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Author: Emma and Amy

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A podcast made to inspire authentic expression through snippets of life and conversations. Joined weekly by inspiring women who rock at expression, we hope to build a sense of community by discussing the good and bad of what it means to truly BE YOU. Your hosts Emma and Amy are long time friends, business partners and women from different generations that offer their own take on each topic.
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It's our anniversary!! One full year of expression, guests, hard and inspiring conversations. We are so grateful for the journey we've been on this past year and for all of you have listened, connected with us and cheered us on. Needless to say we are not the same people we were a year ago and yet, who we are at the core lives on. This week we are chatting about where we were when we recorded that first episode and where we are today. We also got back to basics and talked about what expression means and why it is so important to express ourselves authentically and honestly to be the best version of ourselves we can be! 
"The Struggle Session"

"The Struggle Session"


This week we are opening up about the struggle real life struggle the last few weeks have been. This pandemic has taken so much from us and we are having a harder time than ever finding the motivation and joy in our everyday. Yet, we still feel the need to put on a happy face and find positivity, be grateful, and "keep pivoting". The truth is we are exhausted and simply cannot this week. So instead, we are breaking down how we are letting go of the need to find the silver lining and instead sitting in the shit. The struggle and realizing that we can be both. Both exhausted and hopeful. Both Grateful and pissed off. Both devastated and excited for what's next. Let's get real. Expression is about honesty, and honestly ...we are struggling. 
"The RE-Birth Session"

"The RE-Birth Session"


Happy Easter Everyone! When we get to this time of year the theme of ‘rebirth’ unfolds all around us.  The snow melts, green things begin to grow, birds and baby animals abound, and we are once more reminded that the cycles of nature allow us to rethink how we approach our expression.  Life is not some linear slog from point A to point B, it is a series of cycles that allow us the grace and permission to “try, try agin”.  This time of year, and holiday, is about renewed life, resurrection, and the changes that come with spring.  So how do we renew and/or revisit our expression this time of year?This episode we talk about, and are inspired by, all “RE” words! The prefix re-, which means “back” or “again,” appears in hundreds of English vocabulary words, for example: reject, regenerate, resilience, and revert. This language reminds us to have a beginners mind, to see each day as a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves.   Welcome Spring! Be gentle, be curious, be kind!XOAmy & Emma
This week we are chatting in detail about the emotional journey one may go through when going through a home renovation. Emma has always had "home decor" as a major form of her self expression. From watching her grandmother and then her mother own a small home decor shop in our community, to now owning her own online home decor shop. Currently she is renovating her 1973 bungalow into the home of her dreams with her husband but the lessons and journey has been so much greater than what is going on between the walls.When embarking on a renovation be prepared for the WHOLE journey. The incredible obstacles, the ups and downs ... (as well as the financial and marital stress).But also be prepared for opportunities that allow you to express yourself through your physical space. Be prepared to make 100 decisions a day that feel small but all add up to the vision you have for your home, or for yourself.*hint* the renovation has more to do with renovating ourselves than renovating our space. This week we are releasing our first ever Expression Session DUO  - Yes! That means we have two new products for you to purchase to help you express yourself through your home!We have opened up our "Session Shop" and our home expression duo is the first up for grabs!Want to purchase these gorgeous items before they're gone? Head on over to our brand new website and grab them before they are gone! 
"The Written Session"

"The Written Session"


