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Author: Andy Ortmann and WFMU

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A comprehensive exploration of contemporary experimental, psychedelic, noise & other obscure music. Hosted by Andy Ortmann (curator of the Nihilist Records label and member of longtime noise project Panicsville) presenting his obsessive perspective on the new difficult music. Peripheral and relating genres, including ethereal, electronic & extreme metal should also be expected in this weekly program. Sit back and relax into the hallucination amplification of The Eternal Now.
171 Episodes
Miss Murgatroid - "Railroad to Kali" - Tim eTheory 11:11 Claire M Singer - "Diobaig (exceprt)" - Trian: Recent Works Esther Venrooy - "Second (excerpt)" - The Spiral Staircase Portland Bike Ensemble - "House at Commercial and Failing (excerpt)" - S/T Pril Smiley - "Eclipse" - Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center V/A Onur Zlobnicki - "Hadalpelagic" - Tholins of Kharon
National Institute of Mental Health - "Drug PSA" - n/a Brainticket - "Brainticket Part I" - Cottonwood Hill Joel Vandroogenbroeck - "Dark Plasma" - Biomechanoid Joel Vandroogenbroeck - "Dancing Electrons" - Computer Blossoms Philip Sanderson - "Under Press of Sail" - V/A Snatch Paste [Originally released on Snatch Tapes] Beast People - "The Beast People" - s/t
Jingle Cats - "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairires" - Meowy Christmas John Baker - "Christmas Commercial" - Music from the BBC Ryley Walker - "Do You Hear What I Hear" - A Very Catholic Christmas Hollytones - "Christmas is coming Twice This Year" - 365 Days Project Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch - "Side 1 excerpt" - Special Report From The End Of Time William Burroughs - "The Junky's Christmas (excerpt)" - Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales Emil Beaulieau - "Schimpfluch" - Memories Algebra Suicide - "Tuesday Tastes Good" - The Secret Like Crazy Enya - "Christmas Secrets" - Amarantine (Special Christmas Edition) Butthole Surfers - "Good King Wenceslas" - Lord is a Monkey Leonard Nimoy - "Christmas Seals psa" - none He 5 - "Jingle Bells" - Merry Christmas [From South Korea]
Gershon Kingsley / Arthur Korb - "It's Christmas or Us" - Monster Christmas Mash Gershon Kingsley - "Hey Hey" - Music to Moog by [R.I.P.] Anthony Janas / Andrew Furse - "The Hydra" - Field Recordings of Mythical Beasts vol.1 Asmus Tietchens - "Tot 5 (excerpt)" - Leuchtidioten H.N.A.S. (Hirsche Nichts Aufs Sofa) - "Winderlichter Mittelpunkt der Abendgesellschaft" - Küttel im Frost William Shatner - "Jungle Bells" - Shatner Claus Howard Stelzer - "Chaos is Handsome and Attractive and More Durable than Regret" - Anathematization of the World is not an Adequate Response to the World
Los Microwaves - "Time to get up" - Life After Breakfast Prurient - "Ocean Skin" - Garden Of The Mutilated Paratroopers Beau Wanzer - "Never Look Back" - Do the Spider Shimmy Zdeněk Liška - "Malá Morská Víla" - Malá Morská Víla (The Little Mermaid) [He is Czech NOT Polish, my Bad.] Climax Golden Twins - "EF part 1 (excerpt)" - Eerie Fragrance Ghédalia Tazartés - "La Bar Mitzvah du Chien (excerpt)" - La Bar Mitzvah du Chien / Don't Cry for Me, Mamma Goblin - "L'ossessione" - The Bloodstained Shadow Forest Management - "The Blue Light Blues" - After Dark
Vomgrill - "Patatten" - Vomgrill Slap Happy Humphrey - "Chiheisen" - Chiheisen Skander - "Barbed Chains" - Death Always Folows V/A Connor Camburn - "002_101804--2012003" - aulos – αυλός Howard Stelzer / Jason Talbot - "Cashier" - Recent Work Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase - "Iunozmyerts in Flight (side view)" - Myth Of The Golden Jackal And The Frog Headboggle - "Harp Strings" - Polyphonic Demo Flying Luttenbachers - "Attack Sequence (93B)" - 1389 Seconds Of Noise
