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Author: Zilla Boyer

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The Flying Feminist is a podcast sharing stories of fearless women all over the world. Zilla Boyer is a part-time flight attendant and a full-time feminist. While travelling, she gathers stories of people who identify as female and fight to make a change towards more gender equality.
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Joanna Palmowska is a fearless woman who lives in Shanghai and started Ladyfest Shanghai with a cool group of women. Ladyfest is a celebration of female empowerment that aims to promote a dialogue for gender equality. It calls upon the local community to join in supporting freedom of self-expression and to exchange experiences and visions of femininity and equality. Joanna tells me how and why she started Ladyfest in Shanghai. As much as we can, we talk about gender equality in China and what it's like to live in Shanghai.
Fiona Phie is an Indonesian-American fearless woman studying political science and international relations. She is the executive director at March For Our Lives: Boston, a youth organization working to dismantle gun violence and the systems of white supremacy that perpetuate violence. We talk about gun violence and it’s important relation to gender and why emphasizing communities of colour who are disproportionately affected by gun violence is so important. Fiona shares her own experiences with domestic violence and gun violence while growing up in East Boston. She tells me about her mother, her activism, the importance of communication and we discuss important steps towards the system building and system breaking that is needed to end gun violence. - To learn more about Fiona and her amazing work go to You can follow Fiona online on Twitter (@phiefiona) or Instagram (@internet.fiona).- To find out more about March For Our Lives: Boston, go to find out more about this podcast go to
Cecilia works at graffitimundo, a nonprofit organization entirely run by women in Buenos Aires. By working with local artists and giving tours they try to connect people and share local urban art with the rest of the world. In one of their galleries called Galeria Union, Cecilia talks about how graffitimundo started and how it aims to let people revalue Argentinian culture and art in the public space. Furthermore, we talk about Argentina's suffering under dictatorship and how it formed political activism and the feminist movement today. We talk about the symbols feminists have used and are using nowadays in their struggle for legal abortion. - To find out more about graffitimundo go to To find out more about Galeria Union go to find out more about this podcast go to
Kaitlyn is a Vice President at Women of Vienna, the biggest community for women in Austria. In my living room, she first talks about how she became involved with this community and how she helped it grow from 40 to 17000 members. She also works as a COO at a creative agency in Vienna (Kobza and The Hungry Eyes) and advises startups on how to become more female-friendly and diverse. In the second part of this episode, we talk about the issues that women face within the tech startup scene and within Austria specifically. - To find out more about Women of Vienna go to Kaitlyn learned a lot from the book "BROTOPIA, breaking up the boys' club of Silicon Valley" written by Emily Chang. To find out more about the book go to find out more about this podcast go to
Nada is a transgender activist, who laid the groundwork for Thai transgender students to get official documents according to the gender they have chosen. When studying law at a prestigious university in Northern Thailand her 12 classmates - all men - got their graduation certificates. Hers was denied because the photo she had provided did not show her in a male-specific way. In this episode, she tells how she successfully petitioned her university to issue her certification of graduation according to the gender identity she has chosen, on the basis of her rights rather than mental illness. She furthermore talks about the sexual abuse and struggles she faced in her youth and how she overcame her depression and found her purpose in life. She explains how she finally even reconnected to her parents and why she is now hoping to become a member of parliament in the coming national election in Thailand.To find out more about Nada go to:- find out more about this podcast go to
Nicole is a registered psychologist working as a feminist counsellor. She is specialized in shame resilience, healing trauma, and setting boundaries. In this episode, she talks about what she loves about her work and her clients, how she tries to help them, how she became involved with feminism and what it means to her. To find out more about Nicole go to To find out more about this podcast go to
Devika is a social activist who founded 'Stem op een Vrouw' (Vote for a Woman). She fights racism and enhances the number of women elected and running for office in The Netherlands. A returning theme in her work is identifying flaws in our democracy and offering solutions. In this episode, she talks about how she came up with the idea for the campaign and what motivates and challenges her. To see a TEDxTalk by Devika about her ideas go to find out more about 'Stem op een Vrouw' go to To find out more about this podcast go to
Stephanie is a tireless advocate for social justice and inclusive policies. She founded the Utah Women's Coalition - a statewide, nonpartisan group working to advance the status of Utah women through public policy. In this episode, she talks about her work and how she stays motivated, and about what it's like to run for office. Not long after this interview was recorded, she was elected to theΒ Utah House of Representatives in November 2018!To find out more about Stephanie Pitcher go to find out more about the Utah Women's Coalition go to find out more about this podcast go to
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