ALL her life, Amy (co-host of The Expression Sessions) has been "writing" books.  Ghost books that no one would ever see.  She wrote her life, her pain, her joy, her transformations...but never shared any of it.  Secretly, she always wanted to be an "Author" but didn't know where to begin.  To compound that, she subconsciously felt and assumed that her words, her stories, weren't "worthy".  This is the trap, and the plight, of all of us who hide our light, passion, talent, and expression from the rest of the world.  Afraid of being too much, misunderstood, or worse yet...actually SEEN.  Our 'self-expression' sits in dusty bins in the corners of our basements.  It's time to burn that dust!In this podcast we talk about 'Written Expression' and a co-authorship opportunity that not allowed Amy the opportunity of a lifetime, but deepened her commitment to this form of self-expression.  It is only the beginning.The book, titled "5 Lessons Learned Through Motherhood",  is a collaborative book project authored by 33 individual writers and produced by LeadHer Publishing. This means, there are perspectives from unique and varied women, sharing their personal experiences and stories with raw vulnerability. These are real people, sharing their real experiences, and it has the ability to connect with you on such a deep level because you will see yourself in their voices.There is something magical about women linking arms and tackling big goals. 5 Lessons is a beautiful compilation and one that includes something for everyone.If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy here is the link or just DM us: of a Five-Year Journal called "One Line a Day" - but there are LOTS of other options and price points!
"The Darling Session"

"The Darling Session"


This week we are talking all things style and life with the INCREDIBLE Krystal Darling of Belles Boutique. Not only is Krystal a natural style guru, but she is also  humbly showing our small community how being your authentic, expressive yourself can draw in a community of women who feel seen, connected and inspired. Her business is a household name in Muskoka and her success doesn't stop with her Women's Boutique. She also owner of Darling Bridal,  the bridal boutique go-to for any Muskoka bride. Most recently Krystal has begun her own "Darling Lifestyle" Blog where she shares her authentic mama life, style, her struggles ,her successes and of course a cereal review or two! HahaWe loved chatting about her approach to all things social, but especially loved her take on the Style industry and why showing up as herself has not only been a freedom and expression of self love but also has drawn in the community around her. " Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." —Diane von FurstenbergCheck out all of Kyrstal's pages below @krystal.darlinglifestyle@bellesboutiquemuskoka@darlingbridal
"The Love Session"

"The Love Session"


Happy February! In honour of Valentine's month, today's episode examines the expression of LOVE and how it has shown up for us in our lives and marriages.  We are examining the concept of 'Conscious Coupling'! Meaning, that we are striving to expression our love in the world as follows:Focusing on relationships that are characterized by responsibility,  generosity and respectEnsuring that parties feeling valued and appreciated for all that is sharedStriving to reduce the damage (and increase the satisfaction) to ourselves and our children, if there are children involvedWe are NOT marriage counsellors but we acknowledge the LOVE is universal and that the relationships we engage and participate in influence and inspire A LOT of our ability to express ourselves authentically.  The following a small step we can take to help guide your relationship towards consciousness:Admitted what is wrong and give each other the safe space to say what is necessary without judgement.  Understand how your default attitudes are working together to damage your relationship.Apologize to each other for all the jerky ways you each negatively impact your relationship. Reiterate your love for each other and your commitment for making it work. Thinking about why you fell in love in the first place is a good starting point for the next step.Make an actual paper list of all the things you didn’t like about your relationship and lifestyle and work out a plan to reduce the negatives and add in the positives. Maybe you want less work and more play. More sex and less fighting. More quality time and less absence.  Then list out all the ways you could make that happen in real, everyday situations. It becomes a blueprint to regaining the satisfaction you are missing.Finally,  commit to doing the actions on that list and recreate your life and relationship to be something you both value and protect.The following quote resonated with us, and expresses the concept of conscious coupling eloquently: "In effect, we say to each other: Whatever problems our personalities have together, we will not let that ruin our deeper connection – we will always come back and meet on this deeper level.  We will help each other wake up and become all that we can be. We will keep opening to each other and life itself in and through this relationship.”If you are struggling in your expression of love and in your relationships, here are 3 resources we LOVE if you feel like you could use support and skills.  These books are a great starting place and can be found on Amazon.  The titles below are also linked to the author/therapist's website for further inquiry:Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship by Stan Tatkin PsyD MFTHold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. Sue JohnsonThe Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman, and Nan Silver.
Welcome Back to Season Two of The Expression Sessions!We are going to start this season off by reviewing some of the topics of our original 5 podcast and then go back to basics on how we take care of ourselves!  It’s January 2021 and WE’RE STILL IN LOCKDOWN?!  So take a holy pause and have a listen.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee, vino, or H2O and let's chat about this  juncture in our COVID journey together over the last INSANE year.  For some of us this second wave has hit us even harder in the mental health department:(  However, REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU FEEL YOU ARE AT TODAY we invite you to honour it, feel the feels, and show up for yourselves ...we are going to pause and take stock of all that we have learned about self-care whilst living through a pandemic.Because this episode is in partnership with Friends of Muskoka Midwives virtual event "Fill Your Cup" there is also a mini-workshop component to this weeks podcast.  If you are interested check out the event via the links below!In this workshop and our future LIVE event with Fill Your Cup, we are going to set about to create some organization around all the learning and growing we've done by designing simple, streamlined, relevant and personal self care plans of action...reminders of how we want to be and expression and feel in the world and ways we can commit to practices and rituals that will bring us into those experiences more and more.LINK TO ENTIRE EVENT: TO OUR WORKSHOP ONLY;
"The Holiday Session"

