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Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!
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Episode from Nov 23, 2017

Episode from Nov 23, 2017


Clay Pigeon
Jan Hammer - "Miami Vice Theme" - Miami Vice Soundtrack [Hammer, former keyboardist of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.]Set: An Irish Traveler in MiamiSet: Vintage Lucky Charms TV Commercial General MillsSet: A German Visitor in MiamiSet: Gulf News TV - Merkel's Party DefeatedSet: More German GuyNena - "99 Luftballons" - Nena [From Wikipedia "While at a June 1982 concert by the Rolling Stones in West Berlin, Nena's guitarist Carlo Karges noticed that balloons were being released. As he watched them move toward the horizon, he noticed them shifting and changing shapes, where they looked like strange spacecraft (referred to in the German lyrics as a "UFO"). He thought about what might happen if they floated over the Berlin Wall to the Soviet sector."]Set: Andrew From BaltimoreSet: Hillary's Pnemonia - CNN/Rush audioSet: Andy From BrowardSet: Old RAID TV CommercialSlick - "Miami" [This song was a big hit for Will Smith.]Set: Andy IISet: Trump Theatens to Shoot Them "Out of the Water." Audio courtesy of NBC News.Set: North Koreas Nuclear ThreatSet: CBSN - Wild Horses StoryMichael Murphey - "Wildfire" - Blue Sky - Night Thunder [From WIkipedia " ... earlier in the decade he had been part of a duo known as the Lewis & Clark Expedition (which had appeared and performed in an episode of I Dream of Jeannie) in 1968 with his fellow singer-songwriter Boomer Castleman."]Set: A German Woman in MiamiSet: PoolsideSet: Steve From Miami BeachSet: Departing MiamiExpose - "Point of No Return"Set: Landing at JFKSet: Back in New York ... Bill in Bryant ParkSet: Hillary's Got Pneumonia by C. PigeonSet: More BillSet: From Inside Edition - Hillary's PneumoniaSet: Karen in Bryant ParkOverkill - "Elimination" - The Years of Decay [Jersey band!]Set: Obama Talks About Trump on RTSet: Steve On A Park Bench - Hot Day - 42nd St.*konquerorSet: Nixon - I Am Not A CrookSet: CNN - Basket Of DeplorablesJohn Tesh - "Watermartk" - Pure Orchestra [From WIkipedia - "Tesh was born in Garden City, New York, on Long Island, the son of Mildred (Bunny), a nurse, and John F. Tesh, a textile chemist. He graduated from Garden City High School in 1970."]Set: Donna in Bryant ParkSet: Trump on RTSet: The Mosquitoes, "He's A Loser," from Gilligan's Island. The Mosquitoes were actually "The Wellingtons," who sang the Gilligan's Isalnd Theme ... The Way-Outs from The Flintstones
dusty show!!!
Set: Mike at Grand CentralSet: Colin Kaepernick on why he sits for the national anthem.Janet Jackson - "Rhythm Nation" - Rhythm Nation 1814Set: Speaking With SueSet: Trump on NAFTASet: More SueSet: Glastonbury Coyote WarningSet: New PollsBrian Hyland - "Gypsy Woman" - Brian Hyland [Produced by Del Shannon. Song written by Curtis Mayfield. Hyland was from Queens. He is best remembered for his teen hit, "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. This was a Dion-like comeback for Hyland. Later he recorded with Allen Toussaint. He still tours today and The Dusty Show loves him. :>)]Set: Trump RailsSet: Charlie Likes DonaldSet: Always Remember ... Gene WilderSet: A Minute with ElizabethSet: Hillary SpeaksHarlequin - "Innocence" - Radio Romances [From Canada ... evidently, there is another Harlequin, but this is not that Harlequin.]Set: Steve Volunteered Readily 2b InterviewedThe Broughtons - "The Last Electioineer" - Superchip [Edgar Broughton Band 80's Incarnation]Set: Maurice by the Hot Dog Cart Outside Grand CentralHello Accu-Legends. Cosmic Matrix just checking in.Set: Trump Loves ChinaShadows of Knight - "I Am The Hunter" - Dark Sides [Most famous for their cover of Them's (Van Morrison's) "Gloria" in the '60s.]Set: He Doesn't Like LiberalsSet: NOAA Weather Radio Report - Stanley Watson on GuitarClan of Xymox - "A Day" - Clan of XymoxSet: Just JoeSet: Hillary Will Not RespondSet: Michael Likes TrumpSet: Trump's Business PeopleCoal Chamber - "Loco" - Coal Chamber [Weird 2013 video of Coal Chamber with live eagle and flag onstage?!]Set: Clinton on Aliens / Area 51 WitnessSet: Nancy From PittsburgLou Reed and John Cale - "Slip Away (A Warning)" - Songs For Drella [From an LP recorded in tribute to Andy Warhol]Set: Trump on Huma and Anthony Weiner (Audio Courtesy of CNN)Set: Fyornov Visits With UsSet: McEnroe Melts Down! Bonus! - Johnny Mack plays KISS on guitar! More FyorSet: Ronald Reagan Speaks In Jersey on a Past Labor DayJuan Gabriel - "Abrazame Muy Fuerta" - Abrazame Muy Fuerta [Always remember]Thank you for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show. I hope you enjoyed it. I always enjoy making them for you. On this