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Whitey Bulger enjoyed a very close relationship with the FBI for a very long time. A relationship that let him, literally get away with murder. But as soon as he was no longer useful to them, they discarded him. Now, people are starting to ask questions. (commercial at 9:52)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
We get another look at the CICO case that Denise George is building in this episode and more of an idea what direction she might be heading.(Commercial at 13:26)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
It's good to see that George Bush is still as much of a goofball as ever. In his first public statements about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he stated that Putin was a brutal war criminal for his invasion of...Iraq. He quickly fixed his snafu but the damage, obviously had already been done. (commercial at 9:40)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
May has been the month of convicted murderers to escape from prison. We have heard about a number of convicts this month who have found their way out of custody, with the Vicky and Casey White story being the most recent. Now, another situation is unfolding in Texas as a convicted murderer found a way to get out of his restraints while be being transferred to a medical appointment on a bus in Texas. After giving the guards the slip, he disappeared and has not been seen since.(commercial at 7:38)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
When the Mafia was at the reigns in Las Vegas and running the show, there was nobody who was more feared than Anthony "The Ant" Spilotro. From extortion to murder, he had his fingers in all, so it should be no shock to anyone that he is one of the main suspects when it comes to dead body found in the barrel in Lake Mead. (commercial at 11:20)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
As the turmoil in Libya continues to swirl effecting every sector of the nation, the fragile "peace" that the war torn north African country has seen as of late has crumbled as factions inside and out of the capital continue to struggle for control of the oil rich territory. (commercial at 8:43)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
On this look back episode of Gone But Not Forgotten we take a look at the case of Daniel Robinson a missing geologist from Arizona. To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
On today's look back episode, we discuss the great resignation and some of the driving forces behind it.(commercial at 13:03)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Ghislaine Maxwell and her high priced legal team has requested that they have access to the potential jurors in a private setting.On today's episode we discuss this ask and what the Prosecutors response was.(commercial at 10:54)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
India and Pakistan have been at odds over the Kashmir region since the two nations won independence from the English and that doesn't seem like it's going to be ending anytime soon. Especially considering the reports of U.S. and NATO made weapons that have found their way from Afghanistan into the hands of extremists in Kashmir. (commercial at 10:04)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
In 2003 Prince Andrew was in Santa Fe, New Mexico on official business in his capacity as trade envoy to discuss increasing trade with New Mexico. He was there for three days...yet there is no record indicating where he stayed while contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Jeffrey Epstein left a trail of misery and pain on his wake wherever he went. New Mexico was no different.Even though multiple women have claimed to be assaulted at Zorro Ranch, the state attorney general has decided to punt the investigation away to the SDNY.In a move that many find baffling, questions remain unanswered with the most glaring question being:Why was Zorro Ranch never raided?To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
Liberty German and Abigail Williams, two young girls aged 14 and 13, were found murdered after being dropped off for a hike in 2017. No suspects have been named and nobody has ever been arrested for the crimes. Now though, after requests made by a news outlet and a podcast, new information is being made public. to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Bringing up UFO's in the military, traditionally, has been met by scorn and mockery. Knowing that is the atmosphere in which they operate, people in the military are usually not so quick to come forward with tales of UFO's. Well, in todays episode, we hear from several ex military members who share their story about what they saw while stationed in Sinai. (commercial at 9:44)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
In Mexico there is no relief for the people who are caught up in the warzones of the cartels. As the powerful organized crime groups move in and take territory, the people are forced to work for this cartel or that cartel never knowing who could be in charge tomorrow. Sometimes, the military will come in and wipe out one criminal group, only for another one to move right into it's place continuing the cycle of violence and mayhem. (commercial at 17:25)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Authorities in Concord, New Hampshire have released a sketch in relation to the murder of Wendy and Stephen Reid on a local hiking trail. Up until now, we have not heard much about any developing leads but with the sketch being released and also the reward being bumped up to 33K, authorities and residents alike are hopeful for a break in the case. (commercial at 9:32)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
According to emails submitted to the court by the prosecution, Ghislaine Maxwell was quite the busy partner when it comes to facilitating meetings between the rich and powerful and girls in the Epstein trafficking network.Let's dive in.(commercial at 7:12)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
Corinna Slusser was a young lady from a small town in PA who after a falling out with her mother moved to NYC. Once in NYC, the city dug it's claws into her and she ended up in a human trafficking operation. While she was there she always kept in contact with her mother...until she didn't.(commercial at 25:29)To contact me:Bobbycapucci@protonmail.comSource:
According to emails submitted to the court by the prosecution, Ghislaine Maxwell was quite the busy partner when it comes to facilitating meetings between the rich and powerful and girls in the Epstein trafficking network.Let's dive in.(Commercial at 13:36)To contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
The Taliban continued to show the rest of the world that they are still the same old Taliban as they continue to end programs and governmental institutions that don't fit with their warped world view. Meanwhile, an ever-growing insurgency is also brewing and there is no doubt that it will grow with each and every archaic rule handed down by Sharia council in Kandahar. (commercial at 9:58)to contact me:bobbycapucci@protonmail.comsource:
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