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Reverse  Welcome to the EntreprenHer Show. Today’s guest is Nikki Boyer, actor, TV host, podcaster and entrepreneur.  I am Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce & host of The EnterprenHer Show.  it is my pleasure to bring you today’s program...  Let me tell you about Nikki Nikki Boyer is a vibrant, comedic on-camera personality who is labeled as the girl next door with a little edge! (Okay, maybe  more than a little) and a very eclectic career.   Nikki is a 3-time Emmy award winning TV host who made her mark as the host Yahoo!’s “Daytime in No Time,” making her the most watched woman on the web with over 700 million clicks during her time there.        In addition to a versatile acting career, Nikki  writes and directs music video parodies for Electus, Yahoo, and AwesomenessTV. Her most recent Taylor Swift parody, “Bad Blood Test” reached a whopping 75 million clicks on her own YouTube Channel.     Before becoming the face of the internet’s most watch daily web show, Nikki was an angel for women everywhere in America as the host of TLC’s popular ambush show “Perfect Proposal,” where she helped men plot how to pop the question.     Between hosting gigs, Nikki maintains an acting career with appearances in Gilmore Girls, Angie Tribeca, 90210, Lie to Me, The L Word, According to Jim, Malcolm in the Middle among others.    She is currently the host of Wondery's new series The Daily Smile where she brings you stories that will make you feel good each weekday morning. With interviews, inspiring clips, and chats with special guests and passionate friends, The Daily Smile takes you on a journey into goodness, gives you all the feels, and will leave you with a smile on your face.     Nikki currently lives in Los Angeles with her insanely oversized dog, Bernadette. She manages to still have room in her home for her amazing boyfriend and his two daughters. She’s what we like to call an #instamom.     Welcome Nikki!    With all you have going on, how do you find time for a personal life?   I think the first thing on people's minds is your podcast and why you got into it   How did your career lead you to this point?    Nikki  also talked about the importance of uplifting content right now      She shared some of the most memorable parts of her career, and the one thing she would like to do that she  has not yet done?    Any last thoughts?    You can find Nikki Boyer on Instagram @NikkiBoyer, on Twitter and on Facebook.   Thank you Nikki for being with us today … for more information about The Daily Smile visit or check your favorite podcast channel to listen.   To share this show with your friends and colleagues, send them to! Use Hashtag #EntreprenHerShow when you do! --- Support this podcast:
Look past your circumstances and get creative! Felecia is an author, social entrepreneur and the Chief Popsicle of Feverish Ice Cream & Gourmet Pops. For the past decade Felecia has dedicated her life to inspiring a new generation of leaders through her conversational talks on Entrepreneurship, Tech Innovation, College Funding and Personal Branding. A globally sought after speaker, Hatcher has been honored at the White House as one of the Empact Top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30 in 2011, and in honored as a  2014 White House Champion of Change for STEM Access and Diversity, Featured on the NBC Today Show-Grio’s 100 African American’s Making History, a TEDxMiami and TedxJamaica Presenter and featured on the Cooking Channel, Inc Magazine, Wall Street Journal Japan, Forbes Travel, Entrepreneur, Essence Magazine and Black Enterprise. As a “C” student in high school Hatcher beat the odds and won over $100,000 in scholarships to attend college by getting creative. She used her experience and knack for personal marketability to start her first business called Urban Excellence as a freshman in college. She built and ran innovative college prep programs for companies like DeVry University, MECA, AMPS Institute, the YMCA,TED Center, Mount Olive Baptist Church and the Urban League. After leaving college early, Hatcher went on to a successful career spearheading experiential marketing and social media campaigns around the country for tech companies like Nintendo, Sony, Stage Coach Island (Wells Fargo’s 2nd life video game), Microsoft and food giant Little Debbie. Hatcher travels the world speaking to students and adults about Personal Marketability, Building a business with limited funding and overcoming failure! Hatcher is the author of 2 books The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships,and How to Start a business on a Ramen Noodle Budget, FOCUSED Strategic Planner, PopPreneurs and her upcomging book titled FAILURE as Success Story. --- Support this podcast:
