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Author: Roger Fields and Jeff Fields

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Not the Marx Brothers nor the Doobie Brothers, Roger Fields and Jeff Fields are the Fields Brothers, co-authors of "Breaking The Hex." Enjoying life on this side of the cross they talk about happenings from their lives in central Kentucky. They are recovering pastors with no known history of scandal, just a refreshing take on freedom in Christ. WARNING: The following views and opinions may not necessarily represent those of the staff or management of your local church.
113 Episodes
After several minutes of relatively serious content, Roger takes the podcast down a not-so-serious path. For those wanting a podcast that is nothing but wall-to-wall solid Biblical teaching, I (Jeff) apologize for my brother. 
Many believers are uncertain about whether or not a genuine believer in Christ can lose their eternal salvation. Roger and Jeff talk about the issue from a different perspective than is usually discussed. 
After a four month break, Roger and Jeff are back talking about life in Christ on this side of the cross.  Many times in Christian circles, we use phrases that do not make sense in light of the gospel of grace.  While they may sound good, then actually pull our focus away from the finished work of Christ on the cross.
Characteristics of free-range believers.The Numbers Blessing Song - Done.Why we should quit TRYING to be like Jesus.Walking as Jesus walked.Already like Christ.Christ-likeness is a by-product.Good and evil in the new covenant.Problems from not believing price is paid.New way to please God.How enjoying life in Christ upsets other believers.The Fields Brothers take a break from podcasting.The cross killed religion.
Tennis anyone?LIke a dog chasing a car.O.T. prophets did NOT see Christ in us.How living under law compartmentalizes our lives.A great Torchbearers video.Internal presence or external pressure?Beware of this type of teaching.Resting in Christ enables work.A grace and golf retreat.What is righteousness?Righteousness is revealed.The amazing example of Abraham.The "much more" of Romans 5.Righteousness is healthy.It's the peace of God that guards our hearts.How being in Christ is like arriving at a resort.
Roger wants to play Top Golf (that's not a typo).How it's a sin to try to keep God's law.How grace pulls the rug out from under believers.What does it mean to "walk in the light?"A new application from Philippians 2."Preaching grace is preaching Jesus."A Bob George story.Quit trying to be a better Christian.Surprising thoughts about the 4 gospels.Why such a difference between what Jesus taught and what the disciples taught?A striking truth about "The Great Commission."Theologian Mick Jagger and satisfaction.A key to overcoming addictions.
What is "the fear of God?"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.What legalism and license have in common.Keith Green's grace awakening.A hilarious golf course story that even Roger likes.Wacko theology.The gospel reveals the righteousness of God, not our sin.How the Law is like autocorrect.The overlooked role of the Spirit in our lives.Believers in the hands of a legalistic preacher.A tragic story of a pastor's Covid death.How to beat up on a Christian.
Roger violates realtors regulation.Quit denying yourself.Scriptures that describe your new self.How unbelief is often disguised as humility.Understanding Scripture with the new covenant.God's will is not opposed to your will.Why believers struggle.II Chronicles 16:9 through the lens of the cross.Strengthened by grace.The joy of the Lord.Cross check it.The movie Secretariat.How we misguide new believers at their baptism.Fascinated by Christ.
Does grace make us lazy?Roger dismisses Jeff's attempt to help with the raccoon problem.Roger's helps a cow on the road and that is not a typo.Good works or dead works.Jeff's new favorite poem by John Bunyan.How grace motivates us.Is forgiveness like an insurance policy with exceptions?Outing non-tithers?!?!The Acts 3 miracle.Expressing who we already are in Christ.Roger's transition from Kidzblitz.Joel Osteen's mom gives Roger a thumbs down.We have to be dead to the law in order to live to God.God is satisfied with you.It's crazy not to focus on the cross.
The "greatest commandment."The "good Samaritan."The wrong tree.Shrinking Cross Syndrome.Why new believers often lose their enthusiasm.Roger's truck gives him a message.Jesus is the vine, not us.Does God want you rich?Who rules the world?Satan's greatest tool?When Jesus asked, "Who touched me?"Our inheritance in Christ.
Let It Grow

