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Five for 5 Podcast is a show where we discuss Five topics for 5 minutes each. Each episode features a new guest and some great discussion on our topics at hand. Don't forget about our final topic the PIG!
14 Episodes
Episode 14-Noah Pepper

Episode 14-Noah Pepper


In this episode I talk with local rapper Noah Pepper. We discuss the Dark Knight, Fortnite, Music as therapy and Noah Pepper's Music. As expected we finish with our PIG question
Episode 13-Kevin Wilt

Episode 13-Kevin Wilt


Special NFL episode with Kevin Wilt where we discuss the craziness of NFL off season and most importantly the signing of Tom Brady to the Bucs.
Cameron Anderson and I discuss the show Patriot on Amazon Prime, the new Star Wars video game, Cheesecake, and Lacrosse. Of course we end with a Saint Patrick Days themed PIG question!.
James and I discuss the great show Chuck, Hockey, what makes a good burger and how we are alone in the universe. You already know we end it with a brand new PIG question this week.
Pamela Toledo and I talk about The Office, The Witcher, Mexico, and her true passion which is chili powder! As always we finish the episode with our PIG question.
Local rap talent Dill the Nomad and I discuss Inception, The Last of Us, the works of Hans Zimmer, and creativity and truth.. and as always the PIG question!
In this episode of Five for 5 we talk to Jenni and Micah. We talk about the movie Cats, the game Animal Crossing, we discuss Micah's Crab Dip ratings and Jenni's passion for creativity along with Micah's passion for video games. Of course, as always we cap it off with the PIG question.
Sit down with my twin sister Kelcy, and we talk about the Netflix show The Circle, the Philadelphia Eagles, the place we grew up Chile, and her DYI Cricut Machine. Oh yeah PIG Questions raps it all up!
Caleb Duncan and I have a talk about Superbowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. We discuss his trip to Ireland and his theory on Adolf Hitler. Of course we finish it off with our PIG question.
Our five topics for this episode with Will include the new Star Wars movie, Will's opinion on his game of the decade. We chat about Chance the Rapper along with Will's passion for kicks. Oh yeah, our PIG questions as always!
I sit down with Willis and Jordan to discuss "The Boys", the music of Lewis Capaldi, the big UFC fight that happened with Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone, and lastly the PIG question!
Episode 2- Matt Duncan

Episode 2- Matt Duncan


I sit down with Matt Duncan and talk about You Season 2, E-sports and rocket league. We also discuss what makes pop music popular, and Virtual Reality, and as always our PIG question!
In our first episode of Five for 5, I sit down with Jordan Anderson and we discuss Game of Thrones, UFC and the McGregor vs Cerrone fight. We talk about his awesome trip to Greece and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Pilot Episode-Nick

Pilot Episode-Nick


The Five for 5 pilot episode features our good friend Nick, who is a big part of making this podcast happen! We discuss The Mandalorian, Sushi, League of Legends, and Dimwitted Studios. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.
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