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The Fine Homebuilding Podcast embodies Fine Homebuilding magazine's commitment to the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance in residential construction. Hosted by the magazine's editors, The FHB Podcast is an informal but vigorous show about the techniques and principles that allow listeners to master their design and building challenges.
212 Episodes
Matt, Kiley and Patrick hear from listeners about thermal bridging, dryer ducts and determining the age of recent remodels before taking listener questions on improving attic insulation, hybrid work trucks and what’s up with this can light?
The crew tackles questions about rigid insulation for foundations and strengthening an over-spanned kitchen floor, plus Patrick shares his idea of the perfect deck, which is also a boat.
The crew hears from Rob about a very cool training lab for weatherization work. Cooper shows off his newly-completed garage air sealing and insulating project. Jeff describes how industrial gas bottles are safety tested and he talks about some very interesting bottles dating from the earliest days of rocketry. Cole gives his secrets for installing dog doors meant for entry doors. Daniel wants to know who makes the best outdoor caulk. Kevin wants to know the best plan for an efficient house in South Carolina. Brandon asks how to take apart his tub drain so he can replace the tub. Finally Byron wants to know how to safely insulate his walls which have fiberboard sheathing on the outside and a foil vapor barrier (FSK) on the inside.
Matt, Rob and Patrick here from listeners about bartering for home projects and using salvaged bowling alleys for tap dancing. The crew then reveals the list of favorite problem-solving tools compiled from Fine Homebuilding’s Facebook page. Robert asks how to keep his wood shop from baking in the warm California sun. Spence wants to know if he should replace his water heater when he replaces his furnace. Dave wonders about the reparability of modern housing while he rebuilds a badly detailed straw bale house in Vermont. Finally, Matthew asks about mixing WRB’s on a remodel that includes a new addition.
Matt, Rob and Patrick get an awesome new Fine Homebuilding Podcast logo from Matt. Adam writes in to describe his attempt at starting a handyman business in the suburbs of Washington DC. Nicolas asks if there are any good reference books that describe how to take care of seasonal and second homes. Larry asks how to make his home woodshop more comfortable and Chris wants to know if his sister’s house should have its dryer vent outlet in the garage.
The FHB editors talk about planning a foundation for a remote job site, getting the most from an entry-level carpentry job and should you tear apart a stucco-clad house to search for water damage
The FHB editors field questions about the perils of an unheated shop, concerns about insulating a band joist behind brick veneer, and how to build a "fine" house on a tight budget.
The regular crew hears from listeners about galvanic corrosion, eating honey that’s 160 years old, and what the VHB in VHB tape really stands for. Then they take listener questions about replacing a monster sliding patio door, getting a too tight window to fit and removing a two-story masonry chimney from a foursquare.
Patrick welcomes guests Brian Pontolilo, Maria Klemperer-Johnson, Jake Bruton, and Steve Baczek to this special episode of the FHB Podcast.
Patrick, Rob, and Justin invite special guests Kevin Ireton, Scott McBride, and Micheal Maines on to talk about the past, present, and future of Fine Homebuilding and the residential construction industry.
Matt, Kiley  and Patrick hear from listeners about small jobs and glass bottle masonry before taking questions about how to best use an unloved slab in the backyard, how to keep the snow removal team from destroying a brick wall with salt, and the proper way to detail a deck over a porch.
The Fine Homebuilding editors hear from listeners on gutter guards and can lights before taking questions on the best way to build a home shop, how to protect yourself from lead and other remodeling hazards, and living in North Carolina without air conditioning.
Patrick, Kiley, and Matt start the show with more feedback about cool stuff people find in old walls before getting schooled by an infrared-camera expert on the phenomenon of emissivity and how it skewed their beer-koozie experiment. Then it's on to questions about building gable-end roof extensions for an insulation retrofit, why there's a separate code for old buildings (and whether or not anyone even uses it), how to make an attached garage part of a home's conditioned space, and options for attractive gutters when there's a tight budget.
Justin, Matt, and Rob kick off the show by reminding everyone that there are only a couple weeks until the Fine Homebuilding Summit and there are still a few tickets available for this educational event focused on the fundamentals of high-performance, high-quality home building. After reading some listener feedback, the crew discusses possible solutions for five separate questions from the Fine Homebuilding Forum and the FHB Podcast inbox, including how to replace floor joists, how to cut a hollow-core door, how to finish a wooden basement door, how to insulate around an electrical panel, and whether or not primer filler is a substitute for filling and sanding old siding.
The crew hears from listeners about New Zealand-grown wool insulation and about repairing homes after serious storms. Tim from Maine writes in to ask about the science and art of contractor estimating and how to make a living doing small jobs nobody else wants to do. Joshua from Cincinnati writes in asking for advice on how to keep gutters free of leaves and other debris. Kathryn from Seattle asks about solar panels, specifically how to improve their aesthetics. AJ from Washington wants to know how to repair the cantilevered decks common to his area that are an extension of the home’s floor joists and lack proper flashing.
In this episode of the podcast Patrick and Kiley pick Steve’s brain on how architects and builders can have a better partnership and what the real role of an architect should be. He also gives us a taste of his upcoming presentation at the Fine Homebuilding Summit. Patrick and Kiley talk about fitting drawers and building cabinet doors.
In this episode of the Fine Homebuilding Podcast, Justin, Kiley, and Patrick hear from listeners about Zip-R sheathing, blower doors, and reinforcing buildings with spray foam before taking listener questions on using plywood as porch flooring, creating comfortable spaces with good flow, and how to pull of good-looking trim details that can be made in a home shop.
The regular crew hears from listeners on T-studs and contractor education before taking listener questions on bulkhead doors, building long-lasting outdoor stairs, and how to waterproofing a screen porch floor.
Rob, Matt and Patrick hear from listeners about rain barrel spigots and masonry walls resisting soil pressure before taking listener questions on WRBs, insulating walls sheathed with fiberboard, and making French-style patio doors from scratch.  
Matt, Rob and Patrick hear from listeners on bogus blower door results, pellet stoves, and steel siding before taking questions on the best way to convert an unheated garage into a woodshop, using the web to start a K&B remodeling business, and how to deal with clients who want free additional work.
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