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Author: Chris Edwards

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Chris Edwards is the radio and television broadcaster for Duke Baseball, Duke Women's Basketball and various other sports around North Carolina. In this podcast Chris shares not only his love of baseball history but also talks to those involved in various areas of our National Pastime to get their stories and find out why they love the game. Additionally, Chris continues his crusade to change the baseball lexicon from Foul Pole to the more correct use of FAIR POLE (hence the name of the Podcast).Please be sure to rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. For suggestions or inquiries:
34 Episodes
We're back! After a (too lengthy) hiatus the Fair Pole Podcast returns with our 34th episode. This week, host Chris Edwards talks about the origins of Spring Training and visits with 19-year veteran Fred McGriff. In the conversation, Edwards and McGriff talk about:- Growing up in Tampa and Fred's love of baseball- How great the high school baseball was in Tampa- Getting cut from his high school baseball team- Being drafted by the Yankees- Playing for the Blue Jays, Padres and eventually the Braves- The 1995 World Series- How he got the nickname "The Crime Dog"- Tom Emanski- What he would change if he was the commissioner of baseball for a day ... and more!Find us on Twitter: @FairPolePodcastEmail us: Please consider subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast and while you're at it, tell all your friends about us! 
On episode 33 of the Fair Pole Podcast, host Chris Edwards visits with Brooks Webb the Director of Baseball Operations for Vanderbilt Baseball.  During their conversation, they cover Brooks' baseball journey as well as other topics, including:- Pitching for a school that was a division one but was a division three by the time he arrived on campus- Differences in division one versus division two or three- Wanting to stay involved in baseball and how that led to a job with USA Baseball- Responsibilities with USA and how that prepared him for his current role- What attracted him about the job at Vanderbilt- How you keep the fire burning and fight complacency after reaching the pinnacle of your sport- What makes the #VandyBoys so special- Being part of a TeamWorks Baseball/Softball committee - How college baseball can continue to grow.... and more!As always please tell your friends about the podcast and consider subscribing, rating or reviewing wherever you get your podcasts.Find us on Twitter: @FairPolePodcast On Facebook by searching "Fair Pole Podcast"Email us: 
In episode 32 of the Fair Pole Podcast, host Chris Edwards visits with Joe Vasile, a broadcaster for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees and host of the new Secondary Lead Podcast. Edwards and Vasile discuss Joe's journey to create a baseball history podcast and dive into the current season of the life and times of Ken Caminiti and the backstory behind the podcast as well as some of the backstory that Joe will tell in his documentary of the life of the 90's baseball superstar.They also talk about baseball history and try to name the person who had the biggest influence on baseball in the sports infancy. Prior to the conversation, Edwards also visits the history of free agency in baseball and what a Qualifying Offer means. Please consider subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast.Twitter: @FairPolePodcastFacebook: search Fair Pole PodcastEmail: 
Episode 31 of the Fair Pole Podcast features a chat with Neil Solondz who hosts the pre and postgame shows for the Tampa Bay Rays Radio and TV broadcasts. Neil also handles some of the play-by-play during the course of the season. The conversation with Solondz features a wide array of topics including:- When he learned he wanted to be a baseball broadcaster- His career in minor league baseball working for Lakewood, Quad City and Durham- Getting the job with the Rays - and his memories of getting the call to say he had the job- Easier transition to the big leagues because he knew so many people in the Rays organization- What the 2020 season has been like for the broadcasters- Life inside the "Bubble" in Arlington, Texas for the World Series- What makes this group of Rays so special- The future of the Rays franchise on the field - Working with Kevin Cash... and more!As always find us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastSearch "Fair Pole Podcast" on FacebookEmail us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comPlease don't forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast.  
