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The Exodus 90 Show brings realities of masculinity to the light by sharing stories from around the world of people living Christ’s roadmap to freedom in their daily lives. Every show ends with real steps forward to pursue being better brothers, husbands, fathers, and friends.

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Got questions about Exodus 90? In this episode I sit down with the head of Mission Support, Stephen Zepp, to go through some of the most common questions and misconceptions about Exodus 90. Thank you to all our Exodus 90 Show viewers, this is the season finale for Season 1 of the Exodus 90 Show. Thank you for your support through this successful inaugural season. This is episode 41 of the Exodus 90 Show. Links Mentioned: How to Pray a Holy Hour: Freedom begins at: Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
Too often we do something difficult as men and, without speaking, expect our wives to support us. Exodus 90 and the Day 91 spiritual exercises are difficult. They effect not only us as men but our wives and children as well. If it is us who have said "yes" to the difficulty of Exodus why do our wives seem to bear so much of the burden? It's time to support our wives the way we know we ought to as men. In this episode I let three Exodus wives (Sherry Binversie, Colleen Baxter, and Michelle Cooper) take over of the Exodus 90 Show. They share wisdom and insight from the women's perspective on life in Exodus. Listen in and get prepared to support your wife in a whole new way. This is episode 40 of the Exodus 90 Show. Freedom begins at: Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
How big is the Exodus Fraternity? Is it just a local thing at my church? Is it just a U.S. thing? When you say it's international do you mean like one guy somewhere in New Zealand accidentally tried it thinking that it was a weight-loss program? Today I bring my teammate James back on the show to discuss the biggest international news that we have ever had as an organization. News that will change the face, or more specifically the tongue, of the Exodus Fraternity forever. Listen in.
Feeling like you can avoid going to the chapel to pray today because the calendar shows that there's a tomorrow? One encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist could change your life forever. A daily encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist will change your life—and the lives of those around you—forever. In this episode I sit down with Andrew Nobauer of Canada based collegiate ministry, Catholic Christian Outreach. He shares not only his experience of Exodus 90, but also his experience of conversion after an encounter he had with our Lord in the Eucharist. Then in the fervorino we get real practical on why we should be praying for an hour every day as men. This is episode 38 of the Exodus 90 Show. Freedom begins at: Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
Remember that info-mercial that promised that it's product would change your life? Yeah, this isn't that. After two years of extensive research, the empirical results of Exodus 90 are in. In this Episode I sit down with James and we share some of our favorite stats and why they mean so much to us. If you've ever wondered if Exodus 90 really works, just click play. This is Episode 37 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
Why would anyone deprive themselves of any of the goods this world has to offer? Why would you change your life if you can already have just about whatever you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want of it? Probably for the same reason I would, to be a better man. In this episode of the Exodus 90 show I sit down with Doyle Baxter, a man who wanted to be a better man so he took up Exodus 90. Then, a year later, he wanted to be an even better man, so he took up Exodus 90 again. And then a year later he ... You get the story. Doyle had tangible reasons to change his life, and so he took action and disposed himself to God's manifold grace through Exodus 90, one year after another. Having a solid written "why" motivating the things we do plays a huge role in obtaining long term success. In the fervorino I get real practical on how to write a solid "why" that will keep you motivated throughout Exodus 90 and into Day 91. This is Episode 36 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
How does a small team from Indiana produce a show that sounds so good? The answer to that question is found in a conversation I had with a man from the greater Minneapolis, St. Paul area. This man and I's friendship goes back to our childhood and this man's relationship to The Exodus 90 Show goes back to before the record button was hit on Episode 1. I hope you enjoy this conversation with my good friend and sound engineer, Taylor Heinzen of Deep River Audio. In the fervorino portion of the show we take a further look into the powerful gift of asceticism. Specifically we look at how ascetic acts can be used as penance and as offering, not just for the good of our souls, but for the good of others as well. This is Episode 34 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie Follow Taylor Heinzen @DeepRiverAudio Check out his website:
When it comes to technology and spirituality there seems to be a line in the sand: Technology is evil, Technology is the solution. Both of these have merit and both of them have pitfalls. They are the extremes, and virtue falls in the middle. You men already know that James and I are not afraid of technology. At the same time, we're also not ok with men loosing their souls to it. Our commitment has always been to freedom. Freedom allows us to exercise virtue. To use good things for good ends and to set them down when we're done. In this episode I invite James and Doyle Baxter onto the show with me to talk about Version 2 of the Exodus 90 app. The new tools in the app free us to take spiritual commitment to the next level by leveraging habit tracking features to encourage us to live out prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. Dive into this episode of the Exodus 90 show and get stoked for the new features that are going live, today. This is Episode 35 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
I Failed Exodus 90

I Failed Exodus 90


God commands us to be perfect. Perfection is humanly unattainable, apart from God. Our spiritual goals ought to be humanly unattainable. We should find ourselves on our needs trying to accomplish them. We should find ourselves needing to rely on God all the time to accomplish them. For only then will we be on the road to perfection. I'll say more on this in the fervorino. And in the fraternity meeting portion of the show, I sit down with a guest that is quite important to me. I look forward to introducing you to him. This is Episode 32 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
Exodus Needs Your Help