"The Holiday Session"


Today's guest is design diva, Sabrina Linn.  She's a Design Consultant, Magazine Style Editor, Decorator, Pillow Maker, Fabric Lover, Tastemaker, Perpetual Style Entrepreneur & Boss Babe!Sabrina achieved  early success  in her career working as Design Editor at House & Home Magazine, as well as the  "behind-the-scenes"  Designer on the most popular of HGTV design shows for more than a decade.​She now runs a successful Decorating Business where she  consults with homeowners and builders who appreciate her attention to detail, and sophisticated approach to designing a space.​Her signature  style is a combination of  classic design with a modern approach to add warmth and personality. She spends her time working with clients between Toronto and Muskoka  where she continues to decorate homes.​Are you contemplating a renovation or a refresh of your home? If so, you would benefit working with a design professional to give you design direction and a plan. With Sabrina you  start with a Design Consultation and create a design plan suited to your needs. Whether it's a consultation for a new build or a plan to furnish or redecorate an existing space. ​Design Services begin with a Design Plan that includes: custom room layouts, lighting recommendations, paint recommendations, furniture & accessories sourcing and installation, and selections of surfaces and finishes for bathrooms and kitchen renovations.Find Sabrina at: https://www.sabrinalinn.comIG: @sabrina.linn.designs
2020 has been a difficult year to say the least, but here we are rounding the corner and ready for the possibilities of a new year. More than ever small businesses are feeling the finial strain of this pandemic and I know appreciate the support this holiday season however you are able to give it! Whether that is sharing their posts on social media and commenting on products or actually being a position to shop small and local this Christmas - please know it ALL is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. This week we are dedicating the episode to chatting about the local businesses, artists and shops included in the first ever EXPRESSION BOX ( which blew us away and sold out in 6 hours- you guys are amazing!) We can't thank you, our listeners  and supporters for jumping at the opportunity to get your hands on this box and support these local women ( and man)  that we love!For those that didn't get your hands on a box- you can still buy from these locals and maybe get a great gift idea or two from the episode as we encourage those who are able to shop local this holiday! EXPRESSION BOX PARTICIPANTS@comfortbakeshop@tanyalistdesign@Luckyknitsmuskoka@woodandheartdesignco@dr.alison.parsons@Maggieandkaye@nadora_co@tidytim@Charmaine_broughton@Muskokaaesthetics@floraldesignsbyallison@moonwing.meadows@bodybydesign@littleblackbow
IT'S LAUNCH DAY!!!THE HOLIDAY EXPRESSION BOX is available NOW  HERE !!!Limited Quantities available- Get yours now to avoid disappointment! we could all use a little luck, am I right?!  This week we feel SO lucky to not only talk to our amazing guest Kendra of Lucky Knits, but to also launch our first ever Expression Box!!!  We are so grateful to have had so many extraordinary women on our show this season and feel like the luckiest girls alive to be surrounded and supported by such  an amazing community. We've all heard the quote:  “There's no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” ― Amy Hempel.  While we do believe this to some extent, we also know that the Universe sometimes has 'different' plans.  For example, were it not for COVID this podcast may have never evolved and in the case of today's guest, a bad accident landed her on the couch for months rehabilitating.  During that time she turned to knitting to keep herself busy...the rest is history!
Do you follow your heart? Wear your heart on your sleeve?  Listen to the whispers of your heart?  Here at The Expression Sessions we are kinda obsessed with our HEARTS.  We believe that true expression is motivated and fostered in our heart's centre and celebrate anyone else who operates this way too!Today we have the pleasure of talking to the lovely Ciara Thompson (Miss Canada 2017!) about her (and her bf Rob's) candle making business Wood and Heart Design Co. (, as well as her inspiring experiences in the pageant community. ​Having both been born-and-raised in Muskoka, they each learned from early on the beauty and magic that it encompasses. They decided that they wanted to find a way to bring that little piece of magic indoors, and thus, Wood and Heart was born!With the mantra, "a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle", Ciara is literally and figuratively spreading joy and light with her new business, while focusing on uplifting and promoting all women. When we focus on our heart and being the best versions of ourselves, the concept of competition falls away and we are left spreading true positivity and inspiring expression in others.  