Nicole Dean has been earning a full time income online since 2005. Her services and products are specifically designed to provide practical, proven and productive strategies and resources to help both new and experienced online business owners to build sustainable businesses. An experienced affiliate marketing, publisher and coach, she helps business owners discover successful strategies they can use to operate their businesses online.  Willie Crawford says "She is absolutely Brilliant."  I couldn't agree more! Visit Nicole's website to learn about her courses, coaching, retreats and more at Be sure and read her bio. Its fascinating! In this session Nicole talks about article marketing,  including outsourcing, article submission software and services, autoresponders and more.  Nicole has received numerous awards over the years among them Women in Ecommerce recognized her with the Who's Who of Women in Ecommerce in 2012.. Note: This was originally recorded in 2008 and although many things have changed on the internet regarding how and where to submit articles, much of the content is still relevant today. --- Support this podcast:
WHAT OUR MEMBRS SAY ABOUT THIS PROGRAM This was such a great teleseminar.. I really enjoyed listening to someone with so much experience in video and how she incorporated this knowledge into her holistic practice. Thank you for creating this event. CHARLENE CHRISTIANO (Lifetime Member) ABOUT THIS PROGRAM Kathy Sciere is an Emmy award winning television producer with more than 20 years of experience at some of the most prestigious networks in the world, including CBS and NBC.  As “The Video Marketing Mentor”, Kathy now uses her decades of experience to teach heart-centered entrepreneurs how easy it is to use the magic of video to get clients, build their lists, raise their visibility and credibility, and catapult their businesses to new heights. She is on a mission to empower solo-entrepreneurs by revealing how they can touch and transform many more lives, and make more money, while making a difference. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Kathy holds a Professional Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from New York University and is also a Certified NLP Practitioner and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. NOTE - This is a replay of a session we did for members of Women in Ecommerce. Much of the information is still valuable (evergreen) so we are resharing it with the EntreprenHer Show Audience. --- Support this podcast:
In this session Felicia Slattery, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Communication Expert, #PlantBased Home Cooking Teacher, Wife, & Mom talks about how to maximize your presence on Twitter, how to find and follow the right people, find your target audience and more! ABOUT FELICIA: Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., is a #1 best-selling author of four books, an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning championship speaker, and has happy clients and customers in 22 countries around the world. Featured in Success Magazine, Inc. Magazine, on the BBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and CNN, she is responsible for more than 8,000 presentations she has either delivered, written, coached… learn more about her here: This interview took place in mid 2011 and to preserve the recording we have shared it on the EntreprenHer Show.  Much of the content is still relevant today especially the information about building relationships and growing your business. --- Support this podcast:
In this session, Rosalind Sedacca talks about copywriting, pr, the media and how to position content to get noticed, get read and take action! --- Support this podcast:
In this interview, Dina Giolitto talks about how to maximize your copywriting for maximum effectiveness to get noticed, grow your influence and your business. ABOUT DINA Dina Giolitto is a Copywriting Consultant with more than ten years' industry experience. Her current focus is web content and web marketing for a multitude of products and services although the bulk of her experience lies in retail for big-name companies like Toys"R"Us. She is also a contributing writer to the Women in Ecommerce anthology: GET MORE BUSINESS - The Women's Marketing Guide to Promote Your Products and Services on the Internet... Note: this conversation took place in 2012 and because most of the information shared is still relevant today we thought we'd republish here! You can learn more about Dina at --- Support this podcast:
Ellen Burton is the publisher of DUO Magazine DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine is more than just a magazine; it’s a movement! It’s a heartfelt journey through the endeavors of the charitable organizations and Unsung Heroes who are changing lives and making a difference…recession-proof jetsetters, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, people with art on their walls and music in their hearts. To DUO Magazine, “Making Miracles Matter the Most”. We invite you to become a part of our team of compassionate capitalists who believe in the success-driven philosophy that, “If you give it up, you will get it back.” You can learn more about DUO here: --- Support this podcast:
