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The Fine Homebuilding Podcast embodies Fine Homebuilding magazine's commitment to the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance in residential construction. Hosted by the magazine's editors, The FHB Podcast is an informal but vigorous show about the techniques and principles that allow listeners to master their design and building challenges.
229 Episodes
One of our favorite podcast-crew alumni joins us to discuss the best way to build a garage floor, whether a builder should hire a laborer or an apprentice, and how to make a worn out wood floor look beautiful again.
Kiley, Matt and Patrick hear from listeners about wood-fiber sheathing, humidifiers and heat-pump water heaters before taking questions about how to demo a rickety carport, what to do about subslab ductwork, and how to insulate old walls without sheathing.
Justin, Rob and Patrick hear from listeners about membrane roofing, handyman businesses, and lighting controls before taking listener questions about cracked structural members, a missing electrical inspection, and what to do about hard water.
Patrick, Kiley, and Matt answer questions about how to frame a roof with I-joists, a confusing code requirement for framing nails, and how different types of floor joist hold up in a fire.
Tim and Bryan talk about the builders that they learned from and how they continually strive to improve the systems in their family home building business while maintaining civility with each other, their employees, and their subcontractors.
The crew hears from listeners about tile showers, heat-pump water heaters, and Finex panels before taking questions on fixing bad drywall, making a bow-roof watertight, and revamping hydronic heat.
Carpenter Elly Hart talks about transitioning to a career in the trades. She made the switch from being a tech writer to a Red Seal certified carpenter.
Justin Fink and Ben Bogie chat with experts from Boral about a wide range of manufactured exterior materials—particularly Boral’s poly-ash TrueExterior line.
Patrick and Justin talk with Home Advisor's economist Mischa Fisher about the skilled trade gap and what we can do about it. They also discussed concrete things you can do to improve your construction business.
Warmboard inventor and CEO Terry Alsberg sits down to talk about his product’s origin story and comfortable heating, and two students from SUNY Delhi talk about what they’re doing in trade school and about their participation in NAHB’s Residential Construction Management Competition.
FHB's longtime editorial advisor and his employee talk about the show and some of the cool stuff they've found here.
Steve joins Patrick and Rob at the Fine Homebuilding booth to talk about building materials, building science, and sharing knowledge within the building community.
The crew gets feedback on door bevels and heat pump water heaters before taking questions on matching moldings to a house style, converting a seasonal cabin to year round use, and what to do about Sawzall-wielding plumbers.
The crew hears from listeners about heating humid air and can light replacement before taking listener questions on how to seal can lights, the best way to build a workshop, and what to do about small inaccessible foundations.
The FHB editors offer advice to listeners with uninsulated solid-masonry walls, unusual flashing-material substitutions, uncommon cladding comparisons, and confusing insulation mandates.
The FHB crew takes questions on choosing water heaters, mixing and matching exterior building materials, getting historic renovations right, and more.
The crew hears from Ben Bogie about his experience using foam glass. Several listeners weigh in on the ethics and sensibility of a 9000-sq. ft. deep-energy retrofit. Jeff talks about who inspects structural steel in Seattle. Jeff wants to know what he should do about his cobbled-together basement slab. Michael asks how to fix a stucco-clad wall built partially below grade. Andy from Indy wants to know the best way to insulate a concrete floor that was once part of a porch. And anonymous wants to know what to do about the Insulbrick on an old home he’s rehabbing.
The crew hears from listeners about tooling urethane sealants, installing an HRV and the British series Grand Designs before taking questions about the best wall assembly for reclaimed foam, what to do about a deafening furnace, and the best way to insulate a garage under a garage.
Matt, Kiley and Patrick hear from listeners about thermal bridging, dryer ducts and determining the age of recent remodels before taking listener questions on improving attic insulation, hybrid work trucks and what’s up with this can light?
The crew tackles questions about rigid insulation for foundations and strengthening an over-spanned kitchen floor, plus Patrick shares his idea of the perfect deck, which is also a boat.
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