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The Feast presents delectable stories from the dining tables of history. Our stories immerse you in the sights, sounds, & tastes of a meal from the past. Make bread with medieval monks; share a martini with Churchill. Find out what wars were won & which kingdoms were lost, all for the sake of a good meal. Email suggestions for episodes to

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Dinner in Camelot

Dinner in Camelot


Almost sixty years ago to the day, President John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline hosted the largest state dinner of the Kennedy Administration. Invited to the White House for a special "brains dinner" in April 1962 were 49 Nobel laureates, along with Pulitzer Prize winners, noted actors, and Poet Laureates. What happened the night Robert Frost dined with J. Robert Oppenheimer? How did James Baldwin get on with Mary Welsh Hemingway? On this episode, we speak with Joseph A. Esposito, author of "Dinner in Camelot: The Night America’s Greatest Scientists, Writers, and Scholars Partied at the Kennedy White House” to discuss the dinner and its impressive guest list. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, the Feast is heading to Ohio to visit a brewery entirely dedicated to making beer like they did in the mid-19th century. Located in Dayton, Carillon Brewing Company is not your average craft brewery. Instead of wrestling with stainless steel tanks, you’re more likely to find these brewers chopping wood and discussing 19th century recipe books. We spoke with head brewer Kyle Spears and assistant brewer Dan Lauro to learn what it takes to brew beer like they did in 1855. Here’s a clue: the first thing you’ll need is a really big fire. Written and produced by Laura Carlson Photography and digital direction by Mike Portt Special guests: Kyle Spears and Dan Lauro of Carillon Brewing Company Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In an era of celebrity chefs, fast casual chains, and meal delivery services available at the touch of a button, it may be hard to imagine a state where people drive out of town to go to a pyramid-shaped restaurant to enjoy a nice brandy-based cocktail, a relish tray, fried fish, and prime rib. Where the host lets you linger at a bar for hours before even thinking of being seated for dinner. Where you might know everyone in the restaurant, including the owners. And you may be back in a few days to dine at the same place all over again.  But this magical state does exist, my friends. It exists at the Wisconsin supper club. On this week’s episode, we speak with Holly L. De Ruyter, writer, producer, and director of Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club, the definitive documentary the explores the rise and enduring tradition of this dining legacy of the midwest. Written and produced by Laura Carlson Photographer and Digital Director: Mike Portt Special Guest: Holly L. De Ruyter Find out more about The Feast at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, we’re featuring another interview from our trip to the first-ever Beer Culture Summit, held in Chicago in October 2019. This time, we’re heading to the Chicago History Museum to learn about the forgotten women that helped shape America’s beer industry in the 19th century. We speak with Dr. Jennifer Jordan, a professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, who has spent the last few years researching and writing about the forgotten hop industry and specifically the women who were often at the forefront of hop harvesting in states like Wisconsin and California. We chatted about Dr. Jordan’s research, which has taken her from the archives to the back roads of rural Wisconsin in search of the evidence for this once powerful industry of the area. We also talk about her research into the life of Ella, one of the many hop harvesting Wisconsin women of history. For more information and show notes, please visit Find The Feast at @Feast_Podcast on Twitter and Instagram Cover image via the Wisconsin Historical Society Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, we're taking you to the heart of the Windy City itself, Chicago, to chat with the founder and executive director of the one of the only museum's dedicated entirely to the history and culture of beer: the Chicago Brewseum. At its helm is Liz Garibay, who has spearheaded the organization's programming and events for the last several years. In October 2019, the Brewseum hosted the first-ever Beer Culture Summit, dedicated to enhancing the cultural understanding of one of the world's oldest beverages. We chatted with Liz at a Chicago craft brewery, Metropolitan Brewing, about how she got into the beer history game, the origins of the Brewseum, and why history and beer go so well together. Find out more about the other great breweries we mention in this episode: 3 Sheeps Brewing Eris Brewery and Cider House Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Feast is back! Just in time for the month of healthy New Year’s resolutions, our season premiere features a rich discussion on the history of feasting and fasting in Europe. We talk to Dr. Victoria Avery and Dr. Melissa Calaresu, co-curators of the exhibition “Feast & Fast: The Art of Food in Europe 1500–1800” at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, to learn some of the questions early modern Europeans were asking about what to eat and where their food came from: How can I eat clean? What is a moderate diet? Should I adopt a plant-based lifestyle? Such questions might sound very 21st century, but these topics wouldn’t have been out of place in the 17th or 18th centuries as Europeans wrestled with the idea of how to adopt a moderate and nutritious diet. We’ll also look at some of the most epic feasting traditions of early modern Europe, from architectural sugar sculptures to ten-foot tall pineapples, but we’ll also uncover the questionable and often dark histories that lay at their root. Join us for a feast and fast of epic proportions on the Season 4 premiere of The Feast.  