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The Dougherty Gang

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The Dougherty Gang is the true story of three siblings in their 20s - two brothers and a sister - who went on an eight-day, fifteen-state, AK-47-wielding, bank robbing journey in 2011. It's a remarkable account that delves into the details of the complex circumstances that kicked off this crime spree, how they averted local, state and federal agents along the way and how they're doing now in prison.

6 Episodes
The Doughertys have managed to elude law enforcement as they’ve crossed over state lines from Florida into Georgia. Realizing they’ll need to fund their get away to Mexico, the siblings make a choice that will take their situation in the eyes of the law, from bad to worse… they decide to rob a bank. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Doughertys have gotten into a high-speed chase and done the unthinkable, shot at a police officer with an AK-47. Knowing there is now a target on their backs they high tail it across state lines into Georgia and contemplate how their past has affected their present. Learn more about your ad-choices at
20 minutes after Ryan Dougherty cut off his ankle monitor and the Doughertys run to Mexico started in earnest, Ryan’s heavy foot puts them in the crosshairs of law enforcement and a high speed chase ensues through the streets of Zephyerhills. Desperate and not willing to back down Dylan picks up an AK-47 setting off a chain of events that none of the siblings can turn back on.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
7:15 In The Morning

7:15 In The Morning


Unable to satisfy a term of his probation, Ryan learns he will be remanded into custody in 48 hours. Facing a 15 year prison sentence, a devastated Ryan turns to his older siblings Lee Grace and Dylan for help. In an effort to protect Ryan, they stay up all night and concoct a plan to flee to Mexico. The Doughertys pack up the car and leave the next morning. Unfortunately, Ryan's penchant for driving fast draws the attention of a cop running radar. One thing is for certain, the Doughertys will not go down quietly. Learn more about your ad-choices at
On August 1, 2001 21-year-old Ryan Dougherty appeared in a Florida courtroom to plead no contest to felony charges for a crime he committed as a teenager. No longer the person he was back then, Ryan was looking forward to the future with his pregnant girlfriend who was due to give birth to their son in days. After court, Ryan met with his probation officer and was shocked to learn he had 48 hours to comply with the terms or he’d be sent to prison for 15 years. Distraught, Ryan confided in his 29-year-old sister Lee Grace and 26-year-old-brother Dylan. As the hours ticked by, the trio felt the only way to save Ryan from prison was to run.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Kelly Kampa Allen

Victim mentality much?!

Sep 29th

Steve Dronzewski

Pretty good so far !

Sep 24th
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