This presentation took place in 2007 at the Commonwealth Institute in Miami - the topic Using the Internet to Buy and Sell products and services, including how to remain high touch in a high tech world... and more! We are publishing this conversation here to preserve the recording as it is no longer available online. You will be able to listen to a portion of it as a good percentage of the recording was deleted on transfer. Thanks for understanding!  --- Support this podcast:
Lily Shen, President and CEO of Transfix and Former Senior Manager eBay Affiliate Program - Shares the Secrets to Maximizing your Success on the WEB with Affiliate Marketing eBay is the world's largest online marketplace. With over 350 million listings and $175 billion in commerce volume annually, eBay is a leading global commerce platform connecting consumers to merchants of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and small businesses to global brands. In this session which was recorded during the Women's Internet Marketing Summit hosted by Women in Ecommerce in 2013 Lily talks about her experience at eBay and how we can maximize our success using similar online platforms to grow our business. Learn more about Women in Ecommerce - --- Support this podcast:
As a little girl, nothing could send the same jolt of anticipation and excitement through Meghan Gilroy as these two words. When her mom broadcasted their plans to hit the road, it meant two things: adventure . . . and the end of tax season. (NOTE: this is a replay of an interview I did with Meghan in 2017 - it is that good!) Travel and business have always been interwoven in Meghan’s world. As the daughter of an accountant who owned his own firm, her mom would bundle her and her brother in the back of our station wagon (with rear-facing seats!) to give her dad a breather after long months of crunching numbers. They covered many states in their family vehicle — which she gleefully colored in on the hand-drawn map. Meghan religiously tracked her goal of visiting all 50 states. By the time Meghan was in high school, she set my set my sights on traveling to foreign lands in as many fun ways and unusual circumstances as she could dream up. Infiltrating Russia before perestroika as one of the first Western exchange students? Check. Touring Europe in a youth orchestra? Her bags are packed! Backpacking at youth hostels in Australia and New Zealand after college by myself? Done! Then, in 1998, her love of travel took a whole new twist: traveling afar for deep, inner transformation and healing instead of business or pleasure. An out-of-control classroom, heartbreak, and betrayal drove her to study with the international best-selling author of The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz. Over the next decade, she followed don Miguel Ruiz around the world, eventually co-teaching with him, running his international retreat business, and even getting locked into Machu Picchu at night with the llamas! Travel + Transformation have taken her around the globe ever since. Learn more about Meghan here: Tune in to the and tell your friends! --- Support this podcast:  Welcome to the EntreprenHer Show. I am Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce & host of The EnterprenHer Show. it is my pleasure to bring you today’s program...    Today I have a very special guest and I cannot wait for her to share her journey with you.   Let me tell you a little bit about her…   After starring alongside Patricia Arquette and Joey King in Hulu’s 2X Emmy nominated series “The Act,” breakout star Ashley Dulaney is taking Hollywood by storm leading two upcoming feature films Passionflix's first romantic comedy, SEDUCTION & SNACKS, out Thursday, October 28TH, and A TASTE OF LOVE, out in 2022. Growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi, Ashley knew she was destined to be in front of the camera and took to acting at a very young age while in preschool. Ever since her first role as a caterpillar in a local school production, she caught the acting bug and dedicated her life to her craft. After graduating from high school, Ashley attended and graduated from Ole Miss with a BFA in acting. Ashley made the big move to Los Angeles in 2009 where she began auditioning and taking extra gigs to pay the bills. Ashley got her first big break on FX’s “Justified. Among her other acting credits, Ashley has co-started in Lifetime’s BABYSITTER BLACKBOOK, and later went on to portray the evil ‘Rebecca’ in Lifetime’s THE HOUSE SITTER. Ashley has also worked on popular series including NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” FOX’ “9-1-1-: Lone Star,  ABC’s “Scandal,” to name a few. When Ashley isn’t busy in front of the camera, she loves to work out regularly by hiking or taking aerial yoga classes. Ashley is also