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The Element Podcast: Trends in Tech
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The Element Podcast: Trends in Tech

Author: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Forward thinking insights drive your competitive advantage. The Element podcast engages the world’s top tech innovators, thought leaders and disruptors to discuss the latest technology trends and unearth new opportunities for growth. Stay ahead of the pace of innovation, advance your business strategy and future proof your brand.
37 Episodes
Imagine a world where traffic congestion and pollution are minimal; and your commute – be it on planes, trains or automobiles – is completely safe. Welcome to the future of transportation - where computing data at the edge, in real-time, brings actions and experiences that are incomprehensible today. Explore Life at the Edge of transportation with us.
Edge computing in healthcare means faster and more accurate diagnoses, greater access to experts, and more affordable care. When technology enables healthcare professionals to do their jobs better, patient care isn’t the only thing redefined. We all get healthier, as individuals and as a society. 
Edge computing moves ultra-sophisticated data analysis from the cloud right to the factory floor - transforming the products we love by dramatically improving quality, speed, and even the economics. Manufacturing will never be the same.
Learn the surprising ways edge computing is improving how we live and work. It makes our smartphones smarter, our cars safer and enables our doctors to make more precise diagnoses. Tech is reinventing manufacturing, health care and more. Launching November 1st from HPE. 
The past year revealed the critical need for inclusive technologies. To avoid leaving anyone behind in the digital economy, business must play a leading role. On this episode, Antonio Neri, CEO of HPE, and Angela Siefer, executive director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, discuss improving access to tech, digital literacy and more.
The 5G Imperative

The 5G Imperative


5G, the much-anticipated catalyst of digital connectivity and innovation, is finally here. But the world has yet to tap its full potential. On this episode, technologists and 5G experts Jeff Edlund and Stuart Strickland, share how enterprise companies can best leverage this powerful technology.
The Fintech Imperative

The Fintech Imperative


Digital banking is transforming financial services. On this episode, we explore the explosive growth of mobile payments, the coming battle for the smart wallet and how startups and big banks can tame the influx of new data to win over customers – and keep them.
Last year’s global lockdown orders shocked supply chains worldwide, and exposed cracks in its agility and resilience. On this episode we explore how 2020 put supply chains at the front and center of business, helping to accelerate their digital transformation and create a more sustainable future.   
In season 6 of The Element Podcast, each episode will tackle a different imperative – in fintech, 5G, the supply chain and digital inclusion.  Launching March 29th from HPE.
Keeping Women in Tech

Keeping Women in Tech


Today, half of women who enter technology leave by the age of 35. In honor of International Women's Day, this episode features a candid and much-needed conversation about how colleagues and companies can support and keep women. Four amazing women in tech offer advice based on their experiences.
Safe. Sanitized. Socially-distant. Today's cities look drastically different than they did before COVID-19. On this episode, HPE's Yanick Pouffary and Lorenzo Gonzales discuss the living, breathing evolution of smart cities and the escalating expectations of urban citizens from Rome to Dubai. 
Online classes. Work From Home. Games streamed from empty stadiums. Physical places have been replaced by digital ones—suddenly and en masse. In this episode, we’ll discuss the tech powering these massive societal transformations and whether they are temporary or permanent shifts.
Cybercriminals have wasted no time taking advantage of the pandemic and the sudden transition to remote work. We unpack the issue, asking experts to step into the shoes of the hackers and assess the new infosec landscape from their POV — before discussing strategies to mitigate those threats.
From the Genome Project to modeling novel viruses, supercomputing is already tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. In this episode, we’ll imagine what could be solved with an exponential increase in computing power, delving into Exascale — the next era of supercomputing.
Overnight, COVID-19 fundamentally disrupted how we live and work. In part 1, we learned how organizations can assess their current state and why it matters for recovery. Now, hear how companies can shift to resilience, keeping technology at the core of their long-term transformation strategy. This is the conclusion of a special two-part episode of the Element Podcast. This episode’s guests include Maribel Lopez, Rohit Dixit, and Jo Peterson.
Overnight, COVID-19 fundamentally disrupted how we live and work. It sent some organizations scrambling to maintain continuity while others seized the opportunity to transform. What set different organizations down different paths—and why is assessing the current state such an integral first step in recovery? Find out in part one of a special two-part episode of the Element Podcast. This episode’s guests include Maribel Lopez and Rohit Dixit.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, and those on the frontlines are not the only ones facing challenges. The pandemic has brought the tech industry together – activating scientists as volunteers, rallying virtual giving and creating platforms for humanitarian programs – to make hard times a little easier.
Super-driving a cure for coronavirus, giving doctors access to more information to solve patient challenges, helping farmers grow healthier food for consumption? What do these things have in common? Supercomputers. Consumers don’t always know or appreciate the unseen computing power of supercomputers that helps ‘get stuff done’ and enhance our lives on a daily basis. In this episode of The Element Podcast, we’ll explore the real-world use cases for supercomputing and what you should now.
From the rise of telemedicine to the medical applications, healthcare, and the patient experience is changing rapidly as a result of COVID-19.  We explore the leaps in technology and adoption that are core to the advances in medicine and the patient experience.
The size of the pandemic was unprecedented and created a reverberating effect including across the tech industry and customers.  What are the challenges that the industry, customers, and partners face?  What were the lessons learned?  And what does it mean to ‘earthquake-proof’ for the future?  We’ll answer those questions in this episode of The Element Podcast.

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