epsiode, I got to edit a little more than usual and that's always fun for me. Making up little songs or playing with loops of people's stammering. Everything is music. I am always hoping to find Trump enthusiasts for these shows and it's not easy. Not that they aren't there, because they certainly are, but because I am visuallyb trying to identify them as they pass by at up to 6 mph, often grim-faced and angry looking. With just Democrats, Bernie People, Stein Lovers, and Johnsonites, it's preaching to the choir. The Trump folks add an important counterweight to the proceedings. At least I feel this way. I know a good many of you are politi-fried, but I do hope to continue this angle through the election, though I will try to incorporate more alternate subject matter, as well. And of course, I will continue to play the hits you love, and the rarities you require. Thanks again for tuning in and taking the time to get this far. Always remember Gene Wilder and Juan Gabriel. CP9416NYC
Set: Tom in Union Square Park - Into PokemonSet: Old 60's Milton-Bradley game of "LIFE" TV commercial.Tommy Keene - "Based On Happy Times" - Based On Happy TimesSet: Jake The ArchtiectSet: Audio from the motion picture "The Fountainhead."Wishbone Ash - "The King Will Come" - ArgusSet: Mexican Artist w/Child in Union Square ParkDef Leppard - "Photograph" - Mirror Ball [Live!]Set: Young ManSet: Audio from Dr. Drew on FOXstepped right ON her ....Bonnie Tyler - "It's A Heartache" - Wings [Re-recorded version with extras fried awesome voice!]Set: Italian Man In The Park (special greeting for Fabio later)Set: A scene from The GodfatherSlipknot - "Pulse of the Maggots" - Subliminal Versus Vol. 3Set: Alex in Union Square Leaning on a Railing - ApproachableSet: A song from Harry PotterGiuffria - "Call To The Heart" - Call To Your Heart [Greg Giuffria, keyboardist of Angel]Set: Feloness ... free.Set: A young man playing The Beatles in the Park.The Temptations - "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"Set: Richard Speaks to Me and YouModern English - "I Melt With You" - After The SnowSet: A Trump SupporterSet: Trump Audio courtesy of FOX NewsBee Gees - "Tragedy" - Spirits Having FlownThanks for listening to this episode of WFMU's, Dusty Show. Now in our 11th year. It was nice to see so many comments this week. You know I like to see the good numbers. I suppose I am insecure. I feel like revealing a bit of the process that goes into making a "recent" Dusty Show. Here's how it's been going in recent months. Step 1 - After work, I go to either Union Square Park, Madison Square Garden/Penn Station, Bryant Park, or Grand Central Station and I attempt to gather about 9 to 11 decent-lengthed interviews. I record them to my cell phone. I try to get a good mix of male/female, younger/older, Dem/Repub/Indie, etc. However, usually I end up a little male-heavy, older-heavy, and Dem-heavy. I actually hve to kind of "profile" people to try and single-out who I belive might be Trump voters. Dems are easy to spot by their clothes. So, most times the recording process goes fairly smoothly. Sometimes it is a very fast process if I "get on a roll." Sometimes it is like pulling teeth and I am recording for two-and-a-half hours or more. Know that, in the not too distant past on Dusty (when I was unemployed for a long stretch) I used to spend 4 solid nights-a-week working on shows. This was when I used to do everything on microcassette and a dual cassette deck with vinyl. God, that sounds romantic. I tottaly sold OUT! Got a day job, honed my show production time down to one grinding 15-hour session. went digital (mostly), and create Dusty on a laptop. Acually, I never WAS an analog purist. Not really. I like the old gear, the great sound, the wax, the album covers ... but I like didge, too. It's all in what you DO with it, y'know/? Didge is even more of a challenge because of the endless track-availability. You can go on and on and on with taking things another level into sound effects or whatever. Step 2. After recording the interviews I generally walk home for exercise and get some kind of rough plan in my head for how to collate the raw audio into some type of cohesive whole. I like that ... cohesive whole. Corrosive hole. The Bobbish Dole, The Barber's Pole - The Jelly roll - Filet of Seoul, Old King Cole, Pole to pole - you see? Once I get hom, I have to dub down all of the recorded interviews onto my laptop. This is time-consuming, but it gives me a chance to revisit the interviews, make notes, consider edits, and keep that cohesive whole gelling and formulating. Gelled and formulated cohesion. That's what is aimed for. Not really. So, once I dubbed the interviews onto my laptop, I also select five to seven audio soundbytes from YouTube, or wherever, to play between