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Welcome to The Dog Walk hosted by Eddie from Barstool Sports. This is a quick hitting 15-20 minute show that touches on all walks of life. From conspiracies to learning about different jobs or the everyday banter it's a perfect fit for the middle of your day. We got you covered on The Dog Walk.
487 Episodes
Ryan from Dude Products is today's guest to talk about his business. We get into how it all got started, a booth at North Coast, how Shark Tank really works, and more.
Chief is here for Tin Foil Tuesday to talk about the Council of Nicaea. We get into him drafting them in the snake draft, debates over what was being put into the Bible, lost books, and more.
RA joins the boys for a 'Things You Wish You Attended' snake draft. You get 1 concert, 1 sports, 1 U.S. History, 1 World History, and 1 miscellaneous. We get into RA's musical festival that we didn't know existed, a controversy over if Carl's pick actually existed, Whitesoxdave having another head scratcher, and more.
Chef Donny joins the show to talk about his Barstool cookbook that comes out on Black Friday. We get into how the book got made, being a contestant on Chopped, the infamous fight with another Barstool employee, and more.
Chief is here to talk about the 'Montauk Project'. We get into how it's the basis of Netflix's 'Stranger Things', the creepiness of 'Camp Hero', if we think time travel is possible, and more.
KFC joins the crew for a Thanksgiving draft. You get 2 sides, 1 dessert, 1 guest, and 1 person who is the worst to sit next to. We get into a heated debate about a side, if rolls are the elite bread, if Whitesoxdave is a marshmellow guy, and more.
Chief is back to talk about the murder of Martha Moxley Part II. We get into the lack of physical evidence, a prep school teachers polygraph, masturbating in a tree, and more.
Caitlyn the GM of Hoosier Mama Pies in Chicago joins the show to talk pies. We get into popular flavors, a surprising pie holiday, if American Pie made things weird, and more.
Chief is back for Part II on Princess Diana. In Part II we get into possible fake toxicology reports from the driver, how divorce was frowned upon, how high speed chases were even allowed, and more.
Chief is here to talk about the Princess Diana conspiracy. We get into the night of her death, how many people watched her funeral, how she wrote a letter saying her life was in danger, and more.
Frank the Tank joins the show for a soda pop draft. We get into Frank having a great food pairing for every soda, a debate over the best ginger ale, Eddie hating his draft, and more.
Chief is here for a True Crime Friday about the murder of Martha Moxley. We get into a high class Connecticut town, Martha never coming home on Mischief Night, the connection to the Kennedy's, and more.
Josh from the old Midway games is back for Part II. We get into the thought process of making an arcade game, how he is a playable character in NBA Jam, making the original Wrestlemania game, and more.
Josh Tsui was a developer for Midway Games in the 90's and worked on NBA Jam & Mortal Kombat. He is releasing a documentary called 'Insert Coin' so he is today's guest to talk some video games. We get into them having to use magazines to put the players heads into the game, the game console that hurt arcades, how arcades are doing now, and more.
Chief is here for a 'What Did They Do' on war leader Quanah Parker. We get into the history of his name, the insane size of land that he covered, him being embraced, and more.
Brandon Walker joins the show for a sweetest College QB draft. We get into a shocking #1 pick, many debates on who is sweet or not, a new rivalry between Chief & Carl, and more.
True Crime Allie is back for Part II about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. We get into Joran van der Sloot saying Natalee is not alive in a Dutch interview, a wired hotel room, other theories, and more.
George from Gale Street Inn joins the show today. We get into how his restaurant became famous for its ribs, how he's been dealing with the pandemic, Patrick Kane's visits to the restaurant, and more.
Chief is back for a Part II about Bush vs Gore, but more so about what we remember politically as kids. We get into Monica Lewinsky, our look back at 9/11, what we remember from the 2000's, and more.
Chief joins the show to talk about the George Bush vs Al Gore election controversy in 2000. We get into SNL interpretations, a media mistake, 4 Florida counties deciding the winner, and more.
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