Inside episode 30 of the Fair Pole Podcast, host Chris Edwards visits with Jason Immekus, an assistant coach at Crowder College. Chris and Jason have a wide-ranging baseball conversation including:- Jason's baseball journey pitching at a junior college before going on to compete at Washburn - What life was like playing Independent Ball in the Frontier League- What made him want to get into coaching once his playing career was over- Developing his baseball philosophy as a pitching coach at Missouri Southern - Coaching summer collegiate baseball and balancing winning games vs. preparing kids to return to school healthy - The future of summer baseball- Working for the Major League Scouting Bureau- Embracing data now as an assistant coach at Crowder- Balancing the new-school data approach with some of the old school philosophies ... and more!As always please consider rating, reviewing and subscribing to the podcast on whatever platform you use to get your podcasts. If you see a ball hit off the Fair Pole, use #FairPole to share it with us on social media Follow on Twitter: @FairPolePodcastEmail: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comFacebook: search "Fair Pole Podcast" 
This week on the Fair Pole Podcast, host Chris Edwards chats with Cris Perez who holds a hybrid role for the Cincinnati Reds as both a bullpen catcher and working on the Baseball Operations side with the analytics and data teams. Over the course of the conversation, the duo discussed a wide array of topics including:- Love for baseball in Cris' life- College baseball career at Duke and Southern California - Going to work for the Arizona Diamondbacks while still in school- Getting a job in the MLB office in New York- Playing on the Commissioner's softball team - Interview process with the Reds- What the day-to-day is like for him - A deep dive into the ebbs and flows of the 2020 Major League Season- How things changed once they got to the postseason "bubble"- What changes he'd like to see MLB make... and more! Chris Edwards also chats about the history of the bases and who invented the modern day base.Find us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastInteract with us on social media by using #FairPoleEmail: 
In this week's episode of the Fair Pole Podcast, host Chris Edwards chats with Lance Van Auken, Executive Vice President of Little League Baseball. During the conversation this week:- How Lance began his affiliation with Little League Baseball- Serving on the rules committee for 17 years and the evolution of the rules- Player safety as it relates to pitchers and overuse injuries- Little League's being the first baseball league to use instant replay-  Working with President Bush to bring Little League T-Ball games to the White House- Little League's history, good and bad moments- What makes Williamsport special- Most challenging part of the Little League World Series- Little League Baseball museum ... and moreEdwards also runs down the history behind Little League Baseball and when the first games were played. Please make sure to subscribe, rate and review the podcast on your favorite platform. Follow us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastEmail: You can also use #FairPole to interact with us on social media
Episode 27 of the Fair Pole Podcast features Geoff Arnold who just completed his first season as the radio and television broadcaster for the Baltimore Orioles. Host Chris Edwards and Arnold cover a wide variety of topics including:- Where Geoff's love of baseball began- Finding his love of broadcasting in college- Starting his professional baseball career as an umpire before changing to broadcasting- His uncle is actor Pierce Arnold and the influence his uncle had on his career- Working in the Minor Leagues and how he stayed positive throughout his journey- MiLB stories- Getting the call to the big leagues- Jumping from High-A Fredrick to the MLB - What rule changes he hopes will stick around in 2021- The future of the Orioles... and more!Also in this episode, Chris Edwards gives you a brief history of the MLB postseason Use #FairPole on social media if you see a ball go off the FAIR PoleFollow us on Twitter: @FairPolePodcastEmail us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comSubscribe, rate and review to help get the word out about the podcastThanks to our sponsor this week: 
On episode 26 of the Fair Pole Podcast, host Chris Edwards visits with Chris Pollard, head baseball coach at Duke University. Edwards and Pollard discuss a wide-range of topics including:- Pollard's recruitment to Davidson College- Playing Independent Baseball in 1996- When did he learn he wanted to be a coach- Lessons learned as a young head coach- Turning around the programs at Appalachian State and Duke - Keys to turning a program around- Sustaining success after you've had winning seasons- Analytics/Data in college baseball- How to improve the relationship between college baseball and MLB- What advice he would give to any young coach- Worst travel experiences during his time as a coach... and more!Follow the podcast on Twitter @FairPolePodcast Like us on Facebook by searching Fair Pole Podcast Email us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comUse the hashtag #FairPole if you see any ball hit off a fair pole in any baseball game and we will share it on our social mediaPlease remember to like, rate, review, subscribe and share the podcast on your favorite platforms! 
