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Host:                     Andrew Whyte, member of Echo Research’s Advisory BoardGuest:                   Barney WyldHow much do the seismic shifts and experiences in the US shape expectations of leaders in the UK and elsewhere? From gun control and transgender issues to abortion rights and climate change, what drives corporate leaders to take a public stance and where is social advocacy going?  What is the line between activity and inactivity?  How to factor in or avoid backlash for responding too quickly, too late or not at all? Why is it not OK just to be ‘woke’ and how to get beyond your ‘echo chamber’?In this podcast you will hear about stakeholder capitalism, the challenges to corporate responsibility and the importance of capturing the diverse views across your key audiences in this clear, crisp and practical exchange with Echo Advisory Board member and former Communications Director at the Financial Conduct Authority Andrew Whyte, in conversation with Echo client, Barney Wyld, experienced communications director at Johnson Matthey, formerly with Rolls-Royce, National Grid, Network Rail and Unilever. To discover more about Echo Research and how they can improve your business visit
Host:                     Rosie Halfhead, member of Echo Research’s Advisory BoardGuest:                   Nancy GlynnAuthenticity, total listening and how to create positive contagion - The routes to human- centred leadershipExecutives and the businesses they lead are under constant scrutiny. The concept of social licence is growing, making the challenges of business and society more interdependent than ever.  The playbooks they rely upon are wholly inadequate (and even 'often obsolete'). How can leaders adapt to the ever-changing and increasingly complex environments and deliver sustained high performance and remain true to their purpose? How do leaders reconcile the need to speak up with the risk of disenfranchising stakeholders?  In this episode we talk about the shift to human-centred leadership and straight-talking communications.*Nitin Nohria, Dean, Harvard Business SchoolDuring this Podcast, our guest Nancy Glynn referenced Books:“Emotional - The New Thinking About Feeling” by Leonard Mlodinow“Time To Think”, by Nancy KlineReport:Evidence base for human-centred leadership includes Report co-authored by Nancy Glynn“Leading with Humanity: The Future of Leadership and Coaching” (PDF)To discover more about Echo Research and how they can improve your business visit
The Echo Research podcast is a series of straight talking discussions touching on corporate purpose, behavioural economics, reputation and environmental, social and governance (ESG). Discussing ‘society is communications’, we welcome Professor Anne Gregory, on Echo’s Advisory Board, and Professor Jim Macnamara at the University of Technology Sydney, two award-winning and highly respected international academics and practitioners on either side of the world explore the role and challenges for communicators.Tune in for 40 minutes of great insight, clear perspectives and practical guidance on three major areas: going beyond purpose, the responsibility in AI and big data,  and the problems of evaluation. 
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