated? Chris Baity weighs in on this issue and tells us how he is working with legislators on this episode of The Dog Show. What should the criteria be to certify service dogs?Certifying that a service dog is a real working dog really shouldn't be that challenging. The first criteria that should be required is a note from a doctor that specifies that a support dog is needed. Then the dog should prove that it is well-behaved and trained, it needs to be able to ignore its surroundings in front of a trained professional. There should also be a statement that specifies what service the dog provides for its owner. Listen to this episode to hear what service dog trainer Chris Baity thinks about having a service dog certification.What is Semper K9?After leaving his service in the Marines, Chris found a way to continue working with dogs and serve the community. Chris’s nonprofit, Semper K9, takes shelter dogs and trains them to provide free service dogs to veterans and their families. This valuable program is not only saving shelter dogs but changing the lives of veterans who really need it. Chris and Semper K9 were even recently featured on Mike Rowe’s program, Returning the Favor. Listen to this episode to hear his thoughts on being surprised by being featured on the show and by meeting the blue-collar philosopher.
The Tales of a Professional Pet Sitter with Laura Vorreyer, Ep #18
Laura Vorreyer is a successful entrepreneur with a dog walking and pet sitting business in L.A. Her business has grown so much that she has had to open another location and hire more dog walkers. She is also the author of the spunky new book, The Pet Sitter’s Tale. Laura joins Joe and Nick on episode 18 of The Dog Show to share stories of her dog walking and pet sitting adventures in L.A. You’ll love to hear about Laura’s adventures as a professional pet sitter, so don’t miss this episode of The Dog Show. How did Laura’s life ‘go to the dogs’?Laura moved to L.A. with big dreams to do the makeup of the stars. After failing fantastically at that dream someone asked her to walk their dog. She realized then if she pivoted that this could be her road to success. Laura had black labs growing up and is partial to that breed, but she loves breeds. She has worked hard to build her clientele and has made up to 16 stops a day all over L.A. This hard work has opened the door for her bring in other dog walkers and open another location in the L.A. area. Listen to Laura’s fun-loving story of perseverance and get the inside scoop on the dog walking industry from a professional pet sitter on this episode of The Dog Show.Laura tells about the ups and downs of entrepreneurshipAfter starting her pet sitting company, Your Dog’s Best Friend, she got so busy that work began to take over her life. She knew she had to set some parameters so that she wasn’t so overwhelmed with work. She now has clear rules and her clients understand that hers is not an on-demand dog walking service. Laura even developed a way to minimize messes with her invention the Doggie Doo All. She tried to take this idea to the reality show, Shark Tank, but apparently, there are too many pet products out there! You’ll love to hear Laura’s plucky attitude and fun-loving spirit when you listen to this episode of The Dog Show.What was Laura’s inspiration to write her book?After moving to L.A. from the midwest Laura discovered that there was a whole new world to pet care out west. She knew she wanted to write a book about her adventures one day, so she began to take notes about some of the funny incidents that happened to her and her charges on the job. Her book, The Pet Sitter's Tale paints a vivid portrait of the pampered lives of celebrity dogs. Listen to Laura tell the tale of the dog that passed away while pet sitting, you won’t want to miss hearing about the wildest thing that happened to her while pet sitting. Can dog walking be a route to dog training?Some people have asked Laura what is the best way to become a dog trainer. Joe and Nick think that dog walking could be a fantastic introduction to the world of dogs. They often would prefer that a dog trainer has no experience at all rather than years of poor experience training dogs the wrong way. Nick advises that if you have a passion for dogs, find a mentor and offer to help them out. It shouldn’t be about the money, but instead the love of dogs. Listen to Nick and Joe’s advice on getting into the field of dog training on episode 18 of The Dog Show.
