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The Double Dutch Rudder Podcast

Author: Cory Miller

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Brain Droppings from a…well, you know

29 Episodes
A quick review of the old digital portastudio by Tascam, featuring the Tascam DP-004 itself!
My personal ranking of all of the Albums by the Deftones… Feel free to disagree!
Just my thoughts on the pros and cons of self-hosting….
Want to start a podcast? Here’s a review of the Tascam Mixcast 4 that you might want to listen to if you are looking for an all in one solution to record your podcast…
This is about an unfortunate disease that musicians, and a lot of other people can suffer from, as well as a quick diatribe on the modern tech reviewer being out of touch with us common folk!
Taking Responsibility… It’s something that we all have to deal with at some point. It’s a tough thing to accept but an important step in making changes in your life.
A very special episode with my friend, and occasional bandmate, Josh Reed, discussing being a gigging musician these days, including getting gigs and what it takes to be successful.
Just a random rambling on a hot Sunday in Texas… Could be worth a listen, probably not…
A quick discussion with a few guests, Craig and Charlie, about what happens when family can’t work together.
In this episode, problems are solved… together!
Episode 18-Podcasting

Episode 18-Podcasting


A short episode about….PODCASTING!! lol… All about what you need to get started.
Know your worth, but don’t overvalue yourself on this week’s episode of The Double Dutch Rudder Podcast.
A little discussion about media and ownership in the modern world.
Do you ever feel like you are the one putting in all the effort?
Episode 14-Addiction

Episode 14-Addiction


That difficult topic that some of us unfortunately have to deal with.
New Year, new goals…
In a very special DDR episode, we listen to some interviews of a friend who passed away in 2012. It is meant as a way to remember his humor and silliness and how he loved to make other people laugh. This one’s for you Brandon, you silly, silly man…
A quick conversation regarding a Psychology Today article titled “The Rise of Lonely, Single Men”.
A discussion about that age old institution…. Let’s agree to disagree…
You should just know what this episode is about. Why can’t you anticipate what this is?
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