Exodus Needs Your Help


Two totally different topics in this episode: First if you're looking for a part time job, Exodus might be looking for you. Then in the fervorino I'm getting real practical on the third step to rooting sin out of your life, and that's letting the Divine Physician get work done on your life. This is Episode 33 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
Why do we keep screwing up as men? How come even our most intense efforts don't result in our perfection? What else can we do as men to free us from our weaknesses? We have a tendency to try to solve our own problems, most often by treating our outward symptoms. Though there are multiple steps to complete freedom, we're talking about the very first, and most important, step in the fervorino today. I get the opportunity to talk to Exodus Man Jeff Dodds from Gunnison Colorado today. Jeff is a Christian outdoorsmen living in an area that lacks God fearing fraternity. Jeff shares his struggles with being a Christian man in Gunnison, as well as the struggles with being a Christian man in anywhere, today. This is Episode 31 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official Follow Nathaniel Binversie @nBinversie
It doesn't matter the location or the topic of conversation, if I know one fact about the topic, I throw it out there like I'm the expert. Where does this tendency come from? Why do I have to put myself into spots that I now have to work avidly to live up to, when in all reality, I shouldn't even think to be in? Is the praise of others worth the burden of playing the expert? In this week's fraternity meeting I sit down with my teammate Stephen Zepp. Stephen gets the chance to share how he worked to both provide for his family and do the Lord's will in his first years out of college and into marriage. Just a few children later Stephen already has much to share by way of example. This is Episode 30 of the Exodus 90 Show. Follow Exodus @E90Official
Buddies Vs. Brothers

Buddies Vs. Brothers


We spend so much time looking at girls we forget to grow as men. Buddies are good when times are good, but only brothers go the distance. Are you a good brother or just a buddy? Do you have good brothers, or just buddies? What's the difference? Or more importantly which do I need and how do I get them? Nathaniel Binversie brings Exodus Man, Joey Cavello onto the show to talk with him about his Exodus Fraternity and how a group of seemingly random men quickly became a fraternity of loyal brothers. This is Episode 28 of the Exodus 90 Show. Watch the Video: Follow Exodus @E90Official
We don't have to talk about everything, but we do have to talk about some things. As men who's bodies ought to be at the service of our Lord and others, food and exercise is something we need to be talking about at least semi-regularly. Mark Pica joins Nathaniel Binversie in the fraternity meeting to talk in a very raw way about his relationship with food and exercise. This is Episode 27 of the Exodus 90 Show. Watch the Video: Follow Exodus @E90Official
If you want to be a better husband, father, or man of the Church then find a way to be formed by Christ into that man. Day 91 is an intentional and approachable process of formation for lay men. It's not as hard as Exodus 90, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Formation takes time, Day 91 takes 3 years. Formation requires community and accountability, Day 91 keeps your exodus fraternity together for the long haul. Formation shapes the whole person: human, spiritual, intellectual, and apostolic, Day 91 does just that through incremental progression. What makes Day 91 such an effective tool for men right now? James asks Nathaniel all about how he came to develop the roadmap of Day 91, what it offers to men today, and how it works in accord with the movement of the Holy Spirit in the Church today. This is Episode 27 of the Exodus 90 Show.
Sports are back, videos and shows are better than ever, the sun is setting earlier, the weather growing colder, it's time for a movie night. There's much good that can come from a family movie night. There's much good that can come from a family watching a sports game together. There's also something good about bringing a TV out for these particular events. Want to rethink the way you and your family do television? Dive into this episode of the Exodus 90 Show where Nathaniel Binversie and James Baxter talk about their new TV's, and more importantly how they intend to use them. Check out The Exodus 90 Show on YouTube:
The modern day man is nearly expected to come home from work with a lunch pale full of complaints. But that too often sets the tone for the rest of the night: bitterness, superiority, self-centeredness, etc. This isn't the way we should come home from work as men. We should bring joy and life home with us from work. In order to do that we must start by seeing work through a different lens. In today's show Nathaniel Binversie talks with Mark Pica about the last three jobs he's had and how each effected his family in different ways. Then in the fervorino Nathaniel lays out 3 steps we can take as men to start bringing life home with us from work. This is Episode 25 of the Exodus 90 Show.
God's love is constantly working to make good things happen for his people. It's for our good that we live attentive to the promptings of his love and work in accord with them. In this show the tables turn and James Baxter asks the show host, Nathaniel Binversie, about how he came to be the author of Exodus 90. And in the fervorino Nathaniel gives us a personal reminder of the goodness of God the Father and his love.
Covid-19 mandates are not slowing down. Are governments and administrations taking our freedom or saving lives? If Covid isn’t going away next week, it’s time that we as men know how to respond. It’s time that we find a way to live in peace and joy even amidst a Covid crazed culture.  In Episode #23 Nathaniel Binversie welcomes Exodus Man, Dr. Lewis Pearson back to the show. Dr. Pearson is a Philosophy professor at St. Francis University. In this episode Lewis takes the time to look critically at how we as men ought to be responding to the situation at hand and shares candidly his thoughts with us.
Why do we buy the lie that, as men, we need to “do it ourselves”? What can we do to overcome our pride and learn to be the man we were made to be, a man who receives from God and even from others? How can we deny the world’s empty view, work with others, and flourish as men?  In Episode 22 Nathaniel Binversie talks with musician and actor Jack Delac about his experience of looking for a job amidst Covid-19 unemployment heights. They discuss prudence, plans, and reliance on the Lord. And in the fervorino, Nathaniel gets real practical on how we as men can live freely by learning to receive from God, work in accord with the other members of the Body of Christ, and put newly received gifts to use for the common good.
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