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Author: Roger Fields and Jeff Fields

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Not the Marx Brothers nor the Doobie Brothers, Roger Fields and Jeff Fields are the Fields Brothers, co-authors of "Breaking The Hex." Enjoying life on this side of the cross they talk about happenings from their lives in central Kentucky. They are recovering pastors with no known history of scandal, just a refreshing take on freedom in Christ. WARNING: The following views and opinions may not necessarily represent those of the staff or management of your local church.
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Top 10 Christian Myths

Top 10 Christian Myths


Beware of Heroes

Beware of Heroes


Moses Whacks A Rock

Moses Whacks A Rock


Roger and Jeff talk about how we, as believers, often inadvertently try to replace Christ with Bible.  Jeff lists four reasons why we should not elevate the Bible too high. He also offers 11 indications that he is getting old. 
After several minutes of relatively serious content, Roger takes the podcast down a not-so-serious path. For those wanting a podcast that is nothing but wall-to-wall solid Biblical teaching, I (Jeff) apologize for my brother. 
Many believers are uncertain about whether or not a genuine believer in Christ can lose their eternal salvation. Roger and Jeff talk about the issue from a different perspective than is usually discussed. 
After a four month break, Roger and Jeff are back talking about life in Christ on this side of the cross.  Many times in Christian circles, we use phrases that do not make sense in light of the gospel of grace.  While they may sound good, then actually pull our focus away from the finished work of Christ on the cross.
Characteristics of free-range believers.The Numbers Blessing Song - Done.Why we should quit TRYING to be like Jesus.Walking as Jesus walked.Already like Christ.Christ-likeness is a by-product.Good and evil in the new covenant.Problems from not believing price is paid.New way to please God.How enjoying life in Christ upsets other believers.The Fields Brothers take a break from podcasting.The cross killed religion.
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