Episode 25 of the Fair Pole Podcast features the President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Tim Mead. During the conversation this week, host Chris Edwards moderates a wide-ranging conversation with Mr. Mead including several topics, such as:- Spending 40 years with the Los Angeles Angels including 22 as the Vice President of Communications for the club- Working for your favorite team when they win the World Series - Take over as the President of the Hall of Fame and what the interview process was like- What a typical day-to-day is like- The Hall of Fame as a guardian of the game of baseball- Telling the games history without players like Joe Jackson, Pete Rose and Barry Bonds not in the hall- Why it is easy to be romantic about baseball- Favorite exhibit and most underrated exhibit in the Hall- Working for Gene Autry, who owned the Angels... and more!Please consider subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast on your favorite platform. Use #FairPole on twitter if you see a ball hit the Fair Pole and we will share it on our twitter page. Speaking of twitter, you can follow us @FairPolePodcast You can also search: FairPolePodcast on Facebook or email us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comAs always, thank you for your support of the podcast, it is appreciated more than you know.#FairPole
Episode 24 of the Fair Pole Podcast features former MLB pitcher, Kevin Jarvis, who pitched in the big leagues from 1994-2006 for 10 different teams. Host Chris Edwards and Jarvis discuss a number of topics including:- Playing at Wake Forest University- Experience in the Cape Cod League- MLB Draft, MiLB experience- His first MLB appearance- Bouncing around from team to team- Playing in Japan for a brief time- Hitting a home run and having 10 RBI for the Padres in 2001- Watching his son Bryce throw a perfect game for Duke this spring... and more!Also this week, Chris Edwards fills you in on the history of trades in baseball and which player(s) have played for the most teams. As always subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform and please rate and review as well!Twitter: @FairPolePodcast - If you see a ball hit off the fair pole in a MLB game, use #FairPole to share it with us on twitterEmail: 
Episode 23 of the Fair Pole Podcast includes a visit with long-time Washington Nationals television announcer Bob Carpenter. During the visit, host Chris Edwards chats with Bob about his love for baseball and figuring out when he wanted to be a broadcaster. Also included in the chat this week:- Bob working with Hall of Famer Jack Buck- Favorite memories from working with the Cardinals, Twins, Mets, Rangers and Nationals- Having a front-row seat to Mark McGwire's home run chase in 1998- What it was last with the Nationals winning the World Series last year- Bob's baseball scorebook has become the industry standard for broadcasters and fans - we find out the story behind the scorebook... and more!Also, Vin Scully makes a cameo appearance (from a game six years ago, but it still counts, right).Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.Find us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastSearch Fair Pole Podcast on FacebookEmail us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comIf you see a ball hit off the FAIR POLE, use the hashtag, #FairPole and we'll share it on our social media. 
Episode 22 of the Fair Pole Podcast features Carter Hicks who works in Baseball Operations for USA Baseball and has a hand in multiple areas of USA Baseball including the selection of National Teams, including the Olympic team, running a National High School Baseball Tournament and more. We visit with Carter to chat about his journey from playing high school baseball in Apex, North Carolina to being a part of our national governing body for baseball in the US. Some of the other topics included:- Playing baseball at a small school and how that helped mold his journey and career- Analytics and how they have impacted the game as a whole- How young is too young to be worried about data and numbers- What is America's brand of baseball and how does that compare to other countries- How does America continue to grow the game of baseball ... and more. Chris Edwards also provides a look at the history of the infield fly rule and how the rule has changed since its inception in the 1800'sFollow us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastFind us on Facebook: Fair Pole PodcastEmail us: Thanks to the @galry for their support of the podcast this week. 