Quintron & Miss Pussycat - "Telephone Man" - Covered In Punk v/a David Prescott & Minoy - "The Hermit" - The Dying Man Joel Chadabe - "Bird Bath" - Rhythms for Computer & Percussion William Shatner - "Garbage Man" - Covered In Punk v/a
Jona Lewie - "You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties" - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties 7" Dat Politics - "Space Kitchen Companion" - Roll Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons - "Liberty" - Best Off Crash Course In Science - "Kitchen Motors" - Kitchen Motors Eric Siday - "Kitchen Concerto" - Sounds of Now Clarence Major - "Kitchen Chair Poem no.5" - Black Spirits v/a Harmony Korine - "Kitchen Strangulation" - Trash Humpers Alien Sex Fiend - "My Brain Is in the Cupboard (Above the Kitchen Sink)" - Here Cum Germs D.R.I. - "Soup Kitchen" - Dealing With It Siouxsie & The Banshees - "There's a Planet In My Kitchen" - Dear Prudence
Star Trek cast - "PSA Hard Drug Addiction" - n/a Vincent Price - "cooking lessons" - n/a Spectrums in the Diabolique - "All Hallowmas Recital" - Endeavors to Oblivion Hermann Kopp - "Betty's Return" - Nekronology The Crystals - "Vampire" - single b/w Tropical Illusion Claudio Simonetti - "Demon" - Demonia ep The Five Blobs - "The Blob" - single b/w Saturday Night In Tiajuana Ralph Jones - "Confrontation in the Gymnasium" - Slumber Party Massacre Eric Peters - "Electrofear" - Last House On Dead End Street soundtrack Mr.Peppermint - "A Trip to Gingerbread Island (exceprt)" [Gibby Haynes' Dad doing his oddball kid's show...] Claudine Longet - "Rosemary's Baby's theme" - Cuddle Up With Claudine Longet Gershon Kingsley - "Ghostly Sounds" - Ghostly Sounds
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - "This is not a dream / Bug Man" - Prince of Darkness Bene Gesserit - "Halloween" - The Insane Box Howlin' Halloween - "Spooky Zoo Party" - Howlin Hallowe'en: The Sounds of Spook Stuff Joanna Bruzdowicz - "Homo Faber I (excerpt)" - Bruzdowicz • Bogaert Ruth White - "The Irremediable" - Flowers of Evil The Mummy - "trailer audio" - n/a Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy" - Shiny Beast Anneliese Michel - "Anneliese Michel's Exorcism Ritual By Father Arnold Renz [Klingenberg, Germany, 1976]" - V/A Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology Of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol. 1 Nurse With Wound & the James Worse Public Address - "A Thrash for Pungdust" - The Vursiflenze Mismantler Zacherle - "The Ha Ha Ha" - Zacherle's Monster Mash Party
The Gerogerigegege - "Soul Dracula" - s/t Ernest Berk - "Initiation (excerpt)" - Electronic Music for Two Ballets Mauricio Kagel - "Hallelujah (excerpt)" - split w/ Dieter Schnebel
Andre Stordeur - "To You" - Analog and Digital Electronic Music 1978-80 Volcano The Bear - "Urchins at the Harp" - Guess the Birds 10" EP irr. app. (ext.) - "A Distended Particular / Subsequent To Dust Pincher Appliances: Breath Listing Towards Eternity, Bones Rattling Around Oblivion (excerpted)" - Dust Pincher Appliances David Jackman - "Flak" - Flak Peter Kris - "Rios Coronel" - Moroni
Helm - "Capital Crisis" - Chemical Flowers Laddio Bolocko - "Call Me Jesus" - Strange Warmings of Laddio Bolocko Michel Magne - "Self Service" - Musique Tachiste Bladder Flask - "Musical Behind Head (excerpt)" - One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met & Everybody Thought I Was Whistling Martin Fischer - "Warum Sollte Ich Wohl? Ein Elektroakustisches Manifest Gegen Die Phallokratie (excerpt)" - Warum Sollte Ich Wohl?: Ein Elektroakustisches Manifest Gegen Die Phallokratie [I mixed up the Martins on this split LP of Martins... Ooops!] Algebra Suicide - "Just A Love Song" - V/A: Just A Love Song Fred Weinberg - "1958 revisted" - The Weinberg Method Of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock
Guns from Aug 6, 2019

