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A funny fitness podcast where comedian/hosts Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger guide your life towards Training Dirty, Eating Clean and Living In-Between.
143 Episodes
It's the middle of summer and it's Euge and Stang coming to you for their monthly check in. There is some summer movie talk - Euge saw YESTERDAY. There's discussion of Stang's shoulder injury and some recent additions to Euge's tattoo. There's a Mr. T story and they answer a listener question about fat-loss plateaus and how to keep some variety in your diet when you eat clean. "Yeah Buddy!!!"Sent from my iPhone
Ahoy BellBabies! Summer is raging on. Are you keeping your beach bodies in check? Well this week will get you back on track. The Bells got Zac Oyama (COLLEGE HUMOR) back in The Weight Room. That's right, the Karate-ish Kid is back! Zac and the guys have a good time at the top of the show just joking around. Euge and Stang get stuck doing some voice and Zac is polite about how annoyed he must've been. Last, they all get down to business and come up with an actual program for Zac to follow in the gym. This is a good one for focusing your efforts in the gym!"Light Weight Babyeee!!!"Sent from my iPhone
Happy 4th of July BellBabies! This is a very special episode for a lot of reasons. Honorary Dumbbell and fan favorite Erin McGown (Erin and Melissa) returns to The Weight Room. Erin is a great guest as always and there is some fun talk about food and a special seasonal Trader Joe's rub that is a must try. But Erin was recently in a traumatic and truly life threatening accident recently. She tells the Bells as much as she can about it and how it made her question EVERYTHING and reevaluate her life and her goals. She came out of it and has managed to keep training and stay on her path but it wasn't easy and she tells the guys how she did it. Listen and be inspired!"Happy 4th of July!!!"
Hello BellBabies! You ready for some total transformation talk?? The Bells got Farley Elliot (EATER) back in The Weight Room. When Farley first came on the show, the guys tried to help him figure out how to honor his commitment to his job as a food reporter and tastemaker while somehow changing his body to loose weight and get healthy. Well, he did it! Farley is new man but still the same guy. He's eating right and rock climbing and has completely changed his physique. He tells Euge and Stang how he did it. Don't worry it's not all inspirational this episode - there's still some talk about LA food and even some gossip! Farley shares a beef with a famous chef!(Light Weight Babyeee!!!)
Hello BellBabies. It's time for your special monthly check-in with Dumbbells this week. Euge and Stang are talking shop. Euge rants about the sauna at the "Y" and there's the usual sauna talk. Stang is training legs harder but still eating too much protein. Then the guys talk about the new GODZILLA movie and answer a listener question about how to get enough quality calories and protein on a budget. "I Command You To Grow!!!"
The Bells were very happy to welcome their amazing guest Deborah Baker Junior (STAN AGAINST EVIL, THE COOP) to The Weight Room this week! DBJ has a great name and the boys waste no time getting to the bottom of it. They also get to hear Deborah fitness back story and she gets REAL! This is a very important episode that a lot of people will be able to relate to. Deborah was very brave to share and she also gives some great actionable advise. LISTEN!"Ain't Nothin To It But To Do It!"Sent from my iPhone
Big week for the 'Bells y'all! Your dudes managed to get the great Janet Varney (The JV Club podcast) in The Weight Room! Janet is the funniest and she brings it this episode. She tells Euge and Stangs about growing up with her stud dad - the guys end up falling in love with him and so will you! Stangs and Janet connect over her time in the Bay Area - well Stangs just kind of embarrasses himself - what do you expect it? Then you get to hear all the Hollywood bullshit and pressure around body types that Janet went through and what she did to overcome it and get to where she is now, a great, healthy place!"Light Weight Babyeee!!!"
Get ready BellBabies!! Dan Black (Comedians Of Wrestling Podcast) is making his triumphant return to The Weight Room!!! This episode has something for everybody. The guys talk professional wrestling and Dan's stand-up special. They also discuss performance enhancing drugs and what it would take for them to try a cycle. Last Dan tells the Bells about how really transformed himself after many stops and starts with different programs. Dan finally seems to have found a system that works and the group breaks it down how anybody could adopt the same principles. This is a great episode to get you inspired and kick off summer! "Nothin' But a Peanut!!!"
Ahoy BellBabies! It's fun week for The Dumbbells! Jess Lowe (WRECKED) is joining the boys The Weight Room. Jess is super funny and has some good dish on filming WRECKED in Fiji with Euge and "friend" of the show Will Hines. She also tell the guys about growing up in Albuquerque playing sports with a super athletic brother and a competitive mom. She talks about finding competitive theater and loving it but how an overly involved coach influenced a scary bout with an eating disorder. Jess is very open an honest about her struggles and is a great place now. She has some great advice for everyone and gives actionable tips to get healthy. "Yeah Buddy!!!"
It's that time! Time to check in with ya boys. Euge and Stanger are here for you. This month the guys tell you about where they're at and what's going on. Euge is doing a group exercise class with Trish - is it working out? Also Stanger is interested in Euge's thoughts on TRT (testosterone's replacement therapy. The guys discuss the science and morals of hormone therapy. Last they go to the listeners and answer a submitted question. "Yeah Buddy!!!"
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