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Author: Your Hosts Grant & James

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For people who have a fear of flying. Our podcast will take you from the basics about how an aircraft works with an insight as to what is happening and why during a flight to the stuff you don't see behind the scenes. We aim to remove the myth of flying and arm you with the knowledge to make you into a Fearless Flyer. Your Hosts are James and Grant. James is a student at a New Zealand University studying Aviation Management. Grant is a Boeing 777 Captain with a major airline in the Middle East, he spent the first 8 years of his career as an Aircraft Engineer before taking up flying full time. Previous aircraft Grant flew were the Boeing 757, 767 and 737, he currently has over 18,000 hours of flying time.
21 Episodes
In this episode we discuss the evolution of the flight deck, the Instrumentation and finish up talking about the Instrument Landing System which enables us to land in fog.Click here for the short video to the Flight Engineers LamentYou can contact us on social media or at contactus@thefearlessflyer.netYou can also contact us at:Twitter: @FearlessFlyPodFacebook: The Fearless FlyerInstagram: FearlessFlyPod
In this episode we discuss the aircraft Auxiliary power unit (APU), some other ground support equipment equipment and talk a bit about engine starting.Click here to the video link showing a buddy start on a C130 Hercules, forward to around 3:30 in the video.
In this episode James and Grant discuss the hydraulics, electrics and pneumatics that are the life blood of an aircraft, these systems drive all the components on an aircraft. As you'll hear, the design of these systems is well thought out with a view to system redundancy (backups) and safety.You can contact us on social media or at contactus@thefearlessflyer.netYou can also contact us at:Twitter: @FearlessFlyPodFacebook: The Fearless FlyerInstagram: FearlessFlyPod
Fire on an aircraft and subsequently how to deal with it has been well thought on today's modern jet aircraft. Lets take a journey and understand how crew deal with all the scenario's you could think of.
In this episode we discuss why we need to pressurise the cabin. We all hear that PA by the cabin crew before takeoff, "that in the unlikely event of a cabin depressurisation oxygen masks will appear..... etc, etc" so we'll talk about that, why it may have happened and what happens during a depressurisation. 
Here we discuss the airconditioned air and how some of it is recycled through special filters called HEPA filters, which actually saves on fuel burn. We also briefly touch upon the pressurisation system.
James and Grant discuss why we takeoff and land into wind, we look at what we do on those windy days with gusts and finish by discussing winds blowing across the runway which are called crosswinds.
We discuss slowing down in the air and other systems that contribute to ground braking in addition to the wheel brakes.Click here to watch a B757 perform a 3 point turn.
E13 Wheels and Brakes

E13 Wheels and Brakes


In this episode we discuss the undercarriage and have a bit more of a chat about the wheels and brakes.Click here to see  an interesting 4 minute video of the testing of the brakes as part of the B777 certification process. Its is a rejected takeoff at maximum takeoff mass using maximum braking. Warning: things get very hot!
E12 Engines

E12 Engines


We discuss engines and have a a discussion about the difference between the piston and jet engines, then go into a bit more detail about the workings of a typical jet engine, we then finish with those vapour trails in the sky. Click here for a link showing a cross section picture of a typical jet engine.Can anyone guess the engine type or aircraft type at the start of this episode?
E11 Flaps and Slats

E11 Flaps and Slats


In this episode we discuss the flaps and slats that are on the wing. Then the last 8 minutes of the show we get to know James.Click here to see a picture of them.You can contact us on social media or Email: contactus@thefearlessflyer.netTwitter: @FearlessFlyPodFacebook: The Fearless FlyerInstagram: FearlessFlyPod
E10 Why we fly so high

E10 Why we fly so high


There are a number of reasons why we fly so high, in this episode James and Grant discuss them, enjoy. Remember we are always open to feedback on any of our social media platforms below Email:    contactus@thefearlessflyer.netTwitter:    @FearlessFlyPodFacebook:    The Fearless FlyerInstagram:    FearlessFlyPod
The final episode on weather where we discuss strong winds, windshear, rain, hail, snow, lightening and space weather.Some links that might be of interest to you as discussed in this episode are;A pdf file file with some pictures of windshear, click hereA 2 minute video of testing a new engine type click hereA great diagram of the space level weather click here In this link at the top are the three different charts we use; geomagnetic storms,  solar radiation storms and  radio blackout 
In this episode Grant and James discuss clouds as clouds give us  a lot of information about what is happening in the atmosphere.If you want more information with some excellent pictures of clouds then click hereYou can contact us on social media or at contactus@thefearlessflyer.netTwitter: @FearlessFlyPodFacebook: The Fearless FlyerInstagram: FearlessFlyPod
E7 Weather: Turbulence

E7 Weather: Turbulence


In this episode James and Grant discuss turbulence, what causes it and  how it is classified into  3 levels, what you can expect as a passenger in these 3 different levels and how the crew and pilots deal with each of these levels. We hope this will put turbulence into context as we know for many of you turbulence is a driver of anxiety, so have a listen and send us some feedback if you want some more information in another episode . 
In this episode we talk to a senior Cabin Crew member about her role onboard, we discuss the meal service, the importance of fluid intake,  safety equipment and some other interesting aspects of her role that we as passengers don't see.
James and Grant discuss the basic flying controls; ailerons, elevator and the rudder, we also talk about fly-by-wire control systems then finish up on speedbrakes/spoilers. Around 16 minutes into the pod we go a bit heavy discussing the secondary effects of the ailerons and rudder, this goes for around 3 minutes then we return back to the basics, so stay with us if it gets bit overwhelming, we return to normal operations around 3 minutes later. Click here for that diagram  with the basic controls.
In this episode we discuss the 4 basic forces that affect every flightClick here for a diagram on the 4 basic forces on an aircraft Click here to see a quick video of the wake vortex generated from an aircraft wingYou can contact us on social media or on email at
In this episode we cover the basic concepts of aircraft design, a bit about testing including a more in depth look at testing a wing and then we go onto the fundamental aspect of flight, Lift.Click here to expand on this lift formula 
In this episode we have an interview with Doctor Martin Seif, a clinical psychologist with over 35 years experience in dealing with anxiety issues and specialising in those with a fear of flying. Those that want to delve further in Dr Seif's work will find a lot of useful information on his  website at: Dr Seif  also recommends looking at the following website which also has further information on anxieties in general. 
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