On episode 21 of the Fair Pole Podcast, Chris Edwards explains the history of the stolen base and his rise in baseball history. Then, Chris visits with Sean McDonough of ESPN and the Boston Red Sox to discuss his love for baseball and more.Some of the topics they discuss:- Why Sean went to Syracuse and how that decision changed his life forever- Calling Triple-A Baseball games while still in school- Being the youngest man (at the time) to call a World Series on National TV- How calling Triple-A Baseball helped his prep for the World Series ... and they also talk a little golf, sorry .... but Edwards had to bring up Augusta National.Plus more great stories!Subscribe, rate and review the podcast and PLEASE help us out by telling your friends about us. Find us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastOn Facebook: Fair Pole PodcastEmail us: 
Episode 20 of the Fair Pole Podcast is coming at you this week with host Chris Edwards taking a look at the history of the Designated Hitter in baseball and Chris even gives his thoughts on the universal DH in Major League Baseball this season. Edwards is then joined by Francisco Cabrera who is best known for his game-winning base-hit in Game 7 of the 1992 National League Championship Series which sent the Atlanta Braves back to the World Series (sorry, Pirates fans).Cabrera talks about his journey in baseball which began by growing up in the Dominican Republic and how he came to America to play baseball, and of course, they chat about his big hit for the Braves -- but there is another hit that doesn't get talked about as much that they will discuss. Go to the and use the Promo Code: 15OFF to receive 15% off any prints from our friends at The Galry. Find the podcast on social media:Twitter: @FairPolePodcastFacebook: Fair Pole PodcastEmail us:
As Major League Baseball makes its return to the field, Chris Edwards explores some of the history and nuggets that have happened on Opening Day. Later, Chris is joined by this weeks' guest, Scott Strickland, the Assistant General Manager of the Durham Bulls. The two chat about a bunch of topics including:- Scott's journey to Durham first as assistant groundskeeper, before becoming the head groundskeeper and now as the Assistant General Manager- Best stories about tarp pulls- The time a manger climbed the centerfield wall during the game and got ejected- What Minor League Baseball looks like after not playing this season- The challenges that the folks in Buffalo face as they prepare to become  the home ballpark for the Blue Jays this season ... and more! Also in this episode, a special treat at the endPlease follow us on social media:Twitter: @FairPolePodcastFacebook: @FairPolePodcast Please consider subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast, we would certainly appreciate that. 
In episode 18 of the #FairPolePodcast, host Chris Edwards chats with Hall of Fame scout, Howard McCullough. During the conversation this week the two chat about - Howard's start at East Carolina as a catcher- Coaching at JF Webb High School in Oxford, North Carolina- Moving from high school coach to being on staff at the University of North Carolina- Why he wanted to become a scout- His time with the Red Sox - Going to work for Arizona in 1996 as the Southeast Supervisor - Chad Tracy and Mark Reynolds (signed by Howard)- How analytics has changed the game and scouting... and more!Follow us on social media:Twitter: @FairPolePodcastFacebook: FairPolePodcastEmail us: 
In episode 17 of the podcast this week, Chris Edwards chats with Melanie Newman one of the new members of the Orioles TV/Radio broadcast team. Some of the topics included in the podcast this week:- Growing up in Atlanta and being a Red Sox fan- Why and how she got to Troy University- How she got into Minor League Baseball- Being the number-one voice of the Salem Red Sox- The importance of relationships - What Minor League Baseball will look like after a year without a season- How do you prepare for a 60-game season... and more!Find us on social media:Twitter: @FairPolePodcastFacebook: Fair Pole PodcastEmail: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comPlease consider a rating, review and subscription of the podcast. 
In episode 16 of the #FairPolePodcast - host Chris Edwards visits with Pete Tucci of the Tucci Lumber Company. During this conversation, Chris and Pete chat about his baseball journey from being a high school player in Connecticut to his journey to the Baseball Hall of Fame as a bat manufacture. Pete's story of highs and lows around the game of baseball is something people at all levels of the game can appreciate. Questions or comments about the podcast? Email us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comWe're also on twitter @FairPolePodcast 
This week, Chris Edwards visits with 1978 American League All-Star, Lary Sorensen. During the chat this week, the duo discuss Larry's baseball career from start to finish as well as what has happened following his time on the field. Topics covered:- Memories from pitching at the University of Michigan- His MLB debut in Cooperstown, New York- Retiring 9 in-a-row in the All-Star Game- Moving from the American League to the National League and having to hit- Favorite Bob Uecker stories- The advice he received from Ernie Harwell- Turning his life around after troubles with substance abuse and alcohol - His broadcasting career- current work with Pitch Logic- How baseball has changed for the good and the bad... and more!Follow us on twitter: @FairPolePodcastEmail us: FairPolePodcast@gmail.comPlease consider rating, reviewing and subscribing to the podcast
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