Let It Grow


The problem with modern day "discipleship."Disciples in the book of Acts.Growth that is from God.God gives the increase.What does "Apollos watered" mean?What does spiritual growth look like?The devil's schemes.The gospel incomprehensible and revealed.Why was the cross public, but the resurrection private?A bear in Lexington, KY.An Australian man saves 2 million babies with his blood.The recent video warning by a pastor.
The Fields Brothers Show IT department (Roger) makes a confession.Gummy bears, raccoons and a skunk.The forgiven woman in Luke 7.The key to loving God.Why the Corinthians were NOT told to confess their sin.What about willful sin?Text check it.Grace with no additives.How religion is like a bounce back net.Roger's Dr. Pepper theology.Mike Q Daniel quote.Do you have CRS (Cross Reduction Syndrome)?Growing in Christ.
Bad news for bald menUpdate on Jeff's BBB complaintHow religious law is like smoking cigarettesDo you need to sin more?Legalistic Bible reading streakThe spiritual influence of the HexA new look at II Cor. 5:17A little known fact about oil in KentuckyWorld Chicken Festival is cancelledTo infinity and beyond!The other parable of two sonsFather's Day
You can't make Jesus Lord of your life.How religion is the wrong fuel for the engine of life.Zig Ziglar storyRoger vs. raccoonsWhy Paul was the worst of sinnersThe benefit of weaknessJeff files a complaint with the BBB.THE day Jesus became the cornerstone The biggest "oops" everEncouragement in disturbing timesThe good news of a new EarthThe scroll in Revelation 5Jesus our blessed hope!
Race Relations in 2020

Race Relations in 2020


Jack Nicklaus needs Jeff's help.Paving for pizza.Saint or saints? The body matures together.Roger gives medical advice for acid reflex.RIP Irene Triplett.Roger talks about Kidz Blitz.We never graduate from grace.Relational or transactional?Grace in a world of obligations.Riding in the pickup with the tailgate down.Can covered sin be uncovered?Are we New Covenant stowaways?Birth control for mosquitoes."A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation"Race relations.
Roger is clueless about National Hamburger Day.A new sponsor for The Fields Brothers Show.How is a pop tart like legalism?Have we missed the point of baptism?A typical flying turtle story.3-dimensional grace in a 2-dimensional religious world.Roger gets unfriended on FaceBook.The new covenant is a person, not just a better system.The good news of life restored through immersion in the Spirit.
Drive-In Worship Guide.The wrong Home Depot.Disciple is not a higher level of Believer.Two elements of our foundation as the church.An amazing example of Christ bringing believers together.Ravi Zacharias tribute.A deceptive claim to give God glory.The Amish on the golf course (that is not autocorrect).A different explanation of being lukewarm.Seeing the spiritual identity of others.Roger's Donny and Marie analogy.Roger's swamp creature analogy.Christ is at our center.
LIve on FaceBook!Jeff tells Roger about a new website.Roger's deep napping.How grace makes Scripture pop with new meaning.Roger's rant about Costco.2 crime stories.It's not the Bible that will last forever.Law is a license to sin.What about posting the Ten Commandments.No manna in the Promised Land.The Kentucky Blue people.How the gospel frees us from overwhelming legalism.False attacks on hyper grace.Paul the apostle said God's grace is hyper hyper.A moving testimony by Joan Thomas.
Our newest sponsor.The mistaken title of "devout" Christian.An overlooked word in the grace message.What happens when we focus on something.Spiritually buff?How religion is like hair coloring.Where did the pharisees come from?Don't worry about being "used" by God.The tragedy of missing God's love.Jeff explains dodge juggle to Roger.The four horsemen of religion.The importance of knowing it is done.
LIve on Religion Free Movement Facebook.Warning:  Mental whiplash ahead.An often missed word in I John 1.Roger does not recognize the name, Myles Coverdale.Jeff recommends the book, "Clash of the Covenants."3 possible paths.What you may not have known about the American chestnut tree.Mike Q Daniel quote.How obedient are you and why that is the wrong question.A boy (Roger) and his dog.The two parts of the gospel.Roger's "To Whom It May Concern" letter.
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