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The Fine Homebuilding Podcast embodies Fine Homebuilding magazine's commitment to the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance in residential construction. Hosted by the magazine's editors, The FHB Podcast is an informal but vigorous show about the techniques and principles that allow listeners to master their design and building challenges.
665 Episodes
A conversation with Bill Grande , Vice President: Codes, Standards and Compliance at electrical device manufacturer Leviton.
Listeners write in about wonky doors and hacking water heaters and ask questions about insulating a four square’s attic, adding on to an existing foundation, and deck construction.
Listeners write in about keeping pipes from freezing, and wood species for porch railings. They ask questions about tongue-and-groove siding, mass timber construction, and moldy minisplits.
Listeners write in about endangered overhangs, mass timber, and DIY sawmills. They ask questions about opening windows in a Pretty Good House, insulating 2x6 rafters, and insulating trusses.
Listeners write in about skinny houses, green-building upgrades, and leak detectors. They ask questions about flashing windows, protecting footings from frost, and back-to-basics home builds.  
Listeners write in about landscape lighting, airsealing porch ceilings, and foregoing inspections, and ask questions about DIY dense-pack insulation, fixing a wonky door, and detailing envelope penetrations.
Listeners write in about ADUs, data-hogging washers, and foregoing inspections. They ask questions about replacing functioning HVAC systems, reinforcement for footings, and repairing a garage built on fill.
The FHB Podcast discusses refrigerants, the HVAC industry, and HVAC worker training.
Listeners write in about outdoor showers, a Philadelphia carpentry teacher, and the science of hail damage. We ask building scientist Monica Rokicki-Guajardo questions about building performance, HVAC systems, and indoor air quality.
Listeners write in about shade structures, metaphors for air-sealing, and the HVAC industry and ask questions about porch railings, porch flooring, and Japanese footings.
Listeners write in about off-site construction, displaying old walls, and building outbuildings and ask questions about leaky doors, missing flashing, and insulating kneewalls.
Listeners write in about high water bills, soggy straw bales, and house fires and ask questions about tightening wood-fiber walls, places without inspections, and heat pump water heaters.
Listeners write in about EVs, sources of CO, and structural engineering and ask questions about roof insulation, rim joists, and shrinking houses.
Listeners write in about water conservation, useful books, and work trucks. Questions include builders in Oklahoma, roof insulation, and fixing ice dams.
Listeners write in about the value of FHB and ask questions about basement flooring, condensation on windows, HVAC register locations, and heat-pump water heaters.
Listeners write in about off-site construction and ask questions about board-framed walls, sealed crawlspaces, and overflowing laundry standpipes.
Listeners write in about Super Insulated Houses and water pipes and ask questions about building a house inside a barn, sidewall flashing, and chimney dampers.
Listeners write in about high-performance builds, wall insulation, and EV vans and ask questions about bad building, insulating a lean-to, and minisplit air distribution.
Listeners write in about handyman businesses, NASA’s stuck screws, and leak detectors and ask questions about old houses, sizing beams, and restoring windows.
A talk with Heather Clark Director of Building Emissions for the White House Climate Policy Office and feedback on missing water, Bay Area renovations, and pex manifolds.
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Yikes. Lots of uncomfortable dead air and very little valuable insight. 😬

Feb 18th

Priya Dharshini


Jan 16th

Paja Storec


Jan 16th

Emilia Gray

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May 18th

Daniel Milliken

Decent episode. I love this show.

Apr 16th