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Editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen dive into meaty food world topics of the week, interview the country's most interesting chefs, explore the origins of specific cuisines, taste-test the latest culinary trends, and debate topics as serious as unfair labor practices and sexual harassment and as light as Instagram museums and the best at-home pint of ice cream. Produced by Eater and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
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Introducing the best new restaurants in America with Hillary Dixler Canavan, a sandwich mystery at the West Village’s Bar Pisellino, Crate and Barrel opens a restaurant and Lululemon opens a… burger bar (with Eater Chicago's Ashok Selvam)? Plus, SB Nation's Ryan Simmons joins us to talk about a ridiculous commercial with an ending we never saw coming and more. Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Questions? Praise? Complaints? Email us at, and find all the newest food news on
Most people today know the story of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, from the story of Pocahontas and John Smith, and especially from the 1995 Disney animated film. A gripping recounting of the true story of how the settlement failed and recovered, and the toll it took on the English and Native Americans, shows how failure can be a transformative experience, and also how the stories we tell ourselves about the failures inform the way we live today. EDITOR'S NOTE -- one instance of explicit language. Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
Clif bar and Kind bar are squaring off and it's getting heated. 2019 produced a new World's 50 Best list and a new slate of controversies. The fancy food show just happened in NYC. NYT's Becky Hughes catches us up on weird food Youtube trends.Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
Comedian Josh Gondelman joins the show today to review the Manhattan hotspot Niche Niche, the third restaurant by Ariel Arce.Pre-order Josh's brand new book Nice Try on Amazon, or better yet at, at your local bookstore!Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
A rogue Burger King was sending out regular beef burgers instead of Impossible. There is a Bumble Cafe by a credible restaurant group. The Michelin Guide has come to California and LA people aren't thrilled with the results. Pop culture editor Greg Morabito joins the show to talk food tv. The new old Four Seasons Restaurant closed after just six months.Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at upsell@eater.comsubscribe to the show for free on your favorite podcast app:
What spirits are to blame for celery juice's new popularity? Pride is coming up, how are food brands dropping the ball (with Adam Moussa)? Goop has a new podcast called Goopfellas. The crabbing industry is suing big oil (with Amy Westervelt). Arby's will NEVER carry the Impossible burger. Toronto has a new $500 omakase sushi restaurant. Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
Millions of birds are dying during olive harvesting. Kim Kardashian tweeted at Jack in the Box and the internet went nuts. Brexiteers are getting hit with milkshakes. A UK restaurant served a 4500-pound bottle of wine by accident. JFK's TWA terminal has reopened and it's filled with fun stuff. Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
Is Liquid Death Water broey? Did Danny Bowien deserve the attack by NYT critic Pete Wells? Can landlords put food restrictions on their tenants? Amex just bought RESY! The brands pulled some dumb mother's day stunts. Is the Aperol Sprtiz a bad drink and does it matter?Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
Are free drinks good? Is the Impossible Burger taking over the country? Many many food brands are getting in on Game of Thrones madness. Burger King came out with an odd response to the Happy Meal. Bru Social Plates are meant to get you off Instagram and back into the real world. Guac cheese made a huge splash. Hosted by: Amanda Kludt (instagram/twitter) and Daniel Geneen (instagram/twitter). Complain to us at
CNBC dropped a silly video on tipping (2:00). Farley Elliott explains The Row, yet another insane real estate development in LA (7:00). A restaurant in Chicago seems to be infringing on multiple trademarks (12:50). Soylent launched a line of food products (19:45). Stef Tuder and Serena Dai break down the Lucky Lee's fiasco (24:30). Amanda Kludt loves lunch lines and it's sad (33:15).
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