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Author: Jodianne Beckford

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The "E" Project is a platform that showcases & highlights this generation's creative entrepreneurs. We want to inspire you to go for what you want, and provide you with knowledge from fellow creators, to help align your goals to make your vision a reality. Support this podcast:
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Ashley Noelle is the founder of The Feelosophy , and a brand ambassador for Lululemon Toronto. The Feelosophy is rooted in community and connection. They offer small, intimate, restorative yoga classes led by qualified yoga instructors, and combine that with massage based adjustments offered by a skilled and intuitive bodyworker. Her slogan #allthefeels speaks to everything Ashley represents; positivity, love, safe touch, alignment, and being comfortable in your own skin. She shares her journey of how she has developed a niche in the wellness and yoga world. She has 8 years of teaching experience, and with her down to earth love for movement, connection and hands on adjustments, she will leave you feeling more chill than Netflix ever could. Ashley has created an amazing community around her style of yoga. She has a team of four and offers retreats and trainings internationally. Ashley is honest, real, vulnerable and sassy, and isn't afraid to share what she has to offer with the world in hopes that it will spark others to do the same. Ashley and I discuss the lack of diversity in the wellness world and how she has educated herself to be more aware of the lack of, being aware of her privileges and using it to uplift and bringing others along, the importance of touch/safe touch, starting a wellness business and knowing your why, and so much more! Listen to her full story here.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Jes Perez is a media personality and CEO of Industry High. Industry High is a television show that focuses on the lives of influential people. It is a medium to inspire people to pursue their dreams in any industry. She is also a speaker, co-owner of GRTR Management, and has worked for major companies such as; Radio Disney, MTV, Telemundo, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen Magazine, just to name a few. Jes shares her amazing story of how she began in the entertainment industry, how she uses her platform for positivity, the importance of self-care as an entrepreneur, her faith and the impact that has on her career, the power of sharing information, balance, and so much more! Jes truly is a strong, powerful woman of God that lets nothing stand in her way of success. Listen to her full story here!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Sean Maingot is the co-founder of BODY BY CHOSEN gym. He is a throat cancer survivor, entrepreneur, community builder, advocate for health, and so much more. He is also well known as XP and is a strong believer in the power of community. Body by chosen is a community of individuals from different walks of life that have developed a family-like culture that thrives off the support and is obsessed with constant growth. Fitness is what brings them together but not what keeps them connected. Sean talks about his journey as a business owner, alongside his business partner Dwayne Delves, which is the founder of BODY BY CHOSEN. We talk about his determination and never giving up on himself while recovering from cancer, his natural ability to take initiative, community, being humble in business, the importance of finding the positive in everything, impact, and so much more! Listen to his full story here, and where all podcasts are played.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Sasha Exeter is the creative director & content creator of! SoSasha is a well-balanced lifestyle blog where she shares everything that inspires her in motherhood, fashion, fitness, beauty, food, travel, and so much more. She is a brand ambassador for several brands and creates/manages on-line digital campaigns. She is most definitely a fierce digital content creator and influencer that has made an impactful name for herself not only in Toronto but internationally. Sasha shares her story of how she started into the blogging world, the impact it has made on her life, the importance of diversity and lack thereof in the blogging world, being diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, being a new mom and the journey towards that, and so much more! Sasha really shared it all and didn't hold back. Listen to her full story here!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Today's guests, founder Natasha Sheppard, and co-founder Rowan McAnoy of Curlshoppe, a natural based product for all curls, kinks, and coils. They shared their journey of what it has been like starting their business in an industry that is heavily saturated. Having been friends for many years it was such an organic transition to becoming partners in the company. Natasha began the company in 2015, and Rowan later joined in 2016. Since then the duo has elevated the brand to what it is today. They have wholesale partners across Toronto, Quebec, and internationally in Switzerland, and Atlanta. We discussed the importance of open and honest communication when being in a business partnership, knowing when to invest in marketing and not skimping on quality, packaging, and so much more! Curlshoppe has established an amazing reputation in the city, along with being involved in many sponsored community events. Building a community of their own has been another huge part of their branding, being a positive representation for all the curly heads across the world, and they are also strong advocates for inclusivity for their brand. These ladies are truly a powerhouse and make a phenomenal team! Listen to their full story here and wherever you listen to all podcasts.