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The podcast dedicated to Family Business. In each episode we share insights and stories from family businesses and their advisers with the aim of giving you all you need to know to help your business thrive.
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George and I headed along to the fourth Family Business Network conference in Carlisle. It was a fantastic conference with great speakers and guests, I was also asked to record a live podcast and this is the result. I interview George Bryan who grow up at Drayton Manor Park, listen to this episode if you want to hear his views on the transitions that he has witnessed and been part of and why Toto the chimpanzee doesn't like him very much! You can find out more about the work of Sue and Dave at the Family Business Network by visiting their website here: can connect with George on Linked In: can also find out about his consultancy business by visiting
Succession Planning (or continuity planning!) is such a broad topic and as such it can be intimidating and very easy to put off. In this episode I speak with Daniel Trimarchi and we break down the three core elements of succession / continuity planning in a family business.    Daniel Trimarchi is a Senior Manager and Family Business specialist with KPMG, at the time of recording he was about to embark on a role with KPMG in Canada, but before he left we grabbed some time to discuss the three main elements of succession or continuity planning.     Daniel can be found on Linked In here:   You can also find out more about the work of KPMG here:
The Family Business sector in the UK contributes more than the annual budget for the NHS each year. Their importance cannot be under-stated and the IFB have produced a report that highlights the trends and challenges facing family businesses today.    In this episode I speak to Fiona Graham of the Institute for Family Business about the findings in the report and what family businesses can learn from these findings.    Fiona Graham is the IFB Director of External Affairs and Policy. She is responsible for leading the IFB’s government and media relations, and policy development. She has over a decade’s experience in policy and public affairs. Fiona also sits on the Government’s SME Advisory Board.   You can find the report here:    You can get in touch with Fiona on Linked In here:
Steve's previous episode remains the most popular episode to date and so there is huge pressure on him delivering again in this show!  Luckily he doesn't disappoint! In this interview I chat to Steve about the book he mentioned he was writing during our previous interview. The book is called Interdependent Wealth: How Family Systems Theory Illuminates Successful Intergenerational Wealth Transitions. The book builds on the Bowen Theory that Steve introduced us to before and looks at the actions that family's and their advisers can take to help with this transition.  You can buy the book on Amazon by following the below links:  UK - US - Canada - You can also find out more about Steve here: 
Each year The IFB hold a conference for Family Businesses and if you missed it, check out this episode to hear what the key points and takeaways were from the conference.    We hear about the importance of cultivating culture and how family owned businesses are perfectly placed to create working cultures that attract and retain staff.    Elizabeth Bagger is the IFB Director General. She joined the IFB in 2009 and, after having spent over seven years designing and running the IFB’s programme, she took over as Executive Director in 2016. Prior to that, Elizabeth spent three years working in international corporate governance and eight in her own family business in Denmark.    You can find out more about The Institute for Family Business here:   You can connect with Elizabeth on Linked In here:    
One of the most common questions we are asked when considering the 'best' path for next generation family is whether or not they should seek experience outside of the family business.    How do next gen go about seeking this experience and is there a danger that this will mean that they won't actually return to the family business.    I chat to Andrew Keyt and address these questions in this episode.    You can find out more about Andrew here: or on Linked In here:    
Businesses need to take advice from experts to help them navigate the sometimes tricky areas of law, tax and financial services amongst others.     Traditionally this may be through several different individual firms or  that everything goes through an individual trusted adviser who is seen as the 'gatekeeper'. But is this model fit for purpose?   Is there an alternative that is better aligned to your family's needs and your business needs?    My guest this week thinks so! I discuss this with him on the weeks episode as we chat about the concept of Family Business Advice Teams.  You can get in touch with Ken here: or connect with him on Linked In here:    
Ep. 55 - Family Champions

Ep. 55 - Family Champions


Joshua Nacht is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group.    His new book Family Champions and Champion Families he explores the value of family leaders in creating enduring business family success. We discuss this in this episode.    The family champion is typically a family owner who acts as a catalyst to help other family members become more effective. In order to facilitate significant development and change throughout the family, family champions engage and inspire the family to work collectively to sustain their legacy.  Ultimately, family champions create champion families.   You can find out more about Joshua here: and his book here:  
There is a growing number of family offices across the world. But what are they and why would a family consider using one.     In this episode I chat to Andra Ilie who works for a private or family office about the different roles that a family office can play and why they are becoming more and more popular.  We look at the difference between single family and multi family offices and hear some practical examples from Andra.    You can find out more about Andra here:   And you can find out more about the private office that she works for here: 
Ep. 53 - Wealth of Wisdom

Ep. 53 - Wealth of Wisdom


Tom McCullough along with Keith Whitaker have created a book and podcast series that focusses on the Top 50 Questions that wealthy families ask.    Tom and Keith collaborated with some of the most respected advisers in the field of family business to create this fantastic resource.    In this episode I chat with Tom about the process, some of the common areas that cause concern for business families and dig in to some of the key questions.    You can find out more about the book here:   and the link to the podcast is here:       
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