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The Drabblecast Audio Fiction Podcast

Author: Norm Sherman

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Stories feature on the Drabblecast are generally narrated by charismatic host, humorist, and musician Norm Sherman. A full production, the Drabblecast features multiple voice actors, music, and foley effects. The podcast has a finely tuned 'voice' that crosses all genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy and 'other.' Special features include 100-word stories called, “drabbles,” 100 character stories coined “twabbles,” as well as Norm's own Bbardles, songs based on story themes. Original cover art accompanies every episode.
158 Episodes
Weird things are afoot in the west this week on the Drabblecast!   Enjoy an original,  previously unpublished story about snails of the plains gone awry by Joshua Bush called “The Witchita Drive.”  Yeehaw! They were down in a gully watering the cattle when Billy came thundering down the ridgeline on his sorrel mare, waving his […] The post Drabblecast 446 – The Wichita Drive appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Drabblecast wraps up Women & Aliens month with a gritty and intense story by James Tiptree Jr., aka Alice B. Sheldon.  Hope you’re hungry! Remembering— Do you hear, my little red? Hold me softly. The cold grows. I remember: —I am hugely black and hopeful, I bounce on six legs along the mountains in the […] The post Drabblecast 445 – Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death appeared first on The Drabblecast.
What makes a hero?  The Drabbecast brings you an original commissioned story by Cat Rambo this week called “The Hands of Heroes.” The thing is, I was never a hero. The first wave of aliens taught me that. The war with them – my older brothers became heroes there, one died in the stand-off at […] The post Drabblecast 444 – The Hands of Heroes appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Who says Drabblecast doesn’t do Young Adult Fiction? This week we launch Women & Aliens Month with a fresh, original Drabblecast commission by Effie Seiberg. We’re grateful to be able to bring you this story this week! On the day I turned nine I didn’t get a pet nebula. I’d really really wanted one, just […] The post Drabblecast 443 – The Day I Didn’t Get A Pet Nebula appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Sea creatures and sorority sisters on this week’s Drabblecast! We bring you an original tale by Stephanie Gray called, “The Secret of Theta Pi.” Enjoy! We travel back to Tandy’s Cove in a caravan of three, Cindy Q’s Miata leading, followed by the rented van, dirty white with the windows rolled up, and Beneeta G’s […] The post Drabblecast 442 – The Secret of Theta Pi appeared first on The Drabblecast.
This week on the Drabblecast– three stories about Strange Futures. We bring you Drabblecast originals, “Department of Invention” by R.L. Thull, “The One’s Who Won’t Be” by Martin Munks, and “Cannabilism in the Inhuman Age” by Jaye Viner. Closing Music by 19 Action News Saul broke down in an unusual way for a robot. Saul […] The post Drabblecast 441 – Trifecta: Strange Futures appeared first on The Drabblecast.
On this week’s show, every day is Earth Day when you’re living on an Elder God! We bring you a hidden gem from the 1930’s pulp science fiction era, written by Pulp Master General Edmond Hamilton! The post Drabblecast 440 – The Earth-Brain appeared first on The Drabblecast.
We’d tested plenty of missiles before, but Teeny was the only one that convulsed when we cut him open. Oh, your listeners need more background? OK, I’ll back up a bit. Lemme tell ya, kids today don’t know their history. Even locked up in here for the past ten years, I can tell. No education. […] The post Drabblecast 439 – Rocket Surgery appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Norm brings in the New Year with an original Drabblecast story by author Tim Pratt! This story is a sequel to last year’s Holiday Special story, “Comfort and Joy,” check that one out here! She was a blonde — the kind of blonde to make a bishop bite through his altar cloth. I used to […] The post Drabblecast 438 – Midnight Clear, or, How Santa Claus Killed the Sun appeared first on The Drabblecast.
A classic Drabblecast Tim Pratt story, presented to you by Guest Host, Avery Alexander!  The apartment was a bustle of twenty other people more extroverted and festive than himself, all dressed in the requisite hideous holiday sweaters, drinking bourbon punch and rum punch and some sort of strange vegan eggnog, flirting and joking and ranting […] The post Drabbleclassics- Dirty Santa appeared first on The Drabblecast.
The Drabblecast wraps up HP Lovecraft Month this year with a mythos story unlike any variety you’ve likely heard before!  We bring you “The Shallow One,” an original Drabblecast story by Matthew Sanborn Smith. Norm closes out with a song about awkward romance called “There’s a Fetus in Your Kitchen.” I first met Madeline at […] The post Drabblecast 437 – The Shallow One appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Our next original Drabblecast-commissioned story for HP Lovecraft month installment, “The Wallpaper Out of Space!” by Adam-Troy Castro read by Jacob Boris. All right, so it’s Cheryl’s kid, okay? I didn’t know she had a kid until we were two months in and already deeply involved, and then she tells me she has a sixteen […] The post Drabblecast 436- The Wallpaper Out of Space appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Lovecraft and love life mix on this week’s Drabblecast! As our first offering HP Lovecraft month, we present “Maternal Instinct,” by Chris Lester. They say you can find absolutely anything on the Internet. The authenticity and good condition of said “anything,” however, is by no means guaranteed. This caveat applies to rare movies, import CDs, […] The post Drabblecast 435 – Maternal Instinct appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Part two of a Drabblecast production of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The reality of what I had been through was highly uncertain in my mind, but I felt that something hideous lay in the background. I must get away from evil-shadowed Innsmouth—and accordingly I began to test my cramped, wearied powers of […] The post Drabblecast 434 – The Shadow Over Innsmouth Pt. 2 appeared first on The Drabblecast.
The Drabblecast Annual Halloween Special kicks off this year simultaneously with HP Lovecraft month on the show, a full month of original Drabblecast-commissioned stories playing around with elements of Lovecraft’s style and mythos. We kick things off this year with a fullcast adaptation of one of Lovecraft’s most popular stories– The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Do […] The post Drabblecast 433 – The Shadow Over Innsmouth Pt. 1 appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Weirdness is in the air at Drabblecast as we bring you an original story about spousal life and home ownership by author Ao-Hui Lin. “Hey babe, where did the closet go?” The Hubby, Victor, gives me a blank look, like the word “closet” is Swahili for “bratwurst”. He neither understands the question nor the purpose […] The post Drabblecast 432 – Housebound appeared first on The Drabblecast.
This week’s Drabblecast features a poignant story about patience, perspective, parenthood and the paranormal. We bring you “A Promise,” by Jennifer Hudak. Enjoy! I reach out nonexistent fingers to catch your arm, the hem of your shirt. You, there. Sitting on the edge of the bed, head bowed, dripping with sorrow. Your hair is thinning, […] The post Drabblecast 431 – A Promise appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Drabblecast fan Jen Fischer hosts another Drabbleclassics episode this week, bringing you a touching H.P. Lovecraft mythos story called “Maybe the Stars,” by Samantha Henderson. The post Drabbleclassics- Maybe the Stars appeared first on The Drabblecast.
This week on the Drabblecast: dirty jobs.  We bring you a quirky original tale by Bryan Miller about mad scientists and henchmen gone awry.  Enjoy! The bulletin board posting specifically stated that the internship required “special skills,” “unorthodox hours,” and an “old-fashioned go-getter,” so I can’t really complain as I’m digging up coffins in search […] The post Drabblecast 430 – Notes from the Assistant’s Intern appeared first on The Drabblecast.
“Get Your Home Improvement On, Sucka…” Norm and author Desmond Warzel sit down and talk about fiction, ghosts, aliens, and of course his hit stor which frst appeared on the Drabblecast back in August of 2014, “On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy.” You’re listening to the Mike Colavito Show […] The post Drabblecast Director’s Cut – On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy appeared first on The Drabblecast.
Comments (17)

