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Cannabis Culture, Music, News, Celeb Interviews and more! Hosted By Breal of Cypress Hill and his team.
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join us as well celebrate the 200th episode of The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast!hit like and share the stream with the homies!07:45​ | Lighter stash bandit and problems of not having a lighter19:00​ | mike jones phone #35:00​ | wild animals45:00​ | beetle fight
Special guest Seniesa "Super Bad" Estrada follow her on IG​04:00​ intro05:30​ | Boxing Introduction in East LA for Seniesa06:45​ | FIrst time fighting a boy at 8 years old09:45​ | world record 7 second knock out11:00​ | Opening for Cannel and GGG\ Christy Martin devestating fights13:00​ | up coming fight March 20th and weight classes to hold multiple belts17:28​ | Bobo asks about trash talking Seniesa's opponents18:15​ | Training Day for Seniesa21:45​ | Favorite part about boxings and Dad's coaching27:00​ | Reacting to other fights and B-Real mental preparations29:15​ | Bobo asks what music does Seniesa listen's to before fights31:00​ | Walk out fight music choice32:10​ | Tyson Fury walk out music35:00​ | Rebooting old shows and wanting New series but not often good40:00​ | Scarface vs Bronx Tale vs Goodfellas for most rewatched movie43:00​ | Carlito's Way review (straight to Dvd)44:30​ | Coming To America 2 predictions45:00​ | MTV fucking up How High 249:00​ | Roy Jones jr becoming her biggest fan too51:10​ | "Staying Alive Bobo" 54:45​ | Seniesa Upcoming fight details.55:30​ | "Toughest fights"56:25​ | Next fights that Seniesa wants to take, The pursuit for 4 Belts01:00:00​ | "Superbad" Estrada's final thoughts.INTERMISSION01:10:00​ | Intermission Return01:14:00​ | Regulations for Candy and Smoking Products01:16:00​ | Longest Lasting Gum Flavor01:19:00​ | Snoop Package Reaction01:22:00​ | Instagram videos and Beatboxing Music to not avoid Copyrights01:25:00​ | "SOME PEOPLE"01:26:00​ | 200th Episode tomorrow and Hotbox Recap01:27:30​ | wait Old man moved card?01:30:00​ | "paranormal energy" in the podcast room01:32:00​ | "submissions"01:34:30​ | OMG EITAN SORRY01:37:00​ | WE LOVE MADONNA! and Super Chat doors openemail contest info and art work to Kiero @ or join on discord​be sure to follow us at @brealtv on instagram as well!Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)@BREALTV @Breal @ezonedafirm @cminusfan4 @eric_bobo @mosaimusic @morningshotfilms @KieroLovesYou @koltenhagen @privatefoto @VoteForDro
0:00​ | Intro 14:00​ | Canello Fight review19:30​ | What happen at the studio26:00​ | The oldman and Ghost29:00​ | the sound board on We Don't Smoke The Same Podcast34:00​ | Who goes first on the SmokeBox Game Rock Paper Scissors37:00​ | "This just in ______" 39:30​ "20% THC, 10% _____"46:00​ " Weed, the leading cause of ____" (Bobo's Point)48:30​ "99% or your money back guarantee" (C-Minus point)52:00​ "____& bake?" (point)54:30​ "Birthday cake inst just for birthdays its for ____" (GF point)57:00​ "cheese goes best with _____" (Point)01:00:00​ "most people dont know the best pizza topping is?"01:06:00​ "what is nick cannons secret obsession?"01:10:00​ "B-Real loves two things, weed and blank?"01:13:00​ "blank the perfect snack"01:16:00​ "I got so high i couldn't tell time from ____"01:19:30​ "my freezer is always filed with _____"01:22:30​ " SenDogg is known for ___ on tour"01:24:30​ THIS WINNER IS...........01:31:30​ MUST SEE MOMENTA fun episode the guys shot the shit and then play the hotbox card game with special guest and regualr co hosts The Godfather and Eric Bobo. The hilarity continued as the guys watch submissions and open the doors to the insane Asylum
live from DTLA its Wednesday we got the crew all in for the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast! we recap Julio G stories from yesterday. DJ's bring a lot of energy to the stage and Julio was the perfect fit. Bobo talks about in school he bought a $20 sack and was bamboozled with lawn clippings. Bobo said he worked hard for that $20 turns out it was his "per diem" aka his allowance. Bobo also shares stories of a burrito trying to wreck his stomach at a meeting one time with Sendogg. He had to lay down and pray he didn't explode on the spot. B-Real doesnt buy that story Bobo gave about just letting out some farts. Speaking of food poisoning we all think we have experienced it once or twice in our lifetime. Eitan sitting in starts crying at the humor of B-Real not believing bobo never ran off stage to use the bathroom. Dj Lenny comes on to update us on the state of Phuncky n introduces the new 8mm flat roll tips. Bobo and the team discuss food shortages and weather epidemics around the nation again, fortunately here in california we have good weather today and appreciate it. Ezone is still stuck on wanting a helper monkey but found out you can get a helper robot. The podcast crew watch new submission and E-Zone goes into the dark side of Sesame Street.