Guns from Aug 6, 2019


Joolz - "War of Attrition" - 1983-1985 Negativland - "Now" - Guns Psycho Sin - "Everything's Fucked Up" - ,Network of Loosers - Network of Pure Hardcore Merzbow - "This Dying Toad Become Forthwith Like Coal For Colour Black" - 抜刀隊 With Memorial Gadgets Rainer Riehn - "Chants de Maldoror (excerpt)" - Institut voor Sonologie van de Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht studio voor Elektronische Muziek Breastmilk - "Transient" - Bliss Sylvio Tabet & Jacques Nahum - "Bilitis (Generique De Fin)" - Bilitis
The Anemic Boyfriends - "Guys are not Proud" - Bad Girls in Love Headboggle+Malloculsion - "Big Sale on Knife Sharpeners" - The Collapse: Pt 1 Mnemonists - "Triptych" - Hoorde Astrud Gilberto - "Look to the Rainbow" - Look To The Rainbow Zoltán Pongrácz - "Mariphonia (1972)" - Hungarian Electronic Music Chop Shop - "Scraps (excerpt)" - Primer
Élève Modèle - "Dirty Breaks" - Ciguri (V/A) Happy Flowers - "Let's eat the baby" - Oof Horrific Child - "Frayeur (excerpt)" - Monsieur Whinster Barry Schrader - "Destruction" - Lost Atlantis Jean Schwarz - "Suite N (exceprt)" - s/t Michael Perilstein - "The Deadly Spawn theme" - Deadly Spawn soundtrack
Drone Zone from Jun 3, 2019

Drone Zone from Jun 3, 2019


Column One & Ditterich von Euler / Donnersperg - "Die Bettpfanne des Kleinen Fritz" - Die Truhe im Fluss Michael Prime - "Mouth of Hermes" - Fructification RLW - "Cellule Imaginaire" - Contours Organum - "Lule" - Wolf Lena Platanos - "Cyaniris" - Lepidoptera Consumer Electronics - "The Weight" - The Weight W.Raveneer - "Rungler Speech Therapy" - Fuzzy Hair Electronics Vol.1
Mondaze from May 20, 2019

Mondaze from May 20, 2019


Igor Wakhévitch - "Cris Pour Les Sabbats Infernaux Et Invocation Des Daimons" - Hathor Volcano The Bear - "That People Don't Know They Are Monsters" - That People Don't Know They Are Monsters 7" François Bayle - "Lively" - Les Couleurs De La Nuit Griot Galaxy - "XY Moch Theme" - Kins Runzelstirn & Gurglestock / Merzbow - "Side 1 excerpt" - Je Rumpelsturz Desto Burzelblock Smell & Quim - "Westworld" - Atom Heart Motherfucker Hoor-Paar-Kraat - "Felis Qui Nihil Debet" - In Eros Veritas
OM KULT from Apr 26, 2019

OM KULT from Apr 26, 2019


Headboggle - "Marathon Man Dance/Country Club Dr." - Polyphonic Demo Rudolf - "First half of the CD" - Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying Volume III Jordan Reyes - "Dark Pool" - Close
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