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With their writers on strike, Nelson and Tim play it loose with their fall movie preview. Solidarity!
Ep 73: One Piece

Ep 73: One Piece


In this episode, Tim and Nelson talk Netflix's live action adaptation of the anime classic, One Piece. Plus, Nelson provides a brief history of why anime adaptations to the live action world never worked.
Ep 72: Ahsoka

Ep 72: Ahsoka


Nelson and Tim provide an in-depth take on the latest Star Wars entry, Ahsoka. Plus, Tim covers some "Hot Topics" and a quick take on the comedy, No Hard Feelings.
Nelson takes the Barbenheimer Challenge and Tim sees Oppenheimer in IMAX. Plus, calls for James Gunn's head after Blue Beetle's opening weekend debut.
Nelson and Tim express their love for the spy genre and strong female leads as they provide their take on Tyler Sheridan's Special Ops: Lioness and Heart of Stone. Plus, some interesting Mission Impossible trivia.
Tim and Nelson have a potpourri episode where they talk about what they've been watching: Squid Games, Jury Duty, Twisted Metal, and The Lincoln Lawyer. Plus, a vision of what the Jack Ryan "Clancy-verse" would look like and Tim pays homage to the most excellent Bill and Ted for their 69th episode.
Ep 68: Secret Invasion

Ep 68: Secret Invasion


Nelson and Tim exchange banter on their inability to get to the "true" 70mm screening of Oppenheimer since it's sold out for weeks and they break down the Nick Fury swan song, Secret Invasion.
Nelson shares his post-San Diego Comic-Con experience, sans the Hollywood presence, and Tim dotes on Olivia Colman.
Hello there! Nelson and Tim chat about their experiences with the mother of all cons: San Diego Comic-Con. What they loved, what they look forward to, and tricks of the trade.
After a bit of a working dad hiatus, Nelson and Tim recap the movies they've been watching, as well as the binge-worthy content. They add their thoughts to The Flash, the future of the DCU, and keep their fingers crossed for an expanded "Ryanverse" now that Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is coming to an end.
Nelson and Tim catch up on all the content out there. Plus, Nelson's take on Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3.
There's a lot of TV content out there to watch. Nelson and Tim provide their mid-season takes on Ted Lasso, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Barry, and provide their take on Season 3 of The Mandalorian. WARNING: This episode contains SPOILERS!
Ep 62: Murder Mystery 2

Ep 62: Murder Mystery 2


In this episode, Tim and Nelson talk the Netflix release, Murder Mystery 2...and Trailer Pitches are back! WARNING: This episode contains spoilers. Not that you wouldn't be able to predict the ending of an Adam Sandler film.
Nelson and Tim are at odds when it comes to Chapter 4 in the latest John Wick saga. Plus, the guys take on a 3-part take on the final season of Succession. Succession Begins - a take of the first episode. WARNING: May contain spoilers.
Nelson and Tim get a chance to talk Shazam! Fury of the Gods, DCEU meddling, and the future of the franchise. Plus, a first take on the season 3 opener of Ted Lasso. WARNING: Does not contain too many spoilers.
Nelson and Tim provide their take on this year's Academy Awards, their feel-good moments, surprises, and who was robbed of a nomination. Then they provide a first take on the third season of The Mandalorian. Warning: There may be spoilers, but not really since you know who won Best Picture and The Mandalorian is just setting things up!
Nelson and Tim return with their take on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.  Don't miss the watchlist and upcoming shows on their radar.  Warning: May contain spoilers.
Nelson and Tim talk Netflix's You People, quick takes on what they're watching, and tackling the hot topics, including the latest Warner Discovery/James Gunn/DC moves.
Nelson and Tim are BACK!  See how far they get by watching Netflix's Kaleidoscope in random orders and how they rate The Last of Us in the genre of video game adaptations.  Plus, the world is blaming Dwayne Johnson for the demise of DC in the new segment, CLICK BAIT! WARNING: We're pretty sure this episode does not contain spoilers, but assume it does just in case.
Signing off for 2022, Nelson and Tim break down the latest season of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and blast Ben Shapiro when comparing Glass Onion to a modern-day Agatha Christie story.  WARNING: This episode may contain spoilers.  If it does, it's minimal.  There's also a baby in the room...joining in on the conversation. 
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