Learn more: Cover Photo by James Berrill Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On the Feast’s season finale, we revisit a meal that ended a chapter in one of the most famous hotel’s in history: the Waldorf Astoria. Famous for its invention of the Waldorf Salad and (arguably) Eggs Benedict, the legacy of this world-renown hotel has always been associated with food. But what did the hotel serve on its final meal on May 1st, 1929? True New Yorkers know that underneath a certain famous city skyscraper lies the foundations of this mighty hotel: first known as the Waldorf and later the Waldorf Astoria. And when the hotel closed its doors at its original location after that final historic meal, many considered it to be an end of an era for Gilded Age New York. Join us on our season finale as we explore the legacy of that luxury hotel through its final meal of 1929. Find out more about the recipes and stories feature on today’s episode at our website and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Join us on an artistic feast like no other with American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. A prolific painter, O’Keeffe was also a devoted foodie, with an enviable cookbook collection and gigantic kitchen at her home in New Mexico. This week, we take at a look at the recipes that shaped and were shaped by pivotal moments in her life: from her upbringing on a dairy farm in Wisconsin to her important friendships with artists like Frida Kahlo and Ansel Adams. We learn from those who knew and worked with her how much food meant to Georgia O’Keeffe. From homemade bread to a surprisingly modern health drink, learn the food behind this iconic artist of the 20th century.  Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Loudness Units Consultant and Compression Coordinator: Mike Portt Recipes Feature on our O’Keeffe Feast: Farmhouse Rye Bread Armenian-Style Leeks (courtesy of the 1944 cookbook, Dinner at Omar Kayyam’s by George Mardikian) Enchiladas Two Ways (featuring a recipe by Frida Kahlo) The Waldorf Astoria’s Chocolate Walnut Brownie (and its modern take, the chocolate walnut cookie) Adelle Davis’ Tiger’s Milk (plus other recipes from Georgia) Inspiration and research for this episode from the wonderful book by Robyn Lea, Dinner with Georgia O’Keeffe, in which you can find many of the recipes we mention on the show. If you’re interested in Georgia’s later years, also check out Christine Taylor Patten’s Miss O’Keeffe, quotes from which we used in this week’s episode. Be sure to follow the Feast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can find more information about this episode and the show at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, we’re heading to the ends of the earth with legendary explorer, Ernest Shackleton. Responsible for many expeditions to Antartica, Shackleton is known for his incredible leadership even through some of the toughest and most extreme conditions on the planet. This week, we focus on his 1907 Nimrod Expedition to reach the South Pole. What do eating rations look like for a trip to the southernmost tip of the world? How do you plan for two years in the ice and snow? And where do you stash the whiskey? We look at expedition rations in the early 20th century and what explorers ate before the advent of energy bars and protein powder. We’ll also dig up Shackleton’s secret storage of whiskey, buried for a hundred years under the snow. Just don’t ask us if we want our Scotch served over ice. Written and produced by Laura Carlson Canine Care and Shackleton Snifters by Mike Portt A huge thank you to Steve Castellano,Toronto writer, musician, and certified Wine Specialist, as well as our resident Shackleton and whiskey expert Additional thanks to Lynne Provencher and Greg de St. Maurice as willing and able historical whiskey tasters Follow The Feast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or find us online at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We’re exploring the great American road trip this week on The Feast. Learn how the call of the open road has inspired millions over the last century to see the country. We follow in the footsteps and exhaust fumes of American writer, John Steinbeck, along the road of two of his most famous books: The Grapes of Wrath and Travels with Charley. Armed with our own trusty canine companion, we head out on the open road to learn what kind of culinary offerings we can find at your typical highway stop. We travel from Ontario to Arizona, taking in some of the oldest and most iconic roadside food the US has to offer. Join us on the road trip of a literary lifetime. Written and produced by Laura Carlson Roadside Assistance and Technical Production by Mike Portt Canine Companion: Frida the Goldendoodle Follow our adventures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And don’t forget to like us & subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Find out more at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, The Feast is heading back to ancient Rome to do a little culinary archaeology. We’re rolling up our sleeves to make a first century dessert recipe courtesy of one of the most famous Roman cookbook writers of all time, Apicius. Although this sweet cheese and biscuit recipe, known as hypotrimma with spelt biscuits, may look like your standard cheese dip, this concoction has a few "fishy” ingredients hidden up its sleeve. While we bake, we’ll explore what makes Apicius so remembered among the Roman cookbook authors. We’ll also see whether this ancient dish has some modern equivalents. Want to make the recipe with us at home but not up on your Latin? Experimental archaeologist and food history,  Farrell Monaco (, has not only translated the Latin but has reimagined the recipe for a 21st century kitchen. See you in the culina! Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Assistant Latin Chef: Mike Portt Thanks again to Farrell Monaco of Tavola Mediterranea for sharing her work on Apicius’ recipe. The Feast is part of the Podglomerate Network.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, we're revisiting one of our favorite episodes in honor of the 107th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  We explore the culinary life onboard the unsinkable ship, looking at everything from those who worked in Titanic’s state of the art kitchens to the epic meals served only a few hours before the ship sank. We talk to Dana McCauley and Rick Archbold, co-authors of the definitive guide to Titanic dining, Last Dinner on the Titanic. Find out how to hold your own Titanic-themed meal with elegant Edwardian recipes that were the inspiration for not only James Cameron’s iconic film but even Downton Abbey! Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Technical Direction by Mike Portt Special Guests: Dana McCauley & Rick Archbold, co-authors of Last Dinner on the Titanic (1997) More information at The Feast is part of the Podglomerate Network.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Feast is headed to ancient Rome this week with experimental archaeologist, Farrell Monaco of Join us as we discover the bakeries and fast food joints of Pompeii, make an ancient Roman cheese ball with an early-rising farmer, and learn the joys of fish sauce with Apicius. We’ll talk with Farrell about the importance of bread and grain to the Romans and how she uses a variety of sources, from frescoes to artifacts to texts, to discover the ancient tastes of Rome.  Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Sound Mixing by Mike PorttSpecial Guest: Farrell Monaco of; Farrell is a member of EXARC, the Society for American Archaeology, and currently sits on the SAA Media Relations Committee. Find out more about her great work, including her upcoming retreats, workshops, and appearances at Find out more about the episode by visiting Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Feast_Podcast. Episode cover image courtesy of Farrell Monaco and The Feast is part of the Podglomerate Network. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, The Feast looks at the surprising history of Sweden’s favorite spice: cardamom! From its origins in India and the Middle East, how did this unlikely seed pod make its way to the chilly climes of Scandinavia? We break down how cardamom became the flavor backbone in Swedish favorites such as mulled wine (or glögg), flavored coffee, and Christmas sweet bread. Talking with everyone from culinary archaeologists to Swedish-Canadian grandmothers, we’ll uncover the unlikely history of this millenia-old spice!  Written and produced by Laura Carlson Assistant production and research by Emma Allen Sound Mixing by Mike Portt Special Guests: -Daniel Serra, culinary archaeologist and author of An Early Meal: A Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey -Anna Tvinnereim, Swedish expat & former owner of Toronto’s Beaches Bakery and Cafe -Betty-Ann Duncan, Emma’s grandmother, Swedish-Canadian, and long-time baker of Swedish coffee bread Part of the Podglomerate network More information at Part of the Podglomerate network Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Join us this week as The Feast hits the road with the Manitoba Food History Project Food Truck. We speak to Dr. Janis Thiessen and Kent Davies (University of Winnipeg), two leaders on this research project to discover meaningful dishes and historical recipes in Manitoba, Canada. The truck (and the project) travels the length and breadth of the province, interviewing Manitobans about food and recipes. From chili cheeseburgers to Jollibee chicken to puffed wheat squares, we’ll learn how this project uncovers the rich history to Manitoba’s food, all from the confines of a (semi-)reliable food truck. Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Sound Mixing by Mike Portt Special Guests: Dr. Janis Thiessen, Professor of History, University of Winnipeg, author of Snacks: A Canadian Food History Kent Davies, Oral History Centre Audio Technician & Adjunct Professor, University of Winnipeg, Podcast Producer of Preserves, the podcast of the Manitoba Food History Project Special Thanks to: Kimberley Moore, collaborator on the Manitoba Food History Project. She is an Adjunct Professor and Program Co-ordinator at the Oral History Centre at the University of Winnipeg.  Visit for show notes, recipes, links, and more!  