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In today's episode, I sat down with Chantal Carter Taylor, the CEO and founder of Love & Nudes, a collection of modern intimates for women of colour. Chantal shares her story of how she started in the fashion industry as a stylist and how that turned into developing her own line of intimates. Chantal has made it a point to work with conscious women in Colombia who are also all about empowering their communities by providing fair wages. Working with factories that employ single mothers, and giving them a chance to support their families in just working conditions. Chantal and I discuss confidence, focusing on your journey and not comparing yourself, not being afraid to ask for help, the importance of doing your research, inclusivity, and so much more! Listen to her full story here, and all other major podcast apps!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In today's episode, I sat down with Kamshuka. She is an author, International keynote speaker and certified life coach. Recipient of the 2010 Aroni award for commitment to youth and entrepreneurship, and winner of The 2014 Black Canadian Best Photographer Award. Kamshuka uses her influence to inspire heart to heart conversations and create roundtable forums to communicate the importance of knowing who you are, in order to reach your true potential. She is passionate about bringing change and impact with her story as a War Child Survivor. Kamshuka shares her story of escaping Uganda with her family, how she has overcome the trauma and how she uses that to influence countless others. She talks about the importance of finding your purpose, her journey as a professional photographer, confidence, bullying she experienced and being the bully herself at one point, and so much more! Listen to her full story here and all other major podcast apps!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
In today's episode, I sat down with Randy Blake aka Tooncrew. He is a digital artist and illustrator using Hip Hop portraits to pay tribute to the culture and speak to moments of significance in pop culture and politics. Randy shares his story on how he fell in love with art, and how seeing graffiti art in New York with his cousins influenced his work as an artist. We talk about how important it is to follow your passion, being that example for his sons, not being heavily influenced by other artists, staying in your lane, and the business side of being an artist. Tooncrew has a story that anyone with a drive to create and produce art can relate to. As a husband and a father of three young boys, his realization that living out his purpose as an artist was one of the most important things he could do for his family. Listen to his full story here, and all other major podcast apps! --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Marsha Druker is the founder of Fuckup Nights Toronto! She first discovered the platform while living and working abroad in Tel Aviv. Before this event, she had never seen or experienced people telling their stories of failures so honestly and openly. Since that night, it sparked something in her and wanted to continue going to these types of events when coming back to Toronto, but to her surprise, it hadn't existed. So she took it upon herself to create it, and since then it has exploded in the city! Marsha's passion birthed something that has inspired so many people in Toronto and allowed them to feel not so alone in their failures and to hear amazing success stories throughout those failures. Earlier this year they celebrated their 1 year anniversary, and recently featured on Fiverr, The Social CTV, and CBC National! Marsha shares her journey of starting Fuckup Nights Toronto and how it has truly changed her life. She talks about taking risks, the importance of being a community builder, connecting with people and maintaining that relationship, mentors, and so much more!! To hear her full story, listen here!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Yvonne Stanley is an international photographer based in Toronto. She began her career working with film and dark rooms and has taken on many creative roles since then. Some being; graphic design, branding, styling, event planning, and creative direction just to name a few. Yvonne is most definitely a born creative that hasn't constrained herself to just one thing. She shares her story of how she started and made herself stand out in a field that is vastly competitive. Yvonne has not only made a name for herself as a photographer but an activist for women's rights, more specifically her "Boob book". The Boob book is a platform that shares stories of women's positive and self-acceptance of their breasts, no matter what society's standards have said they should be. Yvonne is one bad-ass woman that we all need to know! Listen to her full story here.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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