B-Real and the whole crew in the house with Chris from Gpen in the house visiting, we catch up on yesterdays NBA 2k match up with B-Real vs Eitan. The podcast talks GPEN collaboration release and their preferences in which product works best for them. Temperature choices for the devices always varies user to user as the guys share their own choices. Julio G joins us as we reminisce on old times off the back with Bobo and B-Real. Bobo was given a pass early by Julio for messing up on stage. Julio G talks about competition in the beginning with the level of passion they put into their performances. Dj Julio G talks stories with Snoop and B-Real smoking places they probably shouldn't be allowed to but they did. Growing up Julio and B-Real would go to party to party battling and pop locking against other crews. According to B-Real they would be alot of people stealing bikes if you left you stuff lacking for a second. We fill Julio in about Bobo's run in and he informs us on the current state of LA security right now. Julio wants us all to say safe and protect yourself, people are robbing others out there and you should always stay alert. Bobo breaks down the incident for Julio as he asks how it all went down. Julio talks about interacting with police when it comes to complying to instructions as Bobo compares contest info and art work to Kiero @ or join on discord​be sure to follow us at @brealtv on instagram as well!Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)@BREALTV @Breal @ezonedafirm @cminusfan4 @eric_bobo @morningshotfilms @KieroLovesYou @koltenhagen @privatefoto @VoteForDro @mosaimusic
Thursday kicks off with Skinny Pablo joining the Table while E-Zone is on a mission and Eric Bobo coming in later. The guys catch up on shows and talk about Eric Bobo's run in with the law breaking down the details even further as more details come in. B-Real advises again to pay attention to your plates when you are getting into your car.B-Real tells a story of an interaction on sunset blvd with a homie about to get shot over a drunk friend getting slapped and a couple of friends had to try help save the day. Two people got into a fight and a friend of B-Real saw he had a gun to try and save the day. Then while sneaking up on the guy trying to disarm him a security guard came out to break up the fight unknowingly pulled him off. The guy takes off running and ends up hitting two people with stray bullets. The guy ends up getting beat up in the middle of the street and the guy who started the whole ordeal leaves the guy who tried to stick up for him.C-minus talks about unreleased rock and hiphop collab songs that he got while working at power 106 that new were released publicly. The crew talk about Ted Cruz being a POS and going to cancun to get away from Texas during this horrible weather epidemic. The guys talk about how they can protect turtles but not take care of people during this time. B-Real talks about MTV spring break events and having to bungee jump. When he jumped the cables got tangled and he had caught spinning to which he hates greatly. RALPH and spinning go hand and hand.
HUMP DAY!!! The Dr. and team are up to some fun chat about surviving and peoples viral attempts at fame. A video of someone eating poop went down on the web the other day and the crew is clear on there is no way to mask that you are eating poop. A Shitty intro but a funny one to get it out the way, the Dr. clears the way submissions for trivia and general chat works so give Skinny Pablo a break y'all. The crew talks about getting in trouble at school when they were kids. Both B-Real and E-Zone both caught a whooping for ditching getting caught by their dads. Bobo shares his own stories too being caught by his dad. E-zone takes too many shrooms on his hike today. Price gouging and pandemic economics have taken a toll in texas due to weather conditions. E-Zone gives his ideas on why the weather has been going below 0 in texas. Bobo and B-Real talk about novels and soap operas. We have video submissions that will level you so be sure to watch the stream today.
Tuesday in DTLA we had to ask Eric Bobo, after yesterdays mistaken run in with the law, How it felt driving into work today. Bobo had more time to let it sink in and he is still very thankful nothing happen but he has had experiences before this one so he knew how to react. The Matte black hand cuff they used was a new sight for the team who saw that happen while Bobo tried to react to the instructions he was given asking "What did a do" calmly. The crew starts talking about the weird weather conditions that have been going on around and the severe cold that the LA area has been feeling. They consider leaving with no power and what things you should stock yourself up with as food or survival needs. They reminisces on hitting Bobo's car two times in the past and accidentally hitting other things with a car. Godfathers wants E-Zone to take a chop back for being a bit confident about chopping him off guard. Kiero volueentered but was shut down by GF and B-Real to protect his chest. The Rock is having a show about his life made and the crew discusses the how similar the cast looks to the actual family members and the rock. E-Zone asks the Godfather if he wrestled with The Rocks dad hilariously and the guys realized John Cena and Gf's Pimp drop finishing moves are actually the same. The guys plan on a new round of dominoes and The Hotbox game. The guys talk about if they would lick a toad for psychedelic purposes to which no one has but consider the possibilities.
