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This week the girls and the ginger dive into the messiest celebrity divorces of the 2000s, starting with the iconic Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey.  They debate over-preparing for a trip, 2 drink maximums at brunch, and shar pei tails.  Plus the most heartwarming Worstie Firstie we’ve ever received.
Following soldier Deirdre Aguigui’s untimely death in July 2011, her husband Isaac becomes disenchanted with the military and government. For the next five months, Isaac and a small group of fellow soldiers spend the majority of Isaac’s $500,000 life insurance payout to get back payback. Multiple law enforcement agencies know what Isaac and his group are up to, but it’s not until two more innocent people are murdered that anyone is stopped. In episode 202, Jac, Alexis, and Billy detail how Isaac Aguigui funded and founded a militia within the Army, and how doing so led to the deaths of Tiffany York and Michael Roark.
In 2010, a soldier in her early 20s returns to the US from a deployment to Iraq - she’d been injured in a mortar attack. She and her husband settle into an apartment located on Fort Stewart, Georgia. They soon get pregnant, and are both beyond excited to be parents. But on July 17, all that excitement comes crashing down when the woman dies inside their on-base apartment. Her husband tells everyone he found her unresponsive, and that she died as a result of the injuries she sustained in Iraq. His story seems believable on the surface…until you find out how he spends the wife’s $500,000 life insurance payout. In episode 201, Jac, Alexis, and Billy detail the teenage years of Isaac Aguigui, his military career, and his marriage to Deirdre Wetzker, which ended in her death.
This week the girls and the goth discuss all of the movies inspired by real life killers, starting with the classic: Psycho. They debate audiobook gate keepers, peeing on the toilet seat, and the gloriousness of Topo Chico. Also a tangent about plane crashes!
A 20 year old woman escapes an abusive relationship, and moves into her own place, taking her young son along with her. She starts working at a job she loves, and focuses on providing a better life for her and her son. But just as things are starting to really look up for the woman, she’s found beaten and strangled in her South Carolina home. In episode 200, Jac, Alexis, and Billy detail the murder of Melissa “Missy” Clary, a victim of domestic violence in both life and death.
This week the girls and the goth do a deep dark dive into Donald Duck’s possible involvement in WWII. They debate $35 beers, wooden utensils, and not throwing your trash away properly.  Oh, and muppet is our new official word used to insult people!
On October 21, 2020, two brothers aged in their early twenties are gunned down at their home in Wolcott, Indiana. Their bodies are discovered the next day. In the following days, police get a tip off that a 20 year old woman may know something about the shootings. When she’s interviewed, she admits to being at the scene of the crime with her boyfriend and his associate. She denies being involved in any shooting, and it soon becomes a matter of ‘he said, she said’. But the stories of the three accused don’t line up, especially when evidence emerges suggesting the alleged murders may have been planned all along. In episode 199, Jac, Alexis, and Billy detail the alleged murders of the Benyon brothers, Mathew and Daniel, at the hands of a former classmate Breann Cobb, her boyfriend Marlin Seay and another associate named Dorian Hale Jr.
This week the girls and the goth dive into all of the poor, poor inventors who were murdered by the very things they crested.  They debate the two soy sauce maximum, the Mexican Pizza, and the concept of a table soup.  Plus, how much is too much cheese?
Episode 198: Matthew Kelly

