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The F.L.Y. Podcast

Author: Essence Cohen Fields, LPC

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This is a mini-series introducing the world to Essence Cohen Fields and her private practice First Love Yourself Counseling, LLC where we empower, uplift, and provide mental health tips on how to FLY and be fly in all that you do. We also discuss contemporary topics in the context of mental health.
11 Episodes
-May is Mental Health Awareness Month. -Learn the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness.-Listen to today's episode of The F.L.Y. Podcast and learn how to recognize toxic* positivity as well learn alternative ways to be supportive, through emotional acceptance.Episode Sponsors:1. Westgate Vacation Getaway! - 2. Pampered Chef -*Link to my article contribution: Oxford Dictionary's Word of 2018 says a lot about how we feel as a planet
Defining and discussing the Love Languages. Then take a little quiz to see which Self-Love Language do you speak?
Keeping the conversation of the Surviving R.Kelly docuseries going along with some helpful resources for those who may have experienced sexual abuse.
Manifest It All!

Manifest It All!


Welcome to 2019! Where were are manifesting and leaving fear behind! Learn the importance of being your own gatekeeper and tips on how to organize your ideas and goals through Mind Mapping!
In this episode we meet Marvin Toliver, LSW  of Melanated Social Work and discuss his experience as a professional in the heavily female dominated field of mental health. 
In this bonus episode, I am joined by my husband, mother, father, and brother and we share what family means to each of us. We share loving stories and highlight personal reasons why family is a vital part of our lives. Enjoy this episode as you travel near and far to join your family during this 2018 holiday season.**Happy Thanksgiving!**
Shift your mindset on your relationship expectations. Believe that you deserve the love that you desire!***Also, a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!***



Why do we lose touch with one another? Why do we lose touch with ourselves? Reflecting on the importance of reconnecting with loved ones and reconnecting with yourself. 
In this episode, we discuss confidence. Where or who you may have gotten early messages about confidence from, the importance of it, and how it manifests the things in our life that we want and envision for ourselves. 
A discussion on what the phrase "match my fly" means and different manipulation tactics people may use to may you feel insecure, when they don't love themselves.  Sign up for the email list to get access to a free guide to Boundary Setting
In this inaugural episode, meet founder and owner of First Love Yourself Counseling, LLC, Essence Cohen Fields, LPC. This episode is centered around discussions of self-care and how the simple act of saying "no" can be empowering. The featured special guest is Portia Buchongo, RN, MHP, PhD-Candidate
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