As the Monday starts off and everyone hopefully did their Yobo work outs, the crew lets us know there was an exciting story coming from Bobo today, first off they figure out who made the song Hannah Montana , Juicy J or Migos? Eric Bobo Joins the shows and lets us know about his run in with the LAW! As Eric Bobo was driving into the studio he was pulled over by about 15 Police and CHP cars and shortly a police helicopter today. As the crew came out side to see their homie jammed up trying to tell officers he works here and they proceeded to search him and his vehicle to no explanation. Finally he informs us that his license plates had been swapped form a stolen car and they confused him for the suspect. A heart pumping event to start the monday! We are glad he is safe and that we can laugh at the matter but what an exciting play by play. As B-Real describes it , the cops were so hyped and pumped up when dealing with Bobo thinking they caught their guy but looked deflated when they found out it wasn't him. E-Zone and B-Real are convinced that the karma of Gary Coleman came back on him, and that actually the officer he dealt with last name was actually COLEMAN! All of which was captured on video by Eitan and Ray! Hopefully TMZ has a good laugh at this like we all were fortunate to have laughing along.Switching the vibe the guys start talking about haunted Hotels and the grittiness of DTLA. C-Minus catches us up on the new series and movies he watched on his relaxation time. They breakdown how many people have recommended Game of Thrones to him going into details with out too many spoilers of how the story plays out. E-Zone asks about getting Dragon Eggs hilariously but his PAPA lets him know they were just talking about in the show. They guys can't help but come back to Eric Bobo getting jammed up on camera again. Bobo starts another story of being a kid and getting in trouble in school. Ray Charles daughter went to school with Bobo apparently and he had a incident where playing tag caused her to hit him back after a hard tagging. The Substitute Teacher Mr. White Head, a black guy, once threw Bobo for acting out across the room for acting out while he once tried to put Bobo in time out. Bo bo calms down but does it a second time causing the teacher to throw him across the room hitting a desk. The sub was fired and Bobo's mom was not happy! Mr. Shaw, a NYC teacher who came out and taught in california at B-Real's school, once picked up a fellow student and shook the kid violently. B-Real makes it clear that he would go wild if that was done to one of his kids. Bobo also lets us know that his dad wasnt informed about that story so that it would happen like that. The Guys watch the Six 9 beef with Meek Mill
We got the legend Mr. Cartoon in the house reminiscing with B-Real and Bobo about old times touring. E-Zone asks about if Cartoon is still tattooing, filling us in on that he isn't tattooing and has been focusing on other art forms like playing cards and trading cards. B-Real talks to Cartoon about cards and how the moving art form has shifted cultures through the years. Bobo talks microdosing feels like cheating the experience of taking psychedelics. Cartoon shares a story of B-Real making them edible cookies before to which the crew was hoping for more to show up soon. There were many cooking experiences made with love from the Dr. in their younger years that Cartoon and crew share.
Coming up in the show we have special guest actor Peter Dante. We start the pod with fast hands Eric Bobo talking about tent city around here in california. B-Real talks about how its a nation wide pandemic not just here in California but most people from here don't travel and see the other cities. They discuss the quality of tents they see and ponder how much good tents cost. Skinny pablo's experiences talking to the homeless is very insightful to why people choose to be homeless sometimes. Bobo brings up the under ground tunnels that exist and use to where he believes a lot of people live. E-Zone talks about watching a youtube video about a mason temple that has a big metal door that lead to tunnels. B-Real brings up "Name that Tune" the game show making a return. The classic Nickelodeon shows and locations that made the brand so much stronger than Disney during that time for shows. B-Real talks about celebrities and artist that came from the Kids Incorporated show, to which E-Zone asks Eric Bobo if he knew that B-Real was a voice actor in the Rug Rats movie. Bobo talks about B-Real's line being altered in Meter Man the film, Who's The Man and other films that he stared in. B-Real talks about watching scenes being filmed and he would have to leave set because he couldn't keep his laughter in. The crew gives Tom Brady props for winning the Super Bowl again and they watch him having to be walked out of a party drunk with his friend holding him up and paparazzi following him to him shot gunning a beer on a boat passing the trophy over water to fans. The crew starts watching hockey fights after talking about NBA players trash talking.Peter Dante joins the podcast and B-Real brings up the legendary smoke box that Peter was on in the past and how he was smoking so fast that they weren't prepared for him. A natural stoner you could say he has those surfer lungs. He hasn't done much surfer or anything physical during the pandemic but he has a strong dislike for the Peloton commercials that try to tell you what to do. Dante imagines what it would be like to have that and on shrooms. Bobo talks about how to do Yobo, his type of exercises. E-Zone reminds everyone of the Wii Sports gaming for nintendo wii. When the Wii came out they had so