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Ezra Klein brings you far-reaching conversations about hard problems, big ideas, illuminating theories, and cutting-edge research. Want to know how Stacey Abrams feels about identity politics? How Hasan Minhaj is reinventing political comedy? The plans behind Elizabeth Warren’s plans? How Michael Lewis reads minds? This is the podcast for you. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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Comments (145)

Jack Jennaway

Wow. I have read some Ta-Nehisi Coetes, but I've never heard him speak before. He's hilarious!

Feb 17th

Matt Butters

Very telling that Hasan calls groups like Boko Haram and ISIS "quote unquote terrorist groups".

Feb 7th

Philly Burbs

Unlike Bloomberg, Tom Snyder followed the rules. I like his ideas. I'm afraid he'd going to split the vote & help Trump win again. No matter how low his numbers are he continues.

Feb 6th

Vernon Shoemaker

"Institution" is a numinous term and temperament is an approach to that. An older word that suggests institution is "covenant" and is contractual involving a legal framework. This empowers institutional members to accomplish certain tasks. If those tasks are not constructive, or unclear, those institutions will turn their business to conflict with other institutions or individual players outside of their group. This is an irresponsible distraction. An institution is not an absolute good. Where it has betrayed it's ideals or lost track of it's purpose, it should be questioned and reformed. It's members don't derive their identity from belonging, they belong to fulfill a common purpose. "The answer to irresponsibility is responsibility.". Wow!

Jan 25th

Cheri Anderson Phillips

she talks too fast through most of this, making it difficult to process

Jan 1st
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Gregory Brokaw

1:06:58 Ecomodernism

Dec 25th
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Douglas Ashby

Mr Griffith has some pretty good ideas for converting grid tied energy consumers to alternative sources. But, I heard next to nothing about how to convert our transportation sector. How is he going to fuel the trains, planes and ships that move just about everything. How about the various mining industries that extract metals and other materials that are necessary for all our products. Then there's the agricultural sector that produces and moves our food. Near the end he mentioned that small planes can travel at highway speeds nearly as efficiently as cars. That comes nowhere near fulfilling the need for cargo and passenger planes that are vital to our economy. Also, how much fossil fuel will be burnt producing the alternative energy producers to power the grid? There just seems to be a lot of gaps in his plans.

Dec 22nd

Peter DeBoer

Pockets of uninhabitable land is bad, but a lot better than a global climate catastrophe. It's as simple as that for me, even if we don't deal with nuclear waste properly.

Dec 17th
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Natalie Schreiber

Furthermore, have you even read the GND put out by Bernie Sanders? He does address this stuff but the media is intent on ignoring him. smh, smh.

Dec 16th

Natalie Schreiber

my concern about nuclear power is the waste. I live near a nuclear waste site that will be uninhabitable for literally thousands of years. it's irresponsible. why did you not even address this?

Dec 16th

Daniel Becce

Ezra claims that listeners can't be ethical if they aren't reviewing podcasts. Unless you spend your days behind a MacBook keyboard, this is a high bar. Try leaving a review from a PC, Android, or even an iPhone 6. The reviewing process is what is most broken about podcasting.

Dec 9th
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Gary Haase

Fans of the EPL intuitively get this. #COYS

Nov 29th
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Keyser soze

When your argument can be boiled down to " things were better in the dark ages, the early ones, not those highfalutin later ones," you may have a problem...

Nov 26th
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Grant Robbins

This was a great podcast.

Nov 19th
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Olga Musayev

Isn't Ezra Klein 35? That makes him technically a millennial, but definitely not a Boomer, regardless.

Nov 16th

Sharon McKinnon

Couldn't listen anymore. Every second word out if the guest was like.

Nov 13th

Judy Gordon

Hi Ezra, Your conversation with Edward Norton was so interesting! This was the 3rd Norton interview I've listened to in 3 days but it was totally fresh. Your podcast is in my favorite subscription list. Thanks for what you're doing.

Nov 1st

Otto Bruun IV

Fantastic show

Oct 21st

Sharon McKinnon

This is the most relatable podcast I've ever heard. Thank you for talking about this.

Oct 14th

Nicolas Brylle

One of the better conversations in a while. Thank you!

Oct 8th
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