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Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Scotland, specialising in arts, media and culture non-fiction. Join us as we chat with our authors, talk about new books, and discuss all things writing. (Some episodes may contain adult language.)
71 Episodes
Author Alan Baxter drops in for a chat about his book "Making History: My Life as a Scottish Metal Detectorist", where he discusses the many artefacts of cultural and historical significance he has discovered across Central Scotland during a hugely successful metal detecting career. For more information, please visit our website at:
Ken Thomson, a Trustee with Stirling District Tourism and a respected transport historian, joins us for a chat about the history and cultural heritage of the city of Stirling. Ken discusses exactly why Stirling became a significant location in Scotland before moving on to the many different ways in which its culture and significance are being celebrated in the present day by residents and visitors alike.
The North Pole Press's Mary Moore drops in for a chat about the importance of effective book illustration. A veteran illustrator of many titles, Mary takes part in a wide-ranging discussion about the many factors that make a book's design truly memorable, including the North Pole Press's award-winning and much-loved range of volumes for children. For more information about the North Pole Press, please visit their official website at:
Author and award-winning business professional James R.A. Herriot takes part in a discussion about his exciting new book "Insights to Kitchen Design," in which he talks about more than forty years of involvement in the interior design industry along with exploring the successes, the challenges, and what is still to come for the future of this fast-moving sector. For more information, please visit our website at:
Tennessean creative polymath Alex Tucker joins us for a lively and wide-ranging chat about the importance of libraries, the encouragement of literacy, and the art of the graphic novel. Discussing the changing role of public libraries across the world, Alex also delves into the question of what's coming next for writers and artists at a time of such fast-moving cultural change.
In this month's special festive edition of the Extremis Publishing Podcast, Santa Joe Moore of the North Pole Press Presents interviews Tom Christie and Murray Cook, authors of "Scotland's Christmas" - the first full-length account of the history and traditions of Christmas in Scotland ever to be published. The pair share some unexpected tales from past and present which might just surprise even the most ardent fan of Christmas. For more information, please visit our website at:
Tracey MacIntosh, General Manager of Stirling District Tourism, drops by for a discussion about this remarkable organisation which is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and cultural heritage of the CIty of Stirling. Find out more about the many amazing events they have coming up over the months ahead.
Tinsel and Tartan is one of the most beloved Christmas retail destinations in Scotland, and is certainly a highlight for people visiting the city of Stirling where it is based - guests come from all over the world to see this amazing shop and its unique range of items. In this episode, owner Lyndsey McDermott discusses her business journey - and explains what it's like to keep the festive season alive all the year round!
Popular DJ Mark Wallace drops in for a chat about Creative Veterans Scotland, a group of like-minded veterans and their families who have a passion for arts and drama. Mark also discusses his work in community radio, and talks about how this halcyon medium is enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the latest technology.
Jeeni with Mel Croucher

Jeeni with Mel Croucher


In this special extended episode, computing legend Mel Croucher takes part in a wide-ranging discussion about Jeeni, the pioneering ethical audio streaming platform that he founded which has since reached and entertained audiences all over the world. Mel also talks about creativity, artistic freedom, and his immense contribution to the home computer industry from its formative years through to the present day.
Author Neil Hallam drops by for a chat about his new book, "The Robin Hood 500 Route". Neil's 500RH Route takes in some of the most beautiful places in England, and includes many historical sites of interest which relate to the legends surrounding Robin Hood. Neil talks about the inspiration behind this amazing road trip, discusses some of the fascinating places that people can explore when travelling it, and offers a few thoughts about Robin Hood's famous adventures around the area. For more information, please visit:
Forthgiving is a unique local charity offering support to people in crisis throughout the Forth Valley area. In this episode, Ellen Dickie and Nick Cooke discuss the long history of the organisation and talk about its important work in the present day, collaborating with groups throughout Stirlingshire, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire to provide support directly to individuals who find themselves in a situation of personal difficulty as well as to organisations supporting disadvantaged members of the community. For more information about Forthgiving, please visit their official website at:
In this episode, travel writer James R.A. Herriot - author of "The Sabbatical: A Year of Travel During the Pandemic" - has a chat about his amazing life of global journeys. He discusses the distinctive set of ideas which brought about his book of international travel memoirs, written during the pandemic when no-one was able to leave their homes, and reflects on the incredible experiences he has enjoyed across the world thus far. For more information, please visit:
Jim Bennett, outgoing CEO of the Bannockburn House Trust and social enterprise specialist, joins us for a chat about the amazing Bannockburn House - an historically-significant 17th Century mansion near Stirling which has been the location of many noteworthy cultural events over the years, and is now a unique venue which has become popular with visitors and filming crews alike.
The founder and owner of Clootie McToot Dumplings Ltd., Michelle Maddox, drops by for a discussion about her remarkable company - one of the most unique food businesses in all of Scotland. Michelle chats about the story behind Clootie McToot, her appearances on UK television, the very special children's book she has authored, and explains why her work has been so important in popularising this most culturally significant of Scottish dishes.
Property experts Laurie Duncan, Alex Robertson and Conar Tracey of the famous Real Estate Wealth Development Group - otherwise known as REWD Group - talk about their first book "Fast-Track to Property Millions": a guide to the strategies involved in developing and trading in property, with many reflections on their own incredible business journey. For more information, please visit:
Neil Paterson - Outreach Services and Information Officer at Dundee Library Services - discusses the many activities taking place throughout Tayside to support local communities, bring people together, and promote language and literacy. Modern libraries are about so much more than lending books, and Neil explains how things have been developing since the pandemic in the Dundee area - with a range of new services that might just surprise you.
With the festive season fast approaching, Dr Tom Christie chats about his new book "A Totally Bodacious Nineties Christmas: Festive Cinema of the 1990s" with his long-time friend Joe Moore of the North Pole Press. Covering movie favourites of the nineties as well as many less-well-known yuletide features, Tom discusses what it was about this decade's Christmas films that made the era special for so many people. For more information, please visit:
Dr David Mitchell and Tracey MacIntosh, both contributors to the "Stirling Legends" anthology, drop by for a chat about this exciting new collection of writing about the unique people and places from Stirling's illustrious past, published in collaboration with Stirling District Tourism. For more information, please visit:
Dr Murray Cook, one of the authors of "The Bannock Burn: Journeys Along and Across the World's Most Famous Burn", discusses working with his friend and co-writer Ian McNeish on this exploration of the history and culture of this iconic Scottish burn and the impact it has had on the country over many centuries. For more information, please visit:
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