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Welcome to The Dog Walk hosted by Eddie from Barstool Sports. This is a quick hitting 15-20 minute show that touches on all walks of life. From conspiracies to learning about different jobs or the everyday banter it's a perfect fit for the middle of your day. We got you covered on The Dog Walk.
598 Episodes
Chief is back to talk about China some more. We get into the rocket that landed over the weekend, a looming feud with Australia, new questions about COVID-19, and more.
Chief joins the show today to talk about the Three Gorges Dam. We get into how it was a massive project in China that took two decades, the damage it would cause if the dam ever breaks, and more.
Hank & Will Compton enter the draft room for a recreational games while drinking draft. We get into Hank immediately regretting his 1st round pick, Will hanging out by the elevators on vacation, if beer pong sucks, and more.
Today's True Crime Friday is about a man who killed his parents to throw a party. We get into strange substances on the family computer, telling party goers what happened, his Dads last words to him, and more.
Rico joins the show to talk about the beef that we had stemming from 'The Dozen'. We also get into our favorite game shows, him carrying a whistle to the shore, and more.
Eddie is joined by Quigs of Barstool HQ who many people believe has the weirdest brain in the company. We get into how he originally almost worked for NASA, how he lost alot of money by selling his bitcoin too early, how he hates movies & music, and more.
Chief is back for an update on the Samsung CEO's situation since they've acknowledged his death. We get into how much money they owed, how the country needs Samsung as well, Eddie's brilliant idea to fix Chicago, and more.
Jim from J.P. Graziano joins the boys for a sandwich draft today. We get into a major announcement off the top, Whitesoxdave taking shots and children sandwiches, if chicken & waffles is a sandwich, and more.
Reags & Elio enter the draft room for a special edition horse racing shit draft. We get into the beauty of partying in the infield, the downfall of TED Racing, the joy of betting a longshot, and more.
Chris Emigh the jockey is back. This time around we get into how he gets chosen to ride certain horses, if some tip the races to friends, what to look for before the race, and more.
Chicagoland area jockey Chris Emigh joins the show to talk about what it's like to be a jockey. In Part I we get into what the proper weight they should be, the average career span, the most common reason they're thrown off a horse, and more.
Chief is here to tell a very wild story about the Woodward family. We get into how wealthy people were always getting robbed around the time of the killing, how horse racing was a sign of the elite, Triple Crown winners being auctioned off, and more.
Joey enters the draft room to draft distinct voices. We get into Whitesoxdave hating Joey's second round pick, Whitesoxdave proclaiming one of the best actors all time on his board, a debate about who is watching football, and more.
Today's True Crime Friday is about Kristin Smart who disappeared after a College party in California in 1996. We get into why it's back in the news now, cadaver dogs making a huge find, evidence being lost, and more.
Chief joins the show again to talk about how scientists have found an embryo to make a half monkey/half human. We get into what it would be specifically used for, spiral down a path about other cross breeds, how it probably should be kept on an island, and more.
CJ the commercial Fisherman is back for Part II. This time around we get into the Marine FBI, what plastic is worse than straws in the ocean in CJ's eyes, what fisherman do to help the oceans, and more.
CJ the commercial fisherman joins Eddie & Chief on today's show. We get into exactly what kind of fishing he does, how big of a problem he's ran into when it comes to bycatch, how to look out for how people are labeling fish, and more.
Jeff D Lowe enters the draft room once again to draft sit-down chain restaurants. We get into Whitesoxdave loving busty women, if Eddie's third round pick is trash, if Carl's fifth round pick is a weird spot for a date, and more.
Today's True Crime Friday is about the disappearance of Carrie Lawson. We get into how it played out through a terrifying scenario, the FBI dropping the ball, a two person job, and more.
The plumbers are back for Part II. This time around we get into how people are shameless about their dumps, what the best thing you can do if your toilet is overflowing at someones house, seeing basements get flooded, and more.
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