a fierce advocate for animal shelters, and has a white rescue cat named Posey Parker, named after one of her favorite actors, Parker Posey, and a black cat named Bella. Based on USA Today bestselling author Tara Sivec’s 3-part book series, SEDUCTION & SNACKS is Passion Flix’s first romantic comedy project and will be released on the platforms streaming service on Thursday, October 28TH. Here to tell us more about the show is Ashley Dulaney... Welcome Ashley! Can you tell us a little bit about Seduction & Snacks - the storyline and what drew you to it in the first place? What is it like being a part of Passionflix's first romantic comedy on the streaming platform? What was it like shooting during the pandemic? What's your number one goal with your new show? Tell us about some of the other projects you have in the works for the rest of 2021 and going into 2022? Who is one actor you have not yet worked with that you would love to? And why? What would you say to a young girl (or boy) who is thinking of pursuing acting as a career? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Remind us when we can tune into Seduction & Snacks? How can our audience connect with you? Thank you for taking time out of what is most certainly a busy time for you! And best of luck in your newest endeavors. I look forward to seeing you in Seduction & Snacks and many other upcoming shows and adventures! Thank you for listening to The EntreprenHerShow where we bring you exciting interviews with women who are making a difference while making a living. Be sure and share this episode with your friends! --- Support this podcast:
REPLAY FROM THE ENTREPRENHER SHOW The founder/program director of The Nest: Stop Parenting Alone, Lina began her career at Vista del Mar in Los Angeles. There, she developed expertise in child and adolescent development and early childhood mental health, while strengthening her resolve to support families. Lina has trained and participated in research studies with Yale’s Minding the Baby, The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, and Child Trauma Research Program of San Francisco. In 2015 she was named Mujer Legendaria de Ford for quality in her field. Learn more about Stop Parenting Alone here: --- Support this podcast:
President of JoAnna Brandi & Company since 1990, JoAnna is a consultant, a public speaker and the author of two books on customer loyalty, Winning At Customer Retention, 101 Ways to Keep ‘em Happy, Keep ‘em Loyal and Keep ‘em Coming Back and Building Customer Loyalty- 21 Essential Elements in Action as well as a gift book on positive thinking 54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing, Challenging and Sometimes Negative World. She is currently writing, From Positive Thinking to Positive DOING: Positivity Practices That Help You Turn Happiness Into A Habit.” JoAnna Brandi is the Publisher of The Customer Care Coach®. A self study leadership training program in the “The Art and Science of Exquisite Customer Care” as well as “Monday Morning Motivation,” a tool to keep employees focused on keeping customers happy. She is a graduate of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program – one of only 850 trained worldwide, and is a founding member of the Positive Workplace International. She has developed one and two day workshops on Positive Leadership and does Positive Leadership Coaching for individuals and groups. Positive cultures help create happy customers! She is certified in Neuro Linguistics, The Art of Empowerment, and has studied Applied Creative Thinking as well Positive Psychology. Her FREE bi-weekly newsletter delivers insight and wisdom on creating positive, customer caring cultures to thousands of people worldwide for the last 19 years. JoAnna serves a diverse group of clients in a number of different capacities, in large companies and small alike. Working as a resource for TEC/Vistage, an international organization of CEOs for over sixteen years, JoAnna has coached, consulted and served as the “Chief Inspiration Officer” for CEOs, their executives and staffs nationwide. She is a highly rated speaker at conferences all over North America. In her workshops and keynotes she motivates entire organizations to get passionate about customers and raise their “Positivity Ratios” at the same time. She uses email, telephone classes and video to keep her inspiring message and practical how-to’s in the forefront of minds of the leaders and customer facing employees. She specializes in creating more positive, strengths based workplaces where employees are motivated and customers are happy and loyal. She activates the link between positivity and profitability. Her clients include: Bank of America, Citibank, Hammacher Schlemmer, Goodwill, GTE, IBM,  Make-A-Wish Foundation and many others. Prior to starting her own business JoAnna was the Director of Direct Marketing Services, a multimillion dollar sales division of CMP Media in NY. She was responsible for creating their first on line customer care system and for the start of their world class day care center. --- Support this podcast:
