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Our children are our future, and they are watching our actions and habits on a daily basis. Our self talk, how we deal with stress and challenge and if we dream and focus on our future and vision, or on the past.We have been homeschooling our 3 children for the last year and have set out to teach them the things that we wished we had have learned in school, not in our 30’s and 40’sIn todays episode, I take you behind the scenes on a lesson I was teaching with our kids on Self Worth, Net Worth and Abundance. And there was a moment in our lesson, which you will hear, where I was totally blown away by the power of manifestation that our babes already have.It doesn’t matter the age of your children, you can begin to start having these conversations with them at any stage of life. And maybe these are conversations you need to first of all begin with yourself.My hope is that you use this episode as a catalyst to start to have more of these meaningful conversations with your children and to watch the magic unfold. Because they are our KateSOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor:
Its our first episode back into the New Year and we are excited to update you on some of the awesome new plans we have for our podcast, sharing the love on clubhouse and touching on a common trend we have seen in our coaching calls this year around people feeling ‘behind, or not enough’.Our goal is to have you become obsessed with your vision for your future, so much so, that you are pulled and compelled to take action towards it every single day.Join us as we share a few powerful ways to surround yourself with your vision on a daily and what you can expect with us for the year Kate SOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
For the last 20 years my husband Anthony and I have gone through a process at the end of each year, to reflect on what was, how we grew, what we learnt, what we overcame. And also to gain clarity on what it is that we want to attract and create for the year ahead.It’s a powerful process and something I attribute a lot of our success and clarity on what matters and what doesn’t in our lives, so much so, that we wanted to share it with you.I know you might be listening to this episode while multitasking (the life of a super woman) but if you can, I really encourage you to sit down somewhere quiet with a journal and complete this masterclass while being 100% focused on the process.Your future is worth it!Wishing you and your family an incredible holiday season and your best year ahead in Kate SOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
We have all been told to ‘stay true’ to ourselves, but it can be easier said than done. Join us as we get to interview International Speaker, Coach, Best Selling Author, Super Mama and Business Woman Loren Lahav as she shares more about what we can do to live a live that is true and authentic to ourselves and our values.During this interview we talk about how to identify and say no to things or opportunities that don’t serve you. Facing adversity. How and why to become patiently persistent in the pursuit of your goals and so much more.To learn more about Loren and purchase her books and I AM cards you can visit - @iamlorenlahavFacebook: to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USWebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.comInstagram: @empowered.womens.project/Youtube:
Have you said this to yourself before? When I……lose the weight, get out of debt, get my degree, find the right partner, have support from my…. then I will ……Yep, pretty sure that everyone is guilty of this! And I see so MANY people paralysed by this exact thing.In this episode, I share 5 Steps to moving out of self doubt and into action and the mindset you can adopt (whether you feel confident or not) to step up and step into your next level of greatness.Some serious gold and truths being dropped in this episode, can’t wait to hear what lands with you.SOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
Our breath is connected to so much. Our emotions, our health, our stress levels and overall vitality and connectedness to others. Yes, so many of us have lost our connection to breathing correctly.Join us as we get to chat with super mama and Breathworker Nicola Laye as we talk about the importance of breathing deeply, how it can effect our health and emotions if we don’t. How we can teach our children about the power of their breath and how mama’s to be can use breath for beautiful labour's and birth.Our breath is an indicator of anxiety, mood and overall state of being. When we know how to work with our breath, we can change so much; we change our mood, learn to cope with pain attacks, ease insomnia, and lower blood pressure.Over the last 20 years, Nicola has helped and supported thousands of women (and men) some with easy to solve problems, while others needing ongoing guidance and different health care treatments. Working in palliative care, she has taught over 5,000 pilates classes, and has coached  at least 500 ladies through pregnancy.Nicole has made it her mission to help and support as many women as possible by creating a space and community where women are supported through various stages of life, a place where they can get their questions answered without feeling judged and be empowered with tools, techniques and skills to deal with life as a women. To listen to the guided meditation that Nicola speaks about in our interview you can go to: @nicola_layeFacebook: http://www.nicolalaye.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
Have you ever felt like you are drowning in so many things to do, but not sure where to even begin? In todays episode we dive into this BIG topic that so many women are facing, trying to ‘have it all’ and ‘be it all’ at the same time.There are so many hats that women wear on a daily basis and it can be so easy to compare ourselves to what we think should have been done or achieved in the day or the week. Join me, Kate as I talk about the strategies and mindset that I use to prioritise the things that are most important to me without feeling like I have mum guilt or that I am dropping the ball in other areas of my life. Ans that have allowed me to raise my children well, while running a successful online business from home and have connected relationships with myself and those who matter most to me. This is a BIG topic and todays episode is inspired by a question from one of our beautiful listeners Megan. I hope this helps you on your journey of life. Big love xx Kate  
Have you ever had that moment when you see someone going through challenge or frustration and known exactly what they should do next? It’s kind of like you can see the road ahead so clearly and it’s almost strange that they can’t see it in the way you do?Yet, when it comes to making a decision for yourself on your next move you should make, it just feels blurry and confusing and you really aren’t sure where to from here?Well, the thing is, we all have our blind spots. Things in our life that we just cannot see. Either because we are totally unaware of them, perhaps because they are too painful for us to want to look at, or they are starting at us right in the face and we just keep refusing to see them.What I find really interesting is, the advice we often have for others is powerful, insightful, real and compassionate. Yet often our internal dialogue to ourselves is just plain unkind.In this episode I share a strategy with you to actually start to create time to listen to your own advice for the problems you are needing to be solved. It might seem simple, but its so powerful and so are you!!Enjoy xxxSOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
We have all heard about the things we can start doing to improve our health and wellbeing. Sometimes though, just as powerful as it is to start doing something new, it is also powerful to look at your environment and see what you can remove or stop doing that will also have an impact on your health, vitality and wellbeing, which is why its the topic of todays episode.
