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The Epstein Chronicles

Author: Bobby Capucci

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Jeffrey Epstein was a multi millionaire who had political and business ties to some of the most rich and powerful people in the world. From businessmen to politicians at the highest levels, Epstein broke bread with them all.

Yet for years the Legacy media and the rest of high society looked the other way and ignored his behavior as multiple women came forward with allegations of abuse.

Even after he was convicted and subsequently received a sweetheart deal those same so called elites welcomed him back with open arms.

Now after his death and the arrest of Maxwell, the real story is starting to come together and the curtain has begun to be drawn back and what it has revealed is truly disturbing.

From Princes to Ex Presidents, the cast of scoundrels in this play spans continents and political affiliations leaving us with a transcontinental criminal conspiracy possibly unlike any we have ever seen before.

In this podcast we will explore all of the levels of Jeffrey Epstein and his criminal enterprise.

From his most trusted assistants to obscure associates, we will leave no stone unturned as we swim through the muck searching for clarity and answers to some of the most pressing questions of the case.

From interviews with people directly involved in the case to daily updates, the Epstein Chronicles will have it all.

Just like our other project, The Jeffrey Epstein Show, you can expect no punches pulled and consistent content. We have covered the Epstein case daily(everyday since October 1st 2019) and will continue to do so until there are convictions. With a library of well over 1k shows, you can expect a ton of content coming your way including on scene reporting from the Maxwell trial and from places like Zorro Ranch.

Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to having you all along for the ride.

