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This is the place to learn how to release perfectionism, fit your personal creative goals into your impossible day and come alive to create work you love! I'm your host, Leeanne Brennan, Artist and Mindset & Accountability Coach. If you feel like you have no time to create, are feeling friction around starting or sticking with your goals, or have lost your purpose, and want to start finding ways to prioritize your creativity again, this is the podcast for you!
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When Cherry started her artistic journey after having kids, she did not feel confident calling herself an "Artist." She started small and easy with iPad sketches and watercolor paintings...and in less than a year, by simply showing up consistently, she gained her creative confidence. Those seemingly "frivolous" drawings led to portrait commissions and now a side business making sculptural pieces for event companies.We cover so many important topics in this episode:What is enough?The fear of sharing our work with othersClaiming our identity as an artistFitting our work into our busy day...the list goes on!Cherry Crooks on Instagram @creatingwithcherryCathy HellerEpic Start Free 3 Day Challenge (replays available until Feb. 16th)100 Epic Days - Doors close Sunday, Feb. 19th 2023*Let me know what you thought about this episode. I love hearing from you all! DM me on Instagram here: @epic_bones
What if you took your goals and set the bar so low it almost seemed kind of silly? Turns out this leads to consistency, growth, passion and a renewed zest for life! Anne shares her epic tale of dipping her toes back into a health & wellness journey with walking each day and how that led to lifting the veil on her depression, unexpected adventures, friendships  and a new found love for photography!100 Epic Days - Doors close Feb. 19th, 2023Epic Start - Free 3 Day Challenge, Feb. 6th-8thLeeanne on Instagram: @epic_bones
This is one of the most unique goals I've seen yet for 100 Epic Days! Amanda chose to explore the theme of visibility and self-care through doing her makeup, hair and taking photos of herself daily. This act of non-judgmental time and attention on "self" led to healing, self-discovery and a greater confidence and magnetism in life. So inspiring!!Amanda's website dinklingpublishing.comAmanda on Instagram @drawntolifemediaAmanda's comics @perfectsensecomics100 Epic DaysLeeanne on Instagram @epic_bones
If you're interested in self-publishing with Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) this is the episode for you! Learn how Angie followed her intuition with her incredible interactive journal, and how she made it happen in little chunks of time over the course of 100 days. Angie will remind you that anything is possible, and that taking action with any creative idea is a mindset game.Angie's Journal: Creating Your Future Self (downloadable pdf option + Amazon)Pam Brossman's course Angie took to learn how to publish her journal100 Epic Days
Hear my 7 key takeaways from my past round of 100 Epic Days drawing about money and manifesting more wealth. This is my 4th time doin this 100 day journey and the learnings get deeper and more profound each time! You will walk away inspired to take action on your own personal projects and empowered knowing it doesn't have to be hard or take a long time. You can make EPIC progress without the hustle.My Instagram with all of my money drawings @epic_bonesJoin 100 Epic Days
Cindy had just taken a sabbatical from her corporate  job and was dealing with some serious burnout. As part of her healing journey, she chose to do a doodle a day. Hear how this seemingly simple act of daily drawing supported her during this transitional time and created the grounding she needed to feel uplifted and whole again. She shares how she took the pressure off and lowered the stakes with her goal too - moving from the iPad using Procreate to pen on paper, which is so valuable to hear for us creatives, as we tend to pile on the pressure sometimes to do what "we're supposed to do" with the time we allow ourselves to create. In paring back her goal, Cindy was able to stick with, see her style evolve, and slip into effortless flow state. Thank you for an amazing conversation Cindy!Cindy's Doodles on instagram: @cindy.b.doodlesCindy's Intuitive Guidance, Transformation & Holistic Healing Coaching: www.cindyblaser.com100 Epic DaysLeeanne's Epic Bones Instagram: @epic_bones
Back when I was feeling stuck and helpless with my personal creative goals, I had convinced myself that I should wait on my dreams. I had anchored into the false idea that when my kids were older, I would have "more time" to create...and that I should just wait until then to start up my personal work. Welp, to prove myself right...or wrong really, I mapped out my entire life from my then age 34 until I died, which I guessed would be at 108 in the year 2090. What I found out by doing that was the wake up call I needed. Learn what I uncovered and how you can apply this to your life too!My blog post about my 60 year timeline (I have picture where you can see what I mean)100 Epic DaysMy Instagram: @epic_bones
Today I help you figure out what is truly standing in the way of your greatness and how to move through it. I have a unique method for identifying limiting beliefs and bust them to show your subconscious mind that literally ANYTHING is possible for you despite your circumstances. There's a workbook below to help you do this. Enjoy!Unblock Your Limiting Beliefs Workbook - Download here100 Epic Days
How can you lower the stakes with your creative practice or personal project, cut your goals in half and create a creative practice in service of a project? Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my Epic Start 3 day Challenge where I help you do just that!Join Epic Start - Free 3 Day Challenge, July 18th-20th100 Epic DaysMy Instagram: @epic_bones
Sarah shares her 100 days of journaling about interiors. This was a very cool project because it was in a way, a creative practice in service of an eventual career change. Sarah's story is a perfect example of how we can take something seemingly daunting and choose a simple creative act that will softly and gently carry us to a desired outcome without the burnout. She also has some amazing wisdom to share about returning to her practice after having to take a break for a while, and in that return was an immersive amount of learning and feeling over absolute victory! Thank you so much for this amazing conversation Sarah!Join my FREE 3 Day Challenge, Epic Start, July 18th-20th Sign up here100 Epic DaysMy Instagram: @epic_bones