The Service Dog Certification Problem is No Joke with Drew Lynch, Ep #17
Nick and Joe talk about service dog certification, annoying people, and traveling with dogs on this episode of The Dog Show with special guest, Drew Lynch. Drew won second place on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. He is a hilariously funny comedian with two YouTube shows, both of which include his own service dog named Stella. Drew chats with Nick and Joe about his experience on America’s Got Talent, life with a service dog, and traveling with service dogs on this episode of The Dog Show. You’ll want to listen to this episode to hear Drew bring humor to the reality of what life is like traveling with a service dog.What has Drew’s experience been with traveling with his service dog Stella? Comedian, Drew Lynch’s service dog Stella, travels with him everywhere. Since Drew travels all over the world on his comedy tour he has had plenty of interactions at airports with security, flight attendants, and the general public. Drew tries not to let negative experiences get him down. He sees himself as an educator to the public about service dogs and their role in society. Service dogs are a hot topic especially in the travel sector due to the recent incidents on some airlines. Listen to Drew put his humorous spin on traveling with a service dog on this episode of The Dog Show.Does it drive Drew Lynch crazy to see fake service dogs? There has been an uprising in the number of service dogs in the world lately. Everyone wants their pet to be able to travel with them at no cost, but some airlines are beginning to crack down. Unfortunately, many dogs are being labeled as service dogs when they aren't and being used by their owners to receive special privileges. This sham affects the reputation of real service dogs everywhere. Service dogs are a valuable aid to the people that need them. Drew sees himself as an advocate of service dogs and he tries to inform the public about their role through his comedy and his YouTube shows. Listen to Drew as he hilariously describes his interactions with people and his service dog Stella on this episode of The Dog Show. The service dog system is messed upThe service dog system right now is like the wild west. Anyone and everyone can claim that their random animal is a service animal. There have been peacocks and guinea pigs flying on planes simply because their owners don’t want to leave their beloved pets at home or pay the price to ship them. It’s all well and good to have a favored pet, but this sham gives legitimate service dogs a terrible reputation. There needs to be a line between pets and service dogs and actual guidelines to regulate this chaos. Listen in to hear Nick, Joe, and Drew all weigh in on this subject in a compelling discussion on this episode of The Dog Show.Nick and Joe have the solution to the service dog problemThe line between service dogs and pets has been blurred. There are probably more fake service animals out there than legitimate ones. A real solution is going to take some sort of regulation or a set of guidelines. Some cities and counties have started adopting guidelines, but nothing has been consistent throughout the country. If there were a nationwide service dog certification this could really help. It might not be appropriate for the feds to step in, but they will soon if something doesn’t change. Nick and Joe have the perfect solution to the service dog certification problem, so listen to episode 17 to hear how to solve it.
The Ins and Outs of Dog Photography with Dawn Rabinowitz, Ep #16
Dawn Rabinowitz is the guest on this episode of The Dog Show. Dawn is the premier dog photographer and has worked with everyone who is anyone in the industry. She has an impressive portfolio that ranges from the covers of Working Dog Magazine to Canine Chronicle. Dawn uses her heart to guide her as she photographs dogs and their handlers in some of the most interesting situations. She has been privileged enough to go on building searches with the military and police due to her highly regarded reputation in the industry. If you are interested in learning more about photography or want to hear about how she is able to educate the public with her images then listen to this episode of The Dog Show.How did Dawn get to where she is today?Dawn has spent time, money, and effort to get where she is as a photographer. She sees her own dog as her passport which has opened doors and helped her achieve her status as one of the best dog photographers in the industry. She uses her heart to guide her and becomes part of the landscape, she tries to blend in and stay out of the way and let the dogs really shine through in her photographs. This strategy enables her to get the best shot. She loves that she is able to educate people with her images. She has been on building searches with the military and has worked with the police, all due to her level of trust established in the industry. Listen to Dawn tell her story on this episode of The Dog Show.What is more important education or equipment? Dawn feels that education trumps equipment, hands down. It’s fun to have great equipment, but if you don’t know how to use it you still won’t get great shots. Photographic education teaches you timing and how to react at the moment and engage in the subject. It is important to learn how to dial in your timing. The reason is that the best camera that you have is the one you have with you at the moment. Dawn feels so strongly that education is important that she even got certified as a professional photographer. Dawn has fantastic advice for learning how to photograph, so listen to this episode of The Dog Show to hear more. What is her advice to someone that wants to learn how to shoot?If you want to learn how to take great images it is important to get out of automatic mode in your camera. Learn how to use the manual mode of your camera so that you can select the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. You can pay for a good course or even learn from YouTube. The most important things to look for in a teacher are; ensure that they are a good and knowledgeable photographer themselves and they need to be a good teacher. If you are interested in learning more about photography, listen to this episode of The Dog Show to hear Dawn’s advice on the best way to learn. What does Dawn Rabinowitz suggest as a good camera for a beginner? Dawn is a Canon girl. She learned on a Canon and she continues to use one to this day. She feels that although the camera is important, the lens you use is even more important. The lenses are your brushes as if you were a painter. The Canon Digital Rebel line is a wonderful starting camera for the amateur photographer. Dawn recommends B and H photo as a great resource if you need help choosing a camera for yourself. Dawn discusses lighting and even her favorite equipment that she uses. Find out which lens is her favorite when working with dogs by listening to this episode of The Dog Show. How to live in the present moment as a photographerIt seems like everyone walks around with their camera phones or their cameras out at every big, meaningful event. But when was the last time you looked back at all of your pictures of fireworks, friends' weddings, or concerts? The truth is nobody really cares about all of your pictures of these things, so why aren’t you just enjoying the moment? It can be hard to stay focused and in the present moment especially when you are a photographer. Dawn admits that she often uses her camera as a shield to block out the rest of the world. Dawn shares the strategies that help her stay focused on the here and now on episode 16 of The Dog Show.
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