"Ignite the Spark. Light the Fire." STAR WARS―Resistance mottoToday we are talking about all things RESISTANCE and the burning question: Why do we often resist the things we want (to express)the most??? The actor  who can’t audition. The hopeless romantic who can never find the right relationship. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, surely you’ve known others who’ve struggled with it to a pretty incredible degree: actively resisting what it is they want most (almost always through unconscious self-sabotage.) It’s something so many people do, but so few know to change, usually because they don’t know why it happens in the first place!Listen folks! Life as we know it is about change, but what is a person to do when faced with resistance? Resistance to change manifests itself in so many ways, from foot-dragging and inertia to petty sabotage to outright rebellions. The best we can do,  when experiencing change in our own life, is to understand the predictable, universal sources of resistance in each situation and then strategize around them.Inspiration for this episode came from the Psychology Today article called: 'Why We Resist Change" and it got us CURIOUS!  Please, if the brain science behind the concept of resistance, inertia, and the neurobiology of change gets you all fired up check out the article here: also REALLY love the article: 'The 8 Reasons Why We Resist the Things We Want' by Brianna Wiest, for her practical tips and insight! reality is we can’t always make ourselves or others feel comfortable with change, but we can can minimize the discomfort and strengthen our resolve. Diagnosing the sources of resistance is the first step toward good solutions. And feedback from being mindful of our resistance can even be helpful in improving the process of gaining acceptance for change.This episode would NOT be complete, however, without our very special guest, and physical expression expert Vanessa McHugh, of Nadora Wellness.Nadora was founded on the principle of making workout equipment functional, accessible and easy to use in the comfort of your own home, enhance your workouts at the gym or take with you on your life adventures. So you can stay active, strong and healthy anywhere, anytime. We appropriately talk about the "Resistance Band" and how it can support and strengthen our physical bodies at home and on the go!Check out their website @ and get your hands on some FREE workouts and downloads, shop, and read their awesome Blog!XOAmy & Emma
Cherished we unveil BIG NEWS! We are excited to announce our new venture! We are launching our first ever "Expression Box" just in time for the holidays.   Is the combined possibility of: Giving, Community, and Expression...three of our favourite things here at The Expression Sessions.This holiday season, The Expression Sessions is releasing a curated selection of expression pieces from local women in our community who were all guests during Season #1 of the  podcast.  True to form, each item touches on a form of expression that we’ve explored this season.  For example: kindness, self-care, physical expression, women's health, mental health , home, food, fashion, beauty, and so on.  Many of the items are exclusive to The Expression Box and/or were selected by us all to encourage self expression in YOU! It will be 'chock a block' FULL of itemsIt's called “The Holiday Expression Box”, and we are SO pumped!“The Holiday Expression Box” will be available or pre-sale on NOVEMBER 13th.THE LAUNCH NOVEMBER 27th !
This week we sat down with, #bossbabe, Nicole Manion.  Nicole is the owner of Muskoka Aesthetics and Miskoka Beauty and she took a moment out of her busy schedule to tells us about her journey from a student athlete who struggled with dyslexia to the successful, beauty-based, entrepreneur she is today!  Nicole is a gifted and courageous young entrepreneur that hasn't let age or a learning disability stop her.  She turns problems into businesses and has most recently founded a business mentorship and coaching program to support others in their quest for self-expression.We also talk about the pros and cons of the billion dollar "Beauty Biz" and how each of us can find our own expression of beauty by confidently being our true selves and by embracing our unique and individual expression of beauty!Check out her websites: &
