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The Exodus 90 Show brings realities of masculinity to the light by sharing stories from around the world of people living Christ’s roadmap to freedom in their daily lives. Every show ends with real steps forward to pursue being better brothers, husbands, fathers, and friends.

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Sports are back, videos and shows are better than ever, the sun is setting earlier, the weather growing colder, it's time for a movie night. There's much good that can come from a family movie night. There's much good that can come from a family watching a sports game together. There's also something good about bringing a TV out for these particular events. Want to rethink the way you and your family do television? Dive into this episode of the Exodus 90 Show where Nathaniel Binversie and James Baxter talk about their new TV's, and more importantly how they intend to use them. Check out The Exodus 90 Show on YouTube:
The modern day man is nearly expected to come home from work with a lunch pale full of complaints. But that too often sets the tone for the rest of the night: bitterness, superiority, self-centeredness, etc. This isn't the way we should come home from work as men. We should bring joy and life home with us from work. In order to do that we must start by seeing work through a different lens. In today's show Nathaniel Binversie talks with Mark Pica about the last three jobs he's had and how each effected his family in different ways. Then in the fervorino Nathaniel lays out 3 steps we can take as men to start bringing life home with us from work. This is Episode 25 of the Exodus 90 Show.
God's love is constantly working to make good things happen for his people. It's for our good that we live attentive to the promptings of his love and work in accord with them. In this show the tables turn and James Baxter asks the show host, Nathaniel Binversie, about how he came to be the author of Exodus 90. And in the fervorino Nathaniel gives us a personal reminder of the goodness of God the Father and his love.
Covid-19 mandates are not slowing down. Are governments and administrations taking our freedom or saving lives? If Covid isn’t going away next week, it’s time that we as men know how to respond. It’s time that we find a way to live in peace and joy even amidst a Covid crazed culture.  In Episode #23 Nathaniel Binversie welcomes Exodus Man, Dr. Lewis Pearson back to the show. Dr. Pearson is a Philosophy professor at St. Francis University. In this episode Lewis takes the time to look critically at how we as men ought to be responding to the situation at hand and shares candidly his thoughts with us.
Why do we buy the lie that, as men, we need to “do it ourselves”? What can we do to overcome our pride and learn to be the man we were made to be, a man who receives from God and even from others? How can we deny the world’s empty view, work with others, and flourish as men?  In Episode 22 Nathaniel Binversie talks with musician and actor Jack Delac about his experience of looking for a job amidst Covid-19 unemployment heights. They discuss prudence, plans, and reliance on the Lord. And in the fervorino, Nathaniel gets real practical on how we as men can live freely by learning to receive from God, work in accord with the other members of the Body of Christ, and put newly received gifts to use for the common good.
Why is the world not fair? Why are we still asking this paralyzing question? Let's stop asking the question and start living from the reality. In Episode 21 Nathaniel Binversie, author of Exodus 90, talks with James Baxter about a recent experience he had with sharing his ministry starting experience with members of the OSV Institute Challenge. And in the fervorino, Nathaniel breaks down the myth about being fair. And from this, he gives practicals on how to, and how not to, live from the reality of fairness, or unfairness more specifically.
A positive work environment isn’t easy to come by. But a positive work environment can give you life for your time back home. Learn the 7 secrets to a better work environment and start bringing life home to your family.  In Episode #20 we welcome the entire full time Exodus Team together in one room for the first time ever. Stories, camaraderie, and even a hilarious game make this a memorable episode, especially for the Exodus Team.
There is so much evil happening through Social Media. But is Social Media itself evil? In episode 19 Nathaniel Binversie talks to Exodus Inc.’s Social Media expert, Kiernan Doyle about the current Social Media culture. And in the Fervorino, Nathaniel get’s real practical on whether or not Social Media is evil and tips on how to live as a free man in today’s Social Media culture.
There’s nothing like some good misconceptions: Exodus is only for macho men; Exodus is only for holy men; Exodus is only for American men; Exodus is only for Christian men … Who is Exodus 90 and the Day 91 Exercises actually for? Nathaniel Binversie, Author of Exodus 90, leads James Baxter and Mark Pica in a conversation over that exact topic in Episode 18 of the Exodus 90 Show.
Can Men Have Hobbies?

Can Men Have Hobbies?