Relationships can be our greatest source of joy or our biggest source of frustrationSuch a true statement, which is why we are talking all about The 5 Love Languages in this episode. Most of us haven’t had a mentor around relationships, we aren’t taught about heartfelt communication in school and we sure don’t see it in all the reality shows that are on tv and online now. But, if you want an amazing relationship, be it with your partner, friends, children or family, it’s not a one of thing ‘i did that’, it takes work, communication and consistency.We each have our own unique way of showing and receiving love. And, if you aren’t familiar with what yours are, or your partners, kids or friends, then it can potentially cause friction, misunderstanding and frustration.The book I mention in this episode is called ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman and if you haven’t yet read it, I highly recommend it.Empowered relationships take focus, effort and consistency, they don’t just happen, so it’s worth investing time into learning how you can improve those that matter to you.Enjoy xxSOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor:
We have all heard the phrase ‘believe it and then you will see it’ but for many people it’s not something that they intentionally practice. Join us as we talk abundance, money, wealth and mindset with our special guest and all round sweet heart Chani Thompson and what you can do today, to start attracting more of the life you want to live.Chani is a health coach, an incredibly successful online entrepreneur, co-host of Babes Talking Business podcast and an advocate for empowering women to create additional streams of income and dreaming bigger.In our interview Chani shares the moment she hit her own financial rock bottom, lessons learned and the steps she took to start thinking and taking action differently which ultimately turned her life around. If you are an empowered women who knows she deserves more and can create more than what life looks like right now, you are absolutely going to LOVE this episode for so many reasons and want to pass it onto your besties!To connect more with Chani, here are all her details below:SOCIALInstagram: @chanipeachFacebook: WITH USWebsite: https://www.empoweredwomensproject.comInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectYoutube:
Think about it! Your health and wellbeing goals…. You need to be consistent to achieve them. Your financial goals…. You need to be consistent to achieve them. Your relationship goals, to either keep the spark, or attract the right partner …. Its definitely not a one hit wonder… you have to be consistent. Creating and working on your goals and dreams…. You guessed it, you have to be consistent! Amazing friendships...yup consistency,The thing is….. many of us are really good at being consistent, but consistent in the things that are taking us further away from our dream life. Consistently watching netflix, consistently avoiding tough conversations, causing more stress in our life, consistently complaining instead of changing our mindset, consistently going to the fridge instead of the gym, consistently spending online instead of saving. Any of these resonate? During this episode I encourage you to choose just one thing that you are committed to being consistent with for the next 30 days, just one!! I would love you to share in the comments here, or on my post, or tag me at @empowered.womens.project so I can cheer you on!+ here is the link to our episode I mention on the power of detoxxx your welcomeSOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
We have all heard the phrase ‘our vulnerability is our greatest strength’, yet sometimes it is easier to say it, than live it.Some of us have been through times of challenge and tragedy where the walls we have put up have served and protected us, which is a beautiful thing. But over time, we also can learn that while the walls may have served us for a period of time in our life, that life is more enjoyable when we let them down.Join us in a special interview with health and life coach, super mama and sweetheart Yvette Peterson as she shares her journey and realisation of how the walls served her, and when it was time to let them down.This is a powerful interview that every woman should hear.SOCIALInstagram: @thetribalmamaFacebook: WITH USwebsite: https://www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.projectyoutube:
How do kids spell love? T I M E….. Whether you have little ones hanging off your ankles, or teenagers finding their way through life, or kids who are into their 20’s and 30’s and beyond, I think we can all say, that a wish and desire as a parent is to have a deep and close connection to our kids. Parenting is not something we are taught, there is no guide book, and often what we do (or don’t do) with our kids, has more to do with what we did or did’t like as kids ourselves, instead of creating our own family rituals that create deeper and closer bonds with our babes.In this episode of our Empowered Womens podcast, I share 5 powerful tools that you can implement into your family right away (without it being obvious to your kids) that will start to create a more meaningful connection, form trust and allow you to and your child to know each other at a deeper level.As a mumma of 3, I have seen huge changes with my children when we use these tools, they aren’t hard or confusing, in fact they just make sense.I encourage you, after listening to take some time and reflect on how you can start to implement the tools into your family life and choose one of them that you will try before you go to bed tonight. Our children can be our greatest source of joy and also our greatest source of frustration!! So the more we can learn as parents, how to navigate our way through life with them, the closer we can become.Enjoy xxxKateYou can purchase a copy of my book ‘Raising Healthy Families In Unhealthy Times’ here.SOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