(Created and Hosted by Bobby Capucci)
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Kevin Spacey has been dogged by accusations of sexual misconduct for years now and even though there have been several accusers to come forward there have been no criminal charges. Until now. In the UK, 3 men have come forward with accounts of abuse suffered at the hands of Spacey and the Police have charged Spacey with four different criminal counts of sexual abuse.(commercial at 6:18)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
In Mexico there is not one sector in public or private life that has not been infiltrated by the cartel. From government seats to the local police departments, the cartels rule with an iron fist. One of the only bulwarks remaining against the cartels and the corruption of the government is the media. Yet, being a journalist in Mexico comes with little rewards and a lot of danger. In this episode, we hear from the found or the Riodoce newspaper who sounds off on all of these topics and more.(commercial at 10:07)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
The history between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein was kept hidden for quite some time and still to this day, Bill Gates still refuses to admit the extent of his relationship with Epstein. His wife, however, is going on the record and saying that Bill's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein was enough to give her nightmares.(Commercial at 17:34)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
The Department of Justice has done everything in it's power to keep information in the Jeffrey Epstein case away from the public. Not only have they been secretive with the public, they never even met their obligations to be upfront about the deal when it comes to the survivors. In this episode, we take a look at the DOJ and their defense of the indefensible.(commercial at 9:03)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Raffaele Imperiale was one of the most powerful men in the European drug game. He was involved with criminal orginzations from around the globe, including the Kinahan cartel. His relationship ran so deep that the Kinahan's entrusted him with laundering their money. In this episode, we hear how Raffaele Imperiale turned from trusted ally, to criminal informant and what that might mean for the Kinahan cartel as a whole.(commercial at 8:59)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Revealed: How Kinahan cartel ally Raffaele Imperiale laundered drug money by buying solid gold -
As Alex Murdaugh's trial gets underway in South Carolina and we begin to take place and the bombshell's begin to go off, we are taking a look at who the Murdaugh family is and just how powerful they were for decades before it all came crashing down.(commercial at 8:38)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Murdaugh family - Wikipedia
As we continue to explore the evil that exists amongst us, we have to take a look at one of the people who was responsible for the creation of the FBI's BAU division and who helped shape how the FBI creates profiles on subjects. In this episode, we meet that person and hear her account of how the whole thing came together. (commercial at 8:52)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Real ‘Mindhunter’ recalls meeting 'personable' serial killer Edmund Kemper: 'He didn't appear to hold back' | Fox News
As things continue to move towards Bryan Kohberger's next court appearance, many questions still need to be answered. One of those questions is: What would motivate someone to murder four people in their home? In this episode, we hear from a clinical psychiatrist who offers up their opinion on what could have motivated the alleged suspect, Bryan Kohberger, to commit quadruple homicide. (commercial at 7:33)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Idaho Murderer Was Chasing a 'Thrill Kill', Says Forensic Expert (
On this edition of the morning update, we get right back into the headlines that we might have missed from overnight and see where things currently stand as of this morning. (commercial at 8:42)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger defense receives hundreds of documents from prosecutors | Fox NewsIdaho Murders Investigation: Bryan Kohberger 'Vanished' for 14 Hours While Under FBI Surveilance | Inside Edition
We have heard from several different experts and legal scholars about the possibilty that Anne Taylor and her representation of the victims families previously might be a conflict of interest. Some of those scholars have voiced their concern while others have said it will not end up being that big of a deal. In today's episode, we hear from some locally based lawyers who have a good grasp on the court system in Idaho and what they think about a potential conflict of interest for Anne Taylor and what they think might happen from here. (commercial at 9:00)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger's lawyer also represented Maddie Mogen's parents | Fox News
Jeffrey Epstein might as well have been the governor for all of the people who were coming and going to see him while he was in jail. From alleged co-conspirators to lawyers and confidantes, we have the details in this episode.(commercial at 13:06)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
According to reports, Ghislaine Maxwell was still being invited to Jeff Bezos super high end retreats as late as 2018. As time goes on and more and more about Maxwell and her behavior is revealed, it's rather obvious that people like Bezos and Clinton and their relationship with one of the most notorious Human traffickers in history need a much deeper and longer look.(commercial at 8:30)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
In this look back episode...Jeffrey Epstein and his circle was very wide and many, many people who are considered to be in the top percentile of their industry were friends with him and Maxwell. One of those friends? Dean Kamen. In this episode, we take a look.(Commercial at 12:27)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Jefferey Epstein had an account with one of the top hair stylists in New York and he often brought groups of girls to the Salon to get their hair cut in a style that he chose.Today, we meet the man who owned that Salon.(commercial at 19:30)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.com
Ian Maxwell is once again making the rounds whinging about the terrible conditions his sister finds herself in while she is a guest of the citizens of the united states.Spoiler aler Ian:Jail isn't supposed to be fun.(commercial at 7:52)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
We often think of Cartel violence to be strictly something that occurs in Mexico but that is not the case. There are many, many examples of cartel violence spilling over into America and in today's episode we see it once again. This time though, in Portland where a high-ranking street dealer with ties to the cartel organized the kidnapping and then execution of one of the dealers who worked with him.(commercial at 11:23)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Ian Maxwell is once again making the rounds whinging about the terrible conditions his sister finds herself in while she is a guest of the citizens of the united states.Spoiler alert Ian:Jail isn't supposed to be fun.(commercial at 12:43)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
The evidence against Bryan Kohberger that has been presented thus far has been very strong as far as circumstational evidence goes. However, that doesn't mean that there is no room for the defense to try to punch holes in the evidence, especially if the only DNA turns out to be the DNA left on the sheath. In this episode, we hear from Tracy Walder who discusses what the DNA found on the sheath tells us and doesn't tell us and how the defense might attempt to attack this evidence. (commercial at 7:59)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Why Bryan Kohberger's DNA Presents Problem for Prosecution (
There is no doubt that the Kinahan Cartel has been effected by the full court press put on it by Irish authorities in association with their international partners. Even with all of the attention and the resources directed at dismantling one of the worlds most powerful cartels, they are still chugging along, adapting and navigating the new road they find themselves on. How long can they stay a step ahead? That's the question. (commercial at 10:03)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Kinahan cartel still a 'significant player' in global crime as drugs and guns flow - but cops have disrupted mob | The Irish Sun (
PART TWO:It has been a month since Bryan Kohberger, the man the authorities allege killed Xana, Ethan, Madison and Kaylee was arrested in Pennsylvania. In that month, we have learned more about Bryan Kohberger and who he is from former friends, classmates and current colleagues. So, what have we learned thus far? In this episode, we take a look at the man suspected of these murders and what we know about Bryan Kohberger thirty days after his arrest. (commercial at 12:21)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:Idaho Murder Suspect: What We Know About Bryan Kohberger (
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