songs. Geberally these are topical, or they allude to pop culture references made by the interview subjects. Example: The Game of LIFE was featured in this Dusty Show, so I grabbed a sample of a 60's TV commersh from YouTube. Is that even legal? I hope so. It's not like I make a damned dime doing this stuff, though I love it, the attention, the music, the moment, the accu-vets, and Jersey itself, frickin' Jersey, man. I love it. More each year. Now I go in and edit the living shaving cream out of those interviews. You have NO idea how much the interviews you hear on Dusty have been edited to within millimeters of their lives. I take out a lot of "uhs" and "likes" and jibberish and muddled phrasery. I don't change the MEANING of what people say. I don't. I amy edit to lend power to my point, or my "side." (I shouldn't even HAVE a side!). Anyway, when it's all said and done, many seven-minute interviews are whittled to 3:20. They all get whittled and I enjoy that whittling, and as self-effacing as I can be sometimes, I am proud of the editing. No, I am not drunk. So once the editing is done and the soundbytes are whittled, too, it;s MATH time. That's right, math. I have a 60-minute show. I add up the combined length of all the interviews and soundbytes and arrive at a figure. Usually it's about 35-minutes or close to that. Then I figure out how much time is LEFT in the hour. In this case, 25 minutes would need to have content generated in order to fill them. So, I would take that 25-minutes and divide it by 10. Ten songs. How long could they be? It comes out to 150-seconds per song, or, 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Perfect! I now need to select ten songs, which will all need to be edited to two minutes and thirty-seconds. This means whether a song is eight minutes long, or two minutes and fifty seconds long, I am editing it to as close to two minutes and thirty seconds as I can. I like the uniformity of it. Oddly, I don't think most of you have even noticed that the songs are all edited and uniform in length. It's basically just fun for me. So now ... theoretically,... if my math is correct ... all the pieces should fit together and be sixty-minutes long. Now to assemble them. I havent really affered a time-line for any of this. By the time I get done editing everything down and get ready to assemble the show, it's usually at least four in the morning. I started at 6pm with interviews. ------- Now I have to download the music. Sometimes if I am ambitious I will make a list of songs I like during the week, adding a few here and there, until I have a master list of perhaps twenty songs to choose from when the time comes. Then I can pick 10 to download that fit my mood the best at the time of show assemblage. However, sometimes my whole mood has changed and suddenly everything I picked out sounds wrong. Not too often. Usually I have three or four songs that I am really excited to play, and a few more sturdy ones I am confident in. I like to throw in a metal track sometimes, or a 90's track, I don't know. Whatever I am excited in at the time. Something to JAR you with and wake your asses up. A sweet forgotten oldie. Whatever. Bottomline: by the time it's finished, the sun is out, it's generally about 8am, and I am finally almost finished. In addition I have to make promos for Facebook and Twitter (I have to, I really do, it's like a social media corrosion). Then I have to mix down the show into an MP4, and transfer it to a little gum stick thing, whaddaya call it? Thumb drive? That's what I use. I don't even know how to hook the damned thing up. Fabio does it for me. I enjoy that. Ha! By the way, I do love Fabio. He is my real friend. --------- Finally, I have ti look up all the album titles, year of release, label, etc. -- so I can announce things correctly during the show, because I leave LOTS of spaces in the show where I come in live on the mic and talk to you, introduce songs, dance, clap, sing, ruin things, etc. It's kind of a weird thing with the show on thumb drive, but I am also live. A strange hybrid that evolved on its own over the years. That's the fun thing about doing something for a long time. Things evolve without your directly trying to MAKE them evolve. It just happens, and then one day you look back and go damn ... my show used to be good! Ha! Now I've ruined it all with week after week of identical politics shows where I ask the same 4 questions over and over and over again. Have you got a candidate that you like as the election draws near? ---------- Are you optimistic about the future of the country? ----------- What's your biggest concern in the world we live in today? --------- Do you love America? Always remember ... CPNYC22616IA5899
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