In life, there is no shortage of struggle that we will face, whether we are a child, or an adult, and there is also nothing we can really do to prevent our children from facing struggle to. It’s part of life. Join us as we chat with sweetheart Michelle Doughty, super mama, passionate wellness warrior and coach for women in finding their power as we discuss the power of finding our strength as we move through challenging times in our life.Michelle also shares how as a parent, us holding back our emotions from our kids, isn’t necessarily a good thing, and that showing them that we are human, allows them to be okay with their own emotions as they come up, instead of suppressing them, which so many of us are good at doing.This is a powerful interview that every woman should hear.SOCIALInstagram: @keepingthebalanceFacebook: WITH USwebsite: https://www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.projectyoutube:
Our happiness is worth more than money!! And in this episode we talk with super mama, wellness coach, teacher, dream keeper and all round sweetheart Anna Cameron-Bosse.Anna shares and reminds us how important it is to connect and tap into our intuition when it comes to making decisions that are right for us. And what we can do, over time to see challenge and tragedy as gifts in our life. So that we can become a victor in our life, instead of a victim to circumstance.Anna is no stranger to challenge in her life and she shares so beautifully how to move through it and come out the other side stronger, more connected and tapped into your intuition.You are going to fall in love with this incredible woman, and the lessons that she shares through her life story.To learn more and connect with Anna, her details are below.SOCIALInstagram: @creating.happy.balanceFacebook: WITH USwebsite: https://www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.projectyoutube:
I opened my first brick and mortar business in 2001 and have opened, run and sold 6 more since that time, worked as a business coach and consultant and had big plans alongside my husband to expand, expand, expand. That was until we realised the huge cost that traditional business was coming at my family and quality time with those who really matter.The game changer was when we decided to go online. It’s been 6 years since I got started in online business and it has been the most incredible ride! In todays episode I share with you the questions you should ask and consider when looking to start your own online business or side hustle.Now more than ever, people are looking into online business, how to pivot their existing business, or how to create a side hustle around their passions. Regardless of your motivation behind getting started, this episode covers some great points that you will want to consider before diving in.I also talk about the benefits of teaming up with a Network Marketing Company to handle all the business side of things like shipping, handling, billing, declines, quality control etc so that you can just focus on helping people and attracting new clients and team to your business.Heres to your success, whichever path you choose!Kate xxSOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
We have all played the comparison game before. Whether it be about our body, our money, our popularity, our health, our happiness, our hair, our kids, our job…… the list goes on. It doesn’t matter that you have compared yourself, everyone has. But what matters is the story you tell yourself after you compare and if it is causing you to shine or shrink.Join us as we get real with super mama, coach and personal trainer Janai Giddy as she shares her own personal journey of comparison, how it paralysed her and how she overcame it to find herself to be in a place of self love and gratitude and the flow on effect this had for her family.This is a powerful interview that every woman should hear.SOCIALInstagram: @janai_giddyFacebook: WITH USwebsite: https://www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.projectyoutube:
Technology is advancing faster than we can keep up. It’s pretty amazing to think that less that we have more power and technology in our hands in the form or a phone or a Ipad than governments and NASA had 50 years ago.While we have lots to be thankful for with this technology, there are also some warnings we need to consider when it comes to our health and vitality.This currently generation are the first generation to be born and grow up in the world of wifi, blue tooth and often constant exposure to them.In this episode I share some of the changes we have made for our family, after learning about the effects on our health and simple upgrades you can start making today, that will help reduce your exposure to EMF, wifi, bluetooth and dirty electricity.To learn more and follow my journey of the changes we made in our home, you can read my latest blog and have your questions answered there.SOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
We have all had that moment when someone says ‘we will be by in an hour’ and you have that moment of ahhhhhhhhhhh….there is so much to do to get ready (as we throw a bunch of crap in a room and close the door) . This week I had that in a big way, but also had some major realisations along too.Realisations about how often we will do more for others than we will ourselves and also, how many of us can be living life saving certain things for a ‘special’ occasion, rather than recognising that every day is a special occasion.I’m curious to learn how others feel. Are you showing up more for others? Are you doing more for others than yourself? Do you have a list of things you would love to do, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet? But, if you had 3 hours to get it all done you could.We humans are funny creatures and it always intrigues me as to what makes us tick, what moves and inspires us and what gets us into action.You can join the conversation here.SOCIALInstagram: @empowered.womens.projectFacebook: @kate.golleWebsite: http://www.kategolle.comThanks to our sponsor: www.tribalwellness.comCONNECT WITH USwebsite: www.empoweredwomensproject.cominstagram: @empowered.womens.project/youtube:
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