many people breaking their TV's according to Bobo and E-Zone actually had that happen. Dante talks about phuncky feel tip theifs and lighter theifs. The crew recommends that u take a container and rubbing alcohol with you when you take your tips out. Heating up hot water works as well for longer soak but slightly heated alcohol works out.After some positive vibes and conversation with Dante, E-Zone asks him about fighting a chimp to which Peter let him know monkeys aint nothing to fuck with. Especially their "Feet hands" they can swoop and catch you. Dante talks about the chimp scaring the rest of the cast and Dante being the only one that would stick up for him. The chimp would look at the other cast members funny when they would talk shit about him. Harry, the chimp, would get scared when the sound effects and one time with his foot hand grabs Dante's nuts almost ripping them off. Dante would always give Harry snacks and treat him like a little kid because he believes his trainer was a jerk to him. The trainer asked him to stop feeding him redvines because he thought the chimp was going to turn on him. Before filming the chimp and Dante actually hung out and had a few play dates to build chemistry before filming but the trainer thought he was building an allience with Harry. E-Zone ponders feeding coyotes and ending up having to feed the whole pack according to the podcast.B-Real and Dante discuss new sports teams and classic teams used to be. The strengths of the west coast teams through time always makes for the better games. B-Real gives the east some respect but tis still Lakers all day over here at B-Real TV. Dante sends shots at clipper daryl in a good joking laker clippers rivalry. Dante asks B-real how he feels about being consistently there for people and having the podcast available for an audience who needs it most right now and more. B-Real talks about always being in media through making music but in a place where concerts and music is not as available the podcast has worked out as a great contest info and art work to Kiero @ or join on discord​be sure to follow us at @brealtv on instagram as well!Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)@BREALTV @Breal @ezonedafirm @cminusfan4 @eric_bobo @mosaimusic @morningshotfilms @KieroLovesYou @koltenhagen @privatefoto @VoteForDro
We got another Serial Killer in the building, not the murder type but the rapping one DEMRICK! The crew goes in about the super bowl and Tom Brady's legacy. Sports all around this weekend was amazing and that included the UFC fight to which they asked, would you rather catch a flying surprise knee or would you take a punch from Tyson. Vecente and him performing with a gun on his hip was brought up as well, the story in Narcos on netflix as B-Real breaks it down. The guy fakes his own death and the people turned him into a saint at many churches but is eventually found out by the government. C-Minus talks documentaries he found on Hulu this weekend. The Britney Spears doc was very interesting according to C, he just saw that she wasn't in control of her life it seemed. B-Real talks sending Demrick crowd surfing in Russia and all the stops they had on the solo tour. Separate shows but they ended up partying with Snoop in Russia as well with Demrick along on that tour for those legendary times in Moscow.The podcast loves the series "The Boys" very much a well known thing and they break down the liabilities that happen when people have super powers. E-Zone talks about how on the government website there is regulations or information about zombie possibilities. The crew discusses what it would be like to try and survive in that type of epidemic. Of course Walking Dead is worked in to the conversation as well in contest info and art work to @Kierolovesyou @ or join on discord​be sure to follow us at @brealtv on instagram as well!Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)@BREALTV @Breal @ezonedafirm @cminusfan4 @eric_bobo @mosaimusic @morningshotfilms @KieroLovesYou @koltenhagen @privatefoto @VoteForDro
The show started off with the footage we caught of B-Real and E-Zone lunging with The godfather before the podcast planning the chop and E-Zone out of no where laid the smack down on the GF knocking him out the chair he was in saving himself from being chopped back. Amazingly the GF never dropped his joint in legendary stoner fashion. Everyone be sure to show E-zone some love were are all proud of him. The guys switch into talking about old 90's parties and people who would do beer runs. B-Real advises people to not ever do that because most store won't take that lightly. Bobo talks about drinking in college where him and his buddies had a beer fridge in the band room from time to time they would go pound brews. Bobo talks about being in a fraternity and them having many chapters around the nation, even having a secret hand shake. The crew talks about if he had any initiation he had to partake in was going to a Rocky horror picture stage show and they had to be blindfolded. E-Zone shockingly shares a story about drinking with his buddy coronas he took from his dad when they were still in middle school.The Godfather talks about playing Disc Golf, the dangers if he might hit someone with the powerful throws he does. Bobo Breaks down how to play Backgammon for us that don't contest info and art work to Kiero @ or join on discord​be sure to follow us at @brealtv on instagram as well!Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)@BREALTV @Breal @ezonedafirm @cminusfan4 @eric_bobo @mosaimusic @morningshotfilms @KieroLovesYou @koltenhagen @privatefoto @VoteForDro
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