This is a solo episode where I review what I learned during my Winter / Spring 2022 Round of 100 Epic Days, where I chose to animate every day. This is my 3rd time doing this 100 day project and I'm always surprised at what I take away from the experience each time. If you are on a creative journey while managing a hectic schedule, there's definitely something valuable for you in this episode!FREE 3 Day Challenge, Epic Start - Sign up here100 Epic Days  Learn more here
Angie Bergen of Wellness Soulutions will inspire you to follow through on your intentions! She had a project-based goal for her 100 Epic Days that she had been putting off for 18 months! Learn how she was able to lower the stakes with her goal to ensure that she would be able to finish it, and get inspired by the healing and self-discovery that went on as she moved through her 100 days. Thank you for an incredible conversation Angie!Buy Angie's journal here!Angie Bergen on InstagramEpic Start - 3 Day Challenge - Sign up (July 18th-20th, replays provided)100 Epic Days 
Today we have Ainsley Matich, an amazing musician, composer and singer songwriter who did 100 Epic Days with me in the summer of 2021. She shares how she was able to use the journey together to get out of her own way with her music, take advantage of those weird creative thought threads that pop up that we often ignore and get into the flow with her music. Check out Ainsley's work below:Ainsley Matic on InstagramAinsley Matic on TikTokAinsley Matich and the Broken BluesEpic Bones Shop
I learned so many new things with this conversation, one of them being our sacral energy and how that contributes to our ability to be creative. I think energy is SUCH a fascinating topic and something I think a lot about, which is why I'm so happy to bring you Ryan Blanton of Energy with Ryan. She had so many great things to share to help us think in a new way about what is possible for us, as creatives.Ryan's website: energywithryan.comRyan's instagram: @energywithryan
Samantha Bilby and I are SO on the same page with our respective disciplines. Sam, from Bloom Flourish Fitness, encourages her members to exercise for 15 min. a day and I do the same with my creative community. We're both rallying around the power of showing up for small chunks of time consistently. Small steps daily = huge results! Check out this episode to get inspired to start that goal you've been meaning to take on, whether it's fitness or creativity, we believe in you!Bloom Flourish Fitness MembershipBFF (Samantha Bilby) Instagram90 Min. Creativity Private Coaching w/ Leeanne at Epic Bones
I love how Leslie said she was able to get consistent with her goals because she lightened up about it, made her goals small...and in doing so was able to reconnect with the joy of the activity. Once she found that happy place (that so often gets lost when we burden ourselves with intimidating, gigantic goals) she was excited to show up daily - because she knew she would enjoy it every time. This is a great story to get inspired to take action on that thing you've been meaning to do!Learn more about Leslie's art here @lesliemadeitFor her Use What You've Got Group & Paper Stars Workshop click hereGo here for the 100 Epic Days waitlist For my 1:1 90 Min. Personal Project Activation click here
In this solo episode, I walk you through my thought process in picking my super simple black and white style. I expose the fight I had in my head about what I wanted and what was possible given my life challenges as a new mom. I say good bye to my old creative self who could sit for long blissful hours uninterrupted and start looking at my new situation as a problem to be solved versus throwing my hands up in the air as a victim. I share how I reframed my daily art practice to shift away from the end result and celebrate the fact that I just showed up that day to become the type of person who...shows up every day...and how all of this - ironically led me to creating work I absolutely LOVE!!DM me on Instagram @epic_bones and let me know what you think!
I love how Carin overcame her resistance to sharing her daily short stories with the world and really solidified her confidence as a writer during her 100 Epic Days! She also shares how once you get going, all of the excuses and obstacles that you had in your mind of why you couldn't do this thing, quickly dissolve. It's surprising how you learn to fit this creative act into your day and how that can uncover incredible growth not just with your personal work, but with yourself!Check out her 100 days of stories here: @carin_writes100 Epic Days -  Join us here:
I love how Carla talks about not judging her creative goal of making a painting a day for 100 days. She says she returned to her 7 year old self and thought, what would bring me joy - it wasn't about fancy paints or expensive brushes, it was about the happiness of creating every day - which inevitably led her down a path of turning her paintings into cards, sharing them with the world, bringing joy to a dear friend at the end of his life and gaining insight into next steps she could take to monetize her creations. Following the joy and curiosity is the place to start, and Carla's story is such a beautiful example of the twists, turns and surprises that come to us when we do just that.Check out Carla's work on Facebook here: on Instagram here: JOIN US FOR 100 EPIC DAYS!!  learn more here:
Shu Milne shares her story of how she dusted off rough stick figure sketches of a children's book that had been in her attic for over 20 years, and completed the project from start to finish in 100 days! Check out her book, Fury and the Hawthorn Tree on her Facebook page, @designbyshuClick here to learn more about 100 Epic Days!
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Lauren Rudy

Fantastic podcast packed with inspiration. Excellent content and production quality. wonderful variety of guests!

Jan 31st
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