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Author: Graham and Shay Cochrane

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Your family can do things differently and the payoffs are worth it! Each week on the Family Goals Podcast, Graham and Shay Cochrane share hope and actionable wisdom around the areas of marriage, family culture, parenting, money, work, and entrepreneurship.
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Let's talk about a two -letter word, "no". Today we're sharing the things that we say no to with our kids. So all you parents out there, or soon -to -be parents, I know you love your kids and they're so cute and you wanna say yes, but you probably say no to your kids with certain things, and so what we thought we'd do in this episode is walk through the eight or so things that we say "no" to our kids about, and what we say "yes" to instead.
I already know right out of the gate, this is gonna be a controversial episode. We are talking through the seven boundaries that we have put in place from the very beginning of marriage to protect our marriage against infidelity. I don't know what you guys are gonna think about these, but they have served us and our goal is that you can maybe take one or two or be inspired to create some of your own so that we can all enjoy long, healthy, happy marriages.
If we did one thing right over the years it was to take one night or weekend out of the year to intentionally reflect and plan for the next 12 months. We've recently brought our kids into this process that we call a Family Vision Weekend. In this episode we're going to outline our entire process in the hopes that it will inspire you to do a Family Vision Weekend of your own! - Plan your own family vision weekend with our free guide at
We haven't shared this publicly, but last year Shay took a complete six month sabbatical from work. Absolutely no work for six months. And for the first time ever, we're going to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the awesome of taking six months away from her company. - Grab our 5 Connection Conversation Prompts at
So I would say we have a pretty good marriage. Not a perfect marriage, but a pretty good marriage. But we've made a lot of mistakes over the years, and 18 plus years into this now, we were reflecting on what are the biggest mistakes that we've made, the things that have caused the most pain, have taken us down the wrong turns, the things that we wish we would have done differently, and the things that we've tried to actively improve upon. And that's what we're gonna talk about in today's episode of the five biggest marriage mistakes we've made and how we are in process on working on them. This ought to be fun. - Grab our 5 Connection Conversation Prompts at
It's no surprise, but money fights are listed as the number one cause of divorce currently in America. The tension and overwhelm surrounding money management is real. If you are a human with a pulse, especially if you are a married human, then you have felt that tension and you've cried those tears. But if you can get money management right, your marriage and your family are going to be, and for future generations, are going to be so much better off. So in this episode, we want to simplify money management by sharing the three things every family should do with their money. - Grab our 5 Connection Conversation Prompts at
Families are more disconnected now than ever before. This culture of fast-paced busy-ness and distraction has eroded intimacy, connection, joy. And we have this crazy idea that this one ritual, this idea of fighting for the family dinner table, can impact everything else for the better in your family. Let's discuss. - Grab our 5 Connection Conversation Prompts at
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