Episode Cover Photo by Kimberley Moore The Feast is part of the Podglomerate Network Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Feast is back! On our debut episode for Season 3, we dig deep into one of the most beloved sci fi universes of all time: Star Trek. Forget the transporters, phasers, and warp speed, on this episode, we look at the food and drink that kept the Enterprise crew flying through the stars. We talk to Glenn McDorman and Valerie Hoagland, hosts of the Lower Decks podcast, about how the future of food has changed since Star Trek debuted in the 1960s. We’ll also visit their speakeasy in the Jefferies tubes to get try some hearty Romulan ale not to mention a classy cocktail homage to Jean-Luc Picard’s favorite beverage: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Mixing by Mike Portt Special Guesets: Glenn McDorman and Valerie Hoagland Brought to you by The Podglomerate network.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Feast's summer road trip continues as we head to a state once known as the birthplace of Prohibition: Maine! Join us in conversation with state politician and owner of Portland's Rising Tide Brewery, Heather Sanborn, as we chat about the past and present of Maine's beer scene. As former president of the Maine Brewer's Guild and a champion of craft brewing, Heather reveals the secrets of a successful craft beer business, one deeply rooted in local advocacy and community-building. We talk everything from local hop farms to women in brewing to the best lobster grilled cheese in Portland (hint: It's in the brewery's front yard). Wind down the summer with a cold one and a chat with this game-changing defender of American craft brewing.  Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Editing by Mike Portt Special Guest: Heather Sanborn, Director of Operations and Owner of Rising Tide Brewery; Representative for District 43 in Maine's House of Representatives Check out more information about the show at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Think you can eat 50 bowls of noodles? What about 100? This week, The Feast explores the tradition of wanko soba from Iwate, Japan, where families and friends compete to see who can slurp the most noodles in a single sitting. But what makes soba, or buckwheat, the preferred noodle for this centuries-old food contest? We'll dig into the celebrated history of food competitions in pre-modern Japan where writers depicted epic battles waged amongst favorite foods. Forget tiger versus shark; what about steamed eggplant versus shrimp tempura? From these early fanciful food battles, we trace a line to modern food manga, an ever-growing Japanese comic book genre that has inspired some of the most popular food shows on television today. Iron Chef, anyone? Join us as we talk about the serious business of noodle-slurping with food scholars Dr. Greg de St. Maurice, Dr. Eric Rath, and Dr. Lori Brau on this history-packed soba seminar.  Cover photo by Takekazu Omi. The Feast is brought to your Care/Of, a new kind of vitamin company. Enter the promo code "FEAST" & receive 50% off your first month's supply of vitamins and supplements. Learn more at The Feast is also brought to you by CastBox, the fastest growing podcast app around with over 9 million downloads in just 18 months. Learn more at    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Join us on Maine’s craft brewery trail as we head north to Waldoboro to talk to John and Sarah McNeil, co-owners of Odd Alewives Farm Brewery. From their adorable brewery cat, Rocket, to the latest changes in the American craft beer scene, we’ll discover what makes their fantastic farm brewery tick. Located on 22 acres of an old alpaca farm, John and Sarah are living the good life and serving great beer to both local and international beer enthusiasts. From foraged hyssop ales to maple syrup-infused winter warmers, Odd Alewives Brewery is bringing great beer to northern Maine, one brew at a time. We’ll also explore the interesting brewing history behind their name, which calls back to medieval tradition of a woman-dominated beer industry. And learn how a knowledge of hops and wort led a few ladies to earn the reputation of practicing witchcraft! Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Technical Direction & Photography by Mike Portt Special Guests: Sarah & John McNeil, Co-Owners of Odd Alewives Brewery  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, join The Feast under the Tuscan sun as we chat with award-winning winemaker Charlotte Horton about the enduring culinary traditions of one of Italy’s oldest communities: the Etruscans. From millennia-old grape presses to enduring wine-soaked folk songs, learn how traditional Tuscan cuisine and culture can trace its lineage back 3000 years. We’ll also learn how these ancient foodways may have something to teach our modern food systems. Charlotte’s restored Tuscan castle, the Castello di Potentino, will host the upcoming Terroir Tuscany, a culinary retreat in early November 2018 focused on rediscovering ancient Etruscan food and farming practices as well as the application of these traditional ideas to modern global food systems. From cheese making to olive picking to wine tasting, it will be an opportunity for developing community and conversation with food scholars, journalists, and chefs from all over the world.   Charlotte Horton has been making award-winning wines in Tuscany for over 20 years. She has restored two Castles in Tuscany.  At the second, Castello di Potentino, she has revitalized an abandoned estate, planting new vineyards, bringing olive trees back into production and creating a cultural centre, aka ‘The 21st Century Castle’, where people can stay in a rural family atmosphere.  She has been running food and wine pop-up events in Italy, Canada, New York, London, Ireland and France since 2010. Find out more about Terroir Tuscany: tickets for the Culinary Retreat: Terroir: more about the Castello di Potentino:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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