Sort it out, Inc. Professional Organizing Service evolved from Marsha’s desire to get organized. “It was a personal quest,” said Marsha Sims, founder of Sort-It-Out, Inc.In 1992, Marsha Sims was owner of Sims Realty in Miami Florida. “Hurricane Andrew helped me to make the decision that I wanted to do something else.” Not knowing what to do, Sims met with a professional development coach. “Do this, and you will be really successful” the coach said, handing Sims the application for the National Association of Professional Organizers. Sims was distraught. “I am holding an application for an organization in my personal area of incompetence.” Years later, Sims recalls that “empathy was my greatest skill in the early years.” Clients appreciated the fact that Marsha would jump right in and learn along with them. Clients were relieved to know that they were not alone, and that they would not be judged because of their lack of neatness. “I used to say, you can do this. I know, because I did it.” That was 1992. The coach was right. Sort-It-Out has grown, and often the organizers who work for Sort-It-Out come to you with an assistant. “It speeds up the process and allows you to focus on making the decisions necessary for success.” Sort-It-Out is frequently courted by the Media “we have appeared on Television, on the Radio, in newspapers, magazines… you name it.” Sims and Sort-It-Out have been frequent contributors to local publications, and Sims is often asked to speak for local organizations. But most of all, Sort-It-Out has over 2,000 happy clients. They get so many thank-you letters they have compiled a booklet called, “Thank You, Marsha” and is available for you to view. Learn more at --- Support this podcast:
Pamela Bruner is a Business Success Coach, author, speaker, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) expert. After removing her own marketing fears to take her business from $375/month to $1,000,000 in less than 3 years, Pamela specializes in working with entrepreneurs to build six-and seven-figure businesses by removing their challenges around marketing and sales. She is the co-author of ‘Tapping into Ultimate Success’ book and DVD with Jack Canfield, creator of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. Her company, Make Your Success Real, is a business coaching and consulting company specializing in working with conscious entrepreneurs to build six- and seven-figure businesses. After starting the business in 2009, CEO and founder Pamela Bruner took the company across the seven-figure mark in less than three years by offering clients a combination of solid marketing strategies and cutting-edge mindset techniques. You can learn more about Pamela at --- Support this podcast:
After nearly twenty years in senior leadership roles in communications at media giants Universal, Sony and Turner Broadcasting, Libby is now CEO of executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company. A sought-after international speaker, Libby was also the PR/branding brain behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show. Her clients include ABC-Disney, Avery Dennison, CA Technologies, Comcast, Deloitte, Eli Lilly, GoDaddy, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, PayPal, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Safeway, The Conference Board, Warner Bros., Wells Fargo, and many more. A frequent media guest, Libby has shared her success strategies on CNN, NPR, the Today Show, and in BusinessWeek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. With a focus on helping individuals and organizations “capture the mindshare” – that is, the heads and hearts – of their customers, colleagues and communities, Libby delivers keynote addresses, custom training programs, and executive coaching for companies desiring to create a culture of risk-taking, innovation and bold leadership. Her proven “Clarify, Simplify & Execute” process inspires people to increase levels of hopefulness in the workplace by maximizing their “Leadership DNA,” building high-passion/high-performance teams; and increasing employee engagement through authentic connections. Deciding she would answer the call of entrepreneurship, Libby left the corporate world and founded Libby Gill & Company in November 2000. As she was reinventing her professional life, Libby’s personal life also underwent a major transition. She chronicled her journey of overcoming the self-perceived limitations left behind by a family legacy of alcoholism, divorce, mental illness and suicide in her bestselling book TRAVELING HOPEFULLY: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life. Libby’s award-winning book YOU UNSTUCK: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life has been endorsed by business leaders including CEO Tony Hsieh and Dr. Ken Blanchard. Her latest book, CAPTURE THE MINDSHARE AND THE MARKET SHARE WILL FOLLOW: The Art and Science of Building Brands, will be released in August 2013. A former columnist for the Dallas Morning News and a member of the Author’s Guild, Libby lives in Los Angeles and is the proud mother of two fabulous young men who are committed to making the world a better place. Learn more at --- Support this podcast: From our EntreprenHer Archives: Michele Scism is a leading authority on social media and online marketing and the Founder of both and The Global Social Media Managers Association.  