Episode 198: Matthew Kelly


On December 12, 2021, a 34 year old Kansas man is arrested on a misdemeanor count of property damage. As fate would have it, the man’s cellmate is a family friend who fronts him half the money to pay his bond. On the night of the 13th, the 34 year old man is released from jail. Less than three hours later, his body is found in the back of a truck - he’d been brutally murdered. In episode 198, Jac, Alexis, and Billy dig in to the murder of Matthew Kelly and try to make sense of why anyone wanted him dead.
This week the girls and the goth put their fangs in and dive into the dark history of Dracula!  They debate charcuterie vending machines, binging TV shows, and the word moist.  And real question: was Dracula hot or nah?
In December 1975, Lisa Peak helps authorities bring down John Carmody, the head of a sex trafficking extortion ring. By September 1976, Lisa, now 19 years old, is starting to move on with her life. She moves into the dorms for her sophomore year at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Two days later, she’s found dead. The obvious suspect is Carmody, but he’s still behind bars, so authorities look into the possibility that Lisa’s murder is connected to the unsolved murders of 14 year old Valerie Klossowsky and 18 year old Julie Benning. In episode 197, Jac, Alexis, and Billy pore through the details of all three murders and try to figure out if they’re connected. 
This week the girls and the goth learn all about Henry VIII’s 6 wives (victims) and all of his bizarre medieval gaslighting. They debate bartender gatekeeping, iced water vs room temp, and if it’s an abomination for servers to call tap water “sink water”. Fun fact: did you know catfishing was invented in the 1500s?
In the fall of 1975, Lisa Peak is a freshman journalism student at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa when she is trapped into a sex trafficking extortion ring run by a sick and twisted man named John Carmody. After months of abuse, Lisa goes to the police and helps secure a conviction against him. With Carmody behind bars, Lisa tries to move on with her life - she decides to write a book about her experiences and she re-enrolls at Wartburg. But only one day after she moves into the all girls dorm, Lisa goes missing. In episode 196, Jac, Alexis, and Billy examine Marie “Lisa” Peak’s disappearance and her time as a member of John Carmody’s “Family”.
This week the girls and the goth learn about all the wild predictions The Simpsons made throughout the years. They debate unpacking your suitcase right away, nacho cheese, and judging people by their book covers. PLUS! Is "you're not cool" the best dig ever?
In part one, our first degree Katie shared harrowing details of her relationship with her ex boyfriend Ryan, and the abuse and escalating violence she experienced first hand. By the time she left him, Katie was convinced that Ryan had the ability to kill... and she was right. In episode 195, Jac, Alexis and Billy learn what happened after Katie escaped this relationship, the victims who came after her, and the senseless murder that sent shockwaves through Mansfield and Ashland Ohio.
This week, the girls and the goth discuss espresso martinis, unsolicited guitar playing, and the magic of dueling piano bars. Also! A short talk about the Napoleon complex. Plus! Oops, we blew up your car!
Fifty seven women each month are shot and killed by intimate partners in America. An additional one million women in America have survived being shot by an intimate partner. How do we stop these perpetrators, and how can we avoid getting into relationships with them? The short answer is--We can’t. What we can do is educate ourselves in what behaviors to look out for, which is exactly the purpose of today’s episode. In episode 194, Jac, Alexis and Billy talk to Katie, a woman who survived one of these relationships, getting out of it just in the knick of time. And while she made it out alive, not everyone in this story did.
This week the girls and the goth explore UFO conspiracies and one of the most popular extraterrestrial snuff films of all time. They debate joint Facebook accounts, estate sales, and geese. Plus Catfishing tips!
We conclude with part 2 of our story about the attention-hungry mass murderer who ruined and stole the lives of so many in his pursuit of name recognition and infamy.
This week the girls and the goth go down the rabbit hole of the biggest festival disaster of all time. They debate Eric Church bailing on his job to watch college basketball, Coachella 2022, and talking on speaker phone while going #2. QOTD: do you pull your pants down to your ankles when you go to the bathroom?
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Nicole Siler

un follow as Billy is a predator and the other host are standing behind him. trash ppl

Jun 22nd

Paul Dixon

Wow. I'm really surprised that you'd release an episode after what's come out regarding Billy this week.

Jun 22nd

Cornelius Gottlieb

I trust you will post more like that later on.

May 24th

Connie Darrington

The "barrow pit" is the side of the road off of the pavement. And, coroner's are not medical school graduates. In most parts of the country, Idaho included, they are an "elected official", no medical degree required.

May 20th

Kristine Davis

great episode!!!

May 19th

Ashley Campbell

omg so he couldn't get a gun, but still committed crimes? WEIRD

May 4th


I wonder if it's possible that he had a TBI between the time that he committed the murder, and when he was in high school?

Apr 21st

Brandy E

Just heartbreaking!

Apr 8th


come on. just admit this man was a misogynist and a control freak. he killed what he thought was "his", and made arrangements controlling the lives of the othervpeople he considered "his".

Mar 11th

Brandy E

Love the show but can they get the ending together? 184 times seems like enough practice.

Mar 2nd

Denna Marie Crandall

Any updates on this case?

Feb 18th


This one got to me more than the coverage I've heard on other platforms about Polly. Elizabeth was great

Feb 4th

Brandy E

How calculated! I hope she gets help!

Feb 2nd

Brandy E

So senseless! What scum! my heart goes out to her family and friends.

Jan 26th


They have the documentary of this on Discovery+ Also seen documentary on the other guy as well. Sick ppl in this world

Jan 20th
Reply (1)

Brandy E

What a monster...both of them!

Jan 19th

Mike Myles

Good content but the two airhead Valley girls, with the ridiculous high school vocabulary need to go.!!! obnoxious, dumb and have no substance. I feel bad for Billy Jensen! having to put up with that must be stressful.

Jan 10th

Kim Ruppel

put the remaining ice cubes in a separate container, and for the love of all things wholly...refill the ice trays

Dec 27th

Michy Davy

oh no haha my son was born on January 2nd 🤣 they tried to induce me on the 31st of Dec but I didn't want him born on the 1st. 🙃

Dec 20th

Trent Brown-Nguyen

This is the first of hearing about this case. Looking forward to the 2nd part. So far it seems pretty biased re him being innocent. Which is confusing. A lot of audio from the daughter who clearly believes he is innocent. Not much from the police or prosecution mmm...

Dec 13th
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