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The Epstein Chronicles

Author: Bobby Capucci

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Jeffrey Epstein was a multi millionaire who had political and business ties to some of the most rich and powerful people in the world. From businessmen to politicians at the highest levels, Epstein broke bread with them all.

Yet for years the Legacy media and the rest of high society looked the other way and ignored his behavior as multiple women came forward with allegations of abuse.

Even after he was convicted and subsequently received a sweetheart deal those same so called elites welcomed him back with open arms.

Now after his death and the arrest of Maxwell, the real story is starting to come together and the curtain has begun to be drawn back and what it has revealed is truly disturbing.

From Princes to Ex Presidents, the cast of scoundrels in this play spans continents and political affiliations leaving us with a transcontinental criminal conspiracy possibly unlike any we have ever seen before.

In this podcast we will explore all of the levels of Jeffrey Epstein and his criminal enterprise.

From his most trusted assistants to obscure associates, we will leave no stone unturned as we swim through the muck searching for clarity and answers to some of the most pressing questions of the case.

From interviews with people directly involved in the case to daily updates, the Epstein Chronicles will have it all.

Just like our other project, The Jeffrey Epstein Show, you can expect no punches pulled and consistent content. We have covered the Epstein case daily(everyday since October 1st 2019) and will continue to do so until there are convictions. With a library of well over 1k shows, you can expect a ton of content coming your way including on scene reporting from the Maxwell trial and from places like Zorro Ranch.

Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to having you all along for the ride.

(Created and Hosted by Bobby Capucci)
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On this edition of the evening update, we hear from a witness who says that she not only saw Prince Andrew at Tramp nightclub in the presence of Virginia Roberts, but that she is also ready and willing to testify under oath to that effect. (Commercial at 13:53)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
In this episode...We take a trip back to the time when Prince Andrew was called to Balmoral to sit down with the Queen for a crisis meeting with the Queen over the Epstein fallout and to explain himself. (Commercial at 12:04)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In this episode we take a look back to the first cracks showing within the inner circle of Andrew and the crises talks that followed were certainly a sign that changes were on the horizon. It wasn't long after this that Brettler was retained in the United States... To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In this episode...According to unsealed testimony...Ghislaine Maxwell forced girls into erotic dance routines for her and Epstein's gratification, once again solidifying her role as a participant in his schemes and not the victim her team has tried to make her out to be. (Commercial at 12:02)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comIf you enjoy my content and want to help support the
On this edition of the morning update...We hear from former "it" girl (whatever that means) Lady Victoria Hervey about her time spent with Epstein and Maxwell and what she thinks about the current situation Maxwell finds herself in. (Commercial at 16:23)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Brian Basham, the newest mouthpiece on team Ghislaine is crying foul over her not having access to vegan food and other assorted issues and is demanding her release on bail.As you can imagine...I had a few thoughts about that...(Commercial at 23:32)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Ghislaine Maxwell is not a fan of her new digs and her lawyers are asking that she is moved from solitary confinement to general population so that she can focus on her defense. For some reason, now that she is convicted, I doubt they will be in such a rush to get her moved to the mainline. (Commercial at 13:09)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In this look back episode we hop in the time machine and head back to November of 2019 when disgraced Prince Andrew gave the biggest car crash of an interview in quite some time to the BBC. Join me for this journey back into the archives for a look at Andrew and the BBC interview with Emily Maitlis. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
On this edition of the evening update we hear from palace insiders who talk about the very close relationship between Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew and give the dirt on how the immature, disgraced prince berated household help over the positioning of his Teddy Bear collection. (Commercial at 16:14)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
When you think of iconic tourist destinations like Cancun the last thing you think about is violence and mayhem. Until now.Cancun and the surrounding area finds itself gripped in a brutal struggle between the cartels as each of them continues to try to attain more power and a bigger share of the trafficking routes.To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In this look back episode we discuss Prince Andrew and his shield of Charities that he has used to try to fix his image in the wake of the fallout due to his relationship with Epstein and him being accused of taking part in the actual abuse of Virginia Roberts.We also talk about the charity Andrew set up in India, Key to Freedom which aims to help young girls who were trafficked. The charity is now mostly inactive.Join me as I take a deep dive into the rabbit hole.(Commercial at 19:08)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In this look back episode...Disgraced Prince Andrew and his legal team are battling to keep the disgraced Royal from answering questions from the FBI.It is believed that team Joe Exotic of the Windsor family would prefer to answer any questions with a written statement while the prosecution wants a face to face sit down.Where does it go from here?To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
On today's morning update...Jeffrey Epstein had a long reach. A reach so long in fact, it ensnared many powerful men. One of the most powerful to ever be in Epstein's orbit, however, was Bill Clinton. In this article the authors take us on a journey back to 2016 where we learn at the attempt of Darren Indyke to do some damage control on behalf of the Clintons. Join me as I dive in!(Commercial at 13:15)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
In this look back episode...Epstein was busy abusing and trafficking girls and young women for decades and in that time we have heard from a number of survivors who were abused by him and who ended up coming forward to help put him and Maxwell in jail. But what about the dozens of other women and girls we have never heard from? (Commercial at 14:13)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Jeffrey Epstein was known to spread the money around. He donated to many organizations and groups and in today's episode we take a look at where he was sending money before his death.(Commercial at 10:41)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
How Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell met is one of the most debated questions by people who closely follow the sordid ordeal, and, in this episode, we try to put some more context on the origins of their meeting. (Commercial at 13:09)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In what can only be described as a depressing report, the ICIJ has once again brought huge issues to the forefront.This time revolving around the Real Estate market and the dark money pouring into it.(Commercial at 12:54)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Geraldo Rivera threw a fit over Maxwell being denied bail even going so far as to say the judge bent to the 'mob.'Look back at his argument, it is as absurd today as it was then. (Commercial at 11:03)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
In this look back episode...Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were fast friends with the Clinton and the more news that comes out to support that, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the legacy media to make excuses about why they haven't given The Clinton's and their relationship with Epstein the type of look it deserves. From 17 trips to the white house, to vacations at Zorro ranch to getting your nephew a job at Hillary Clintons state department, it's undeniable that the relationship between the Clintons and Epstein and Maxwell is a lot more than has been reported. (Commercial at 11:39)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
On this episode of the morning update, we hear from a source close to Virginia Roberts who is saying that they are going to go the extra mile to make sure that Prince Andrew is "destroyed" by this lawsuit and that any settlement would have to be massive for Virginia to even consider it. Let's dive in and take a look!(Commercial at 15:51)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
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