Happy Thanksgiving! This week's session is fittingly dedicated to giving thanks and expressing gratitude.  Why is it important to have a gratitude practice?  Well, the benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. Studies show that people who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems. So ya, we want all that;)In order to start a gratitude practice we talk about the importance of "writing it down".  However, when starting this kind of journalling practice, we implore you...this is about Self-Assessment NOT Self-Judgement!  We like to say: "Stop messing with yourself and, instead, start assessing";) When we honestly and compassionately assess how we show up for ourselves each day, we eventually get to the bottom of our patterns and habits.  The Expression Session's 4 Simple Journalling Prompts for Gratitude and GrowthStep #1: #Blessings - Ask yourself and notice what went right today! Include those small moments of gratitude.  Celebrate anything positive or anything you matter how small.Step #2: #Reflections - Assess what didn't go as expected and why? To be clear we DID NOT say "beat yourself up for what didn't go as planned"! Be neutral, objective and detached from negative emotions.  The more you know about your thinking and your patterns of behaviours the better! So simply ask: "I could have made today better by...?" Step #3: #Goals - Plan a couple of things for your next day.  NOT next month, next year...take life 'One Day at a Time'! Please be REALISTIC. The key is to make sure you will do what you SAY you will do! The goal is to STOP breaking promises to yourself. Write down: "Tomorrow I will...". *Remember, DO NOT put ANYTHING on this list that you know you will not do! The goal is to make tiny promises that are easy to keep.  We are building integrity with yourself here, not shooting for the moon;)Step #4: #Inspiration - Know you're 'why'! Connect your motivation for doing things to your heart and get specific.  Sure we can all say we want to exercise because we want to "be healthy", but get more honest, dig deeper.  Yes healthy is good, but tap into your heart..."I want to exercise because I want to have the energy to play with my grandchildren, because I want to dance at my son's wedding, because I want to feel powerful and strong in my sexy body...go within to find your 'whys' and if you can VISUALIZE them even better!Pick up a pen and give thanks this weekend! In this wild world we are currently living in we need to find small moments of gratitude and growth more than ever.  We promise, if you start writing them down, you'll spend the whole day looking for things for your list instead of being sucked into the negative or the drama.  Till next week,Amy & Emma
The week we sat down with the lovely Leigh; The Baker, decorator and mess maker behind Comfort Bakeshop! She tells us of her journey from a corporate job to living out her true creative expression by  going against the nay sayers and opening her own business here in Muskoka. Leigh is unbelievably talented, kind and hardworking and we are so grateful she took the time to chat with us. We covered everything from her  challenges to her accomplishments and how expressing herself in this way has helped with stress, mindfulness and worked as a form of altruism. Check out her website and where/ how you can get your hands on her amazing creations.
This week we had the BEST time chatting with the talented and lovely Charmaine Broughton- Food Media Specialist & Host of “In Char’s Kitchen”. Charmaine talks with us about her expression through food and entertaining, her discovery of her passion and how she brings this expression into her own home and to her family. We laughed, we had chills , we talked delicious food and has a blast! some link to her 'Delicious and doable' recipes below....No Bake Peanut Pumpkin Pie Bars : Covered Brie with Dried Cherries and Nuts:
This week we are chatting about the approaching holidays and how we can prepare our minds and bodies for all that entails. In the coming weeks we will be chatting with experts in food and celebration expressions and can't wait to share their talents with you! That said,  before we dive into this holiday series we want to talk about the other side of Holidays and Food. We are chatting about how we can heal from our old habits and mentalities surrounding food to make sure we are present to enjoy every moment!
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