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A Judge, a Voice, a King, and a Pro discuss blending their hobby with life, and anything in between.
289 Episodes
The Eh Team takes a look back at all they've done across 300 shows, dotted here and there with some live US election commentary.The post The Eh Team #300 – The Gathering: One Last Time appeared first on
What does the Eh Team mean to you, the listener? What works, what doesn't work, how it fits into your life? What do you want?The post The Eh Team #299.5 – Babylon 5 and Cheetos appeared first on
The Eh Team discusses MTGO Treasure Chests, Classic Art Tokens, and are Kaladeshi Vehicles the new, better Equipment?The post The Eh Team #299 – Umezawa’s Jeep appeared first on
What do a machete, smelly rhinos, and trunk beers have in common? It was the Kaladesh prerelease weekend, that's what!The post The Eh Team #298 – One-Way Street appeared first on
KYT, Jay, Matt, and Jeremey talk about what they're thinking the Kaladesh set will be like, but especially whether the new mechanics will have any impact outside of Limited.The post The Eh Team #297 – Start Your Brewing Engines appeared first on
Matt and a jet-lagged Jeremey team up with special guests Doug Potter and James Mellish after top 10 performances in GP Louisville team sealed.The post The Eh Team #296 – #GP_FISTFIGHT appeared first on
KYT flies solo again, but this time he brings wingmen Robert Lombardi and David Schnayer to discuss Suicide Zoo in Modern, and playing Pro Tour Eldritch Moon.The post The Eh Team #295 – Prowess Triggers appeared first on
The Eh Team are joined by Dan Lanthier for some Conspiracy 2, a Modern Grand Prix, a non-existent scandal, and some Twenty Questions!The post The Eh Team #294 – Just Can’t Wait to Be King appeared first on
KYT and Matt both played Modern PPTQs, and learned valuable lessons for future Modern tournaments.The post The Eh Team #293 – Weekend Lessons appeared first on
Modern season is a great time to return to Magic... particularly if you love Blood Moon!The post The Eh Team #292 – Blood Besties appeared first on
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