Dan Thorum

I love me some Tim Pratt!

May 26th

Jess Hart

Excellent but very sad

Apr 29th

Jess Hart

This story devastates me every time.

Apr 12th

Jess Hart

This remains one of my favorite short stories.

Apr 7th


holy fuckity fuck this episode is hilarious

Apr 1st

Cory D. Hoffman

episode is good except for the distraction of him taking a deep breath in after every so often. almost sounded like you had a cold during this podcast episode

Apr 5th


that part where they listened together was really uncomfortable...

Mar 19th


I love this one! I think a little more build up for driving him mad enough to dig up his uncle's grave would have been cool. The intestinal failure though! Nice.

Feb 22nd

Michael Lee

Is the featured Drabble author found on Twitter? Was an amazing Drabble, listened to it 3 times before the main story

Jan 13th

Anna Happen

gross dog. First five min made me want to puke. Pass

Dec 19th

Marc Ellmaker


Dec 14th


im excited to hear your new stuff but if you posted some of the older episodes id love to listen to some of those as well.

Sep 1st
Reply (1)

Vickie Lynn

Norm Sherman is the great host of Drabblecast,my favorite podcast.

Dec 17th

iTunes User

I love the variety of creative/quirky/sometimes creepy stories that are featured on this podcast, and the professional narration and film-quality audio production (complete with background music and strategically placed sound effects) makes every episode sound like a full-fledged I-can't-believe-this-is-free audiobook. I highly recommend this...and believe me, I'm picky when it comes to podcasts.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Whenever I get a little too caught up in day-to-day life, the Drabblecast is there smack me upside the head and say "Hey! Lighten up!" Norm Sherman is one of the new great storytellers. He brings such life and depth to the short story genre. Spread the word!

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Not just weird, but weird with amazingly good production values. Norm Sherman is the best story narrator on the web. If your psyche is already twisted and broken this podcast is for you. If it isn't yet, that can easily be remedied by hitting the Subscribe button, strapping yourself into a chair, clockwork orange style, and catching up on this long running podcast.

Aug 30th
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