Hobbies aren't as straight forward as they seem. They can derail one man's marriage and assist another man's in thriving. So how do we know what hobbies are good for us and which are detrimental to our holiness? Nathaniel Binversie answer's this question in the fervorino. Step into this episode to learn about the pros and cons of hobbies and holy leisure for men.
It’s hard to make plans for the future. It’s even harder to stick to those plans. In this episode of the Exodus 90 Show Nathaniel, James, and Mark discuss future hopes for Exodus Inc. And in the Fervorino, Nathaniel get’s real practical on how we as men ought to prepare for our future. Should we make plans or follow God? Listen in to find out.
Too many good men intake great content, but remain idle. We consume what is good, but don’t allow it to pass through us and lead us to action. We have become spiritually constipated.  In Episode #15 we welcome Exodus Man Mark Pica back to the show. Our teammate here at Exodus Inc. James, Mark, and Nathaniel cover what it’s like to live prayer, asceticism, and fraternity outside of exodus. They share about their experience as married men and men of the Church simply trying to live the Christian life. Are you living the Christian life? Listen in and get motivated to start living it again.
Do you love your parents? Are you living that out? Want to know how we can prevent what happened in nursing homes during Covid-19 from ever happening again? Dive into this challenging and controversial episode of the Exodus 90 Show and get ready to be challenged on how you plan for your future.  In Episode #14 we welcome Exodus Man Scott Hanson to the fraternity meeting. Scott is a geriatric doctor that got to look Covid-19 in the face every day this spring. He did this all while completing Exodus 90 for the second time with his fraternity in Winterset, Iowa.
The unexamined life is not worth living. There are 4 things all men should learn from this time in pandemic. Listen in to this episode, self-reflect on your time in quarantine, then make a change. Don’t let Covid-19 be just a time of misery. Make it a time that changed your life for the better, forever.  In Episode # 13 we welcome Exodus Man Dan Mullenschlader to the show. Dan has been a school principal for 8 years now. In this episode he shares his life experience as a principal and as a married Exodus Man with Children, amidst a global pandemic.
There are plenty of tips and tricks out there on how to get the most out of physical exercise. Just about none of them are talking about these three things. Listen in and find out for yourself. Whether you struggle to get out and exercise or you are training for a marathon, there are three things that you can learn today to get more out of your physical exercise.  In Episode #12 we welcome Exodus Man Leo Gallegos to the show. Leo completed Exodus 90 in 2018 and has since used the graces from his Exodus experience to reorder his life and even to start an apparel company, Libertas Alive. Libertas: Alto Podcast: Instagram: @libertas_alive Facebook: @libertasalive
Let's Talk About Money

Let's Talk About Money


Money, Money, Money. In this episode we talk about Money. We discuss the details of tithing and how it differs from charitable giving. We cover how we must relate to God in regards to Money. Then we get direct about what our next steps as just men must be.  In Episode 11 we welcome Exodus Man Mark Pica to the show. Mark is a husband and father. He started working for Exodus 3 years ago in Fort Wayne, and now works remotely from Omaha, Nebraska as Exodus’ Development Officer.  Want to Support Exodus 90 - Click Here
We strive to be amazing by serving ourselves. The problem is, there’s nothing amazing about serving ourselves. What makes amazing men? Believe it or not, deep down the secular world knows the answer to this question just as well as the Church. Selflessness makes amazing men. Men who live their lives for others, those are amazing men. Every tragedy brings this reality to the for. And the tragedy in our world today is no different. Learn how to be an amazing man. Learn how to be a man for others.  In Episode 10 we welcome Exodus Man Jeff Dodds to the show. Jeff is a native of southern California and is now a student at Western Colorado University in Gunnison Colorado. In addition we talk about you, Oreos, Shaun White, 9/11, Oreos, Zeph Swope, Oreos, and Oreos.
We keep fixing our eyes on worldly things as if they are going to help us walk on water. In times of stress or fear, when the waves are crashing down, we rely on our own strength to survive, instead of on something or someone greater. Stop fixing your eyes on these things. Start fixing your eyes on this.  In Episode 9 we welcome Exodus Man Chad Smith. Chad is a former Lutheran Pastor, recent convert to Catholicism, and current Theology Teacher at Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Chad shares how Exodus 90 and his Exodus Fraternity played a critical role in his conversion. As well as, how he responded to Christ’s call to keep his eyes on Jesus through one of his most stormy times of life.  Want to figure out how to fix your eyes on Christ consistently? Listen in.
How does your head get in the way of your prayer? Why do your actions say something different than your mouth about your relationship to God? What do you need to do to achieve distraction free prayer? Want to pray better? Stop doing these 3 things.  In Episode 8 we welcome Exodus Man Dr. Alex Giltner to our fraternity meeting. A theology professor at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A newly married man that learned the hard way what three things not to do, to relate to God.
Whether you are single or married, as men today, we live our lives like our family, or future family, isn’t worth nearly as much as they are. It’s time to increase how much we value them. In this episode we look at exactly how we can do it. In addition we host Exodus man and father of 7 Lewis Pearson in our fraternity meeting. It’s time to talk about the gift of asceticism and the good of sacrificing for others.
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