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Thank you Dr Madeleine De Little for a fascinating discussion on trauma therapy and the sand tray. If you would like to get in touch:
To get in touch with Sana email sana@lifecyclecounselling.comCheck out her group practice:
To get in touch with Michele email hello@heytherapist.cawww.heytherapist.caCheck out her profile on Psychology TodayWant to be a part of an Empowered  Professional Learning Community?!New cohort starting in May 2022! Join Pauline for 30 hours of directed learning in clinical supervision.  For more information visit:
Thank you Marta for another inspiring conversation!  To get in touch email and to references from our conversation:Richard C. Swartz and IFSWhat Happened to You by Oprah Winfrey and Dr Bruce Perry
Part 1 of a 2 part special with Michele Mani, RP, CCCFor more information on Imposter Syndrome:The Hidden Brain PodcastStop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome To get in touch with Michele email michelemani@heytherapist.caFollow her on LinkedInFollow her on Instagram
Thank you Shari for this episode on psychotherapy supervision and postmodern approaches. To contact Shari or email connect@sharilecker.comTopics discussed include postmodern approaches; advice for new therapists; safe and effective use of self; reflective supervision; fit to practice and much more. 
In this next episode we discuss systemic barriers faced by clients and mental health professionals alike.  Laura introduces us to the concept of intersectional feminism and her approach to psychotherapy and supervision. Laura has a supervision group that is starting soon!  Mondays afternoons starting in January 2022.If you are interested in joining Laura in this group email her at Laura is also accepting applications for graduate interns as well as colleagues in the field who are looking for clinical supervision services. 
In this next episode my colleague and supervisee Nicole Versluis, CCC, RP qualifying, shares with us a bit about her journey to the role, what the practicum process was like, as well as where she is at now in her journey to private practice. For more information on trauma specific psychotherapy with Nicole visit's Support Network is a federal not for profit organization that supports intimate partner violence and sexual episode is sponsored by
I interview my first guest, Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, Kayleen Edwards about mental health service provision in a post-pandemic world.We discuss the journey to the field; opportunities and challenges for supervisors and new therapists as well as a lengthy discussion on safe and effective use and of self and counsellor/therapist self care.Need therapy or clinical supervision?For more information about Kayleen go to more information about The Compassion Project go to
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Introducing our podcast! Hi I'm Pauline O'Brien and I'm an empowered supervisor. Join me for weekly discussions on all things related to clinical supervision, mental health, counselling and psychotherapy in Canada. 
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