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Community advocacy, social commentary, and educational resource, The Engine of Matt Todd brings it all together.
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Jerome Pandell is running for Board of Education in SRVUSD Area 1. He also has a very colorful history with public comments about teen sex, sex with teachers, oral sex, and more on Twitter. These are important considerations when assessing someone's character, especially when that person is running for school board. 
Jesse vanZee is a candidate running for the Board of Education in the San Ramon Valley Unified School district. He was recently in a candidate debate that had poor technical setup, thereby cutting him off at various points. We had a great conversation about book restrictions and other issues the district is facing. Enjoy!
Demetrius Ball is the principal at California High School. He has been working in the district at the middle and high school levels for years and recently became the subject of much frustration regarding on campus policies. Hearing about how and why he made the calls he did and how he addressed the issues as the played out was great. Enjoy!
Jesse VanZee is running for the Board of Education for San Ramon Valley Unified School District. This is the second interview to cover a myriad of happening since the start of school, and Jesse's perspective and adaptability to the situations was really encouraging. He gives me hope for SRVUSD. Enjoy!
Jesse VanZee is running for the Board of Education in San Ramon Valley Unified School District. He is a father of 5, avid volunteer, executive, and a very insightful individual. I hope this will be the first of many. Enjoy!
Well, the saga continues! Dr. Malloy gets an extension, and the Cal Stunt team continues to be left in the cold.
Laura Gantt is the mother of one of the defamed Cal High stunt team athletes and is spear heading the legal defense to restore their names. This issue has taken an incredible toll on the girls and their families, and the restorative process must start with understanding what has happened to them. 
The Stunt team at California High School has recently been accused of racism, but the facts of the situation make this one of the most disgusting, deplorable attacks on our youth I have ever seen. If any parents affected by this would like to speak on air, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
Dr. Mike Murphy is an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor practicing in the Bay Area. He has been working with people to help all kinds of ailments stemming from restricted air flow as well as help educate parents and families about issues plaguing our youth. He was great. Enjoy!
You need to pat yourself on the back for this one and hug your neighbor.
Lisa Disbrow taught in Northern California school districts for almost 40 years and recently retired in response to the ever changing political landscape in public education. Her stories and experiences starting as far back as the 1970s paint a very clear picture of the public school system and the powers at work within it. 
Kathleen DeLaney is a seasoned civil litigator and mother of past and present SRVUSD students. We spoke expressly about the consequences and details of the Senate and Assembly bills on the table that would mandate vaccines, allow young people to receive vaccinations without parental knowledge or consent, and more. I love her perspectives and greatly appreciate her taking the time to speak with me. Enjoy!
Len Schultz is a School Site Counsel member in the SRVUSD as well as a parent of several current students. His insights into the shifting nature of the job and the shifting curriculum was important to hear. Enjoy!
There have been enormous strides in the LGTBQ+ community since I was a kid. More people have been able to express themselves and find acceptance within their communities than ever before, but the PRISM clubs that are all over SRVUSD are, in my opinion, putting that progress at great risk. This is likely an unpopular opinion with many, but unless something is done, these clubs may well take us backwards and do more harm than good.
They take so long to make, and the clean up is atrocious, but the compounding benefits are like guiding lights into tomorrow.
Ross Hillesheim is a member of the Contra Costa County planning commission, a member of the Alamo Sherif Police Service, a commercial developer, and an all around gem in our community. I greatly appreciate his perspectives on county growth and community struggles and am so thankful that he had the time to speak with me. Enjoy!
This is part 2 of Hellen of DV and her comments from the January 18th BOE meeting. Enjoy!
Chris Koenig is an independent real estate developer and consultant. He has extensive knowledge of local pressures and issues playing into the housing crisis. For anyone wondering how to achieve the highest and best use for his/her property, Chris is the man to call. I love speaking with him. Enjoy!Chris Koenig 925-984-5683Brought to you by...Krushwell - The premier Vodka Seltzer - Locally owned, Universally enjoyed. Tutoring - The absolute best Bay Area resource for not only K-12 general assistance and test prep but also college and professional test assistance.
Don't so quickly give away permission for someone else to give you permission. Brought to you by...Krushwell - The premier Vodka Seltzer - Locally owned, Universally enjoyed. Tutoring - The absolute best Bay Area resource for not only K-12 general assistance and test prep but also college and professional test assistance.
Dr. Kevin Ahern, the principal at MVHS, stepped up and requested a change of policy for the MVHS Junior Prom. He laid the foundation for equity in practice, not just in language. Well done, sir!
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