Her clients call her “The Results Lady” because as a business strategist she uses her signature “Take Action Get Profits” system to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into expert status and then profits. Michele’s knowledge in the areas of online marketing and social media marketing have been recognized during recent interviews on several web TV shows, including being interviewed by Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, as well as multiple Talk Radio shows and tele-classes. Whether you want freedom and flexibility, more time to be with your family, more money, or the feeling of satisfaction you get from creating a successful business, Michele is there with her expert business knowledge, strategies and accountability skills to help you get the results of your dreams. You can learn more about Michele here: --- Support this podcast: Tracey Ehman had over 15 yrs experience as a Systems Analyst when she decided to become a stay-at-home mom to her two children.  After a few years, and introductions to incredible individuals through networking, Tracey decided the best way to be true to her gifts was to find a way to support others in obtaining their success and she began her Virtual Assistant business. During that time it has evolved to more than an administrative role with her clients, but rather a partnership, which has resulted in the ability to offer more services including customizing and building Word Press sites, modifying existing static sites, social media strategy, etc. Tracey prides herself on providing optimum customer service and continuing to always enhance her education so she can be on the leading edge. note: this is a podcast revival of an interview series WE did in 2018. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the EntreprenHer Show. I am Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce & host of The EnterprenHer Show. it is my pleasure to bring you today’s program… Today’s interview is with Hana Abaza Let me tell you about her. Hana Abaza is the Director of Marketing for Shopify Plus - the division of Shopify focused on the world’s largest and fastest-growing brands including AllBirds, Fashion Nova, Rebecca Minkoff, Kylie Cosmetics, and thousands more. Prior to joining Shopify, Hana led marketing and growth in a variety of industries with a proven track record for scaling teams, revenue, and customers. Here are some of the questions we discussed during our time together Tell us about Shopify? What attracted you to the position you hold there? As director of Marketing, what is your responsibility? How does Shopify differ from other similar platforms? What is the most interesting or inspiring thing that has happened to you since you have been there? What do you like most about your role with Shopify? What’s your best piece of marketing advice? If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you change, improve, or create? What the #1 software tool you love and why? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is the number one thing you want people to take away from today’s interview? What is the best way for our listeners to get in touch with/connect with you? Thank you for listening to TheEntreprenHer Show.  To learn more about upcoming guests and to listen to past interviews of amazing women, visit To learn more about Women in Ecommerce, visit us about Shopify? What attracted you to the position you hold there? As director of Marketing, what is your responsibility? How does Shopify differ from other similar platforms? What is the most interesting or inspiring thing that has happened to you since you have been there? What do you like most about your role with Shopify? What’s your best piece of marketing advice? If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you change, improve, or create? What the #1 software tool you love and why? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is the number one thing you want people to take away from today’s interview? What is the best way for our listeners to get in touch with/connect with you? Find Hana on Twitter @HanaAbaza, LinkedIn Thank you for listening to TheEntreprenHer Show.  To learn more about upcoming guests and to listen to past interviews of amazing women, visit To learn more about Women in Ecommerce, visit --- Support this podcast:
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