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Flying Pigskin features everything Cincinnati Bengals every week during the NFL football season. WCPO sports anchor Caleb Noe is joined by sports anchor Reggie Wilson, and news anchor/Bengals super-fan Tanya O'Rourke to breakdown every game.
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Former Cincinnati Bengals running backs coach Kyle Caskey joined WCPO's Caleb Noe, Reggie Wilson and Tanya O'Rourke to dissect the rumors and answer questions about the the Bengals options in the 2021 NFL Draft.See for privacy information.
"Hopefully, year three, Coach Taylor starts to figure this thing out," Reggie Wilson said on this season's final episode of the Flying Pigskin podcast. Wilson joined Caleb Noe and Tanya O'Rourke to discuss the changes Coach Taylor needs to make this off season, the possible end to A.J. Greens career as a Bengal, and encouraging thoughts on Joe Burrow. Find more at for privacy information.
The Cincinnati Bengals upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning 27-17 on Monday Night Football. "It's not a stretch to say that the Steelers looked soft on Monday Night," Reggie Wilson said on the latest episode of the Flying Pigskin Podcast. Adding, "the Bengals looked like they were the tougher team." Caleb Noe and joined Wilson to discuss the Monday Night Football game, "JuJu" Smith-Schuster's pre-game antics, Coach Taylor's job security, and more.See for privacy information.
What one word would the Flying Pigskin podcast use to describe the Cincinnati Bengals loss to the Cowboys on Sunday? We discuss the Bengals' lack of depth and preparation at quarterback, questions about coaching, and watching former-Bengal Andy Dalton shine in his return to town as Cowboy. More at for privacy information.
"For teams that win, we talk about football," Caleb Noe said to preface this week's episode of WCPO's Bengals podcast, The Flying Pigskin. "Once again, we are talking about things outside the realm of football," he added. Noe was joined by Reggie Wilson and Tanya O'Rourke to breakdown the Bengals loss to Miami riddled with fights, ejections, and poor plays. Wilson speculated on reasons for the fighting, suggesting player's may have thought "if we can't win on the field, I'm getting a piece of somebody." Adding, "it kinda felt like that."See for privacy information.
What do the Cincinnati Bengals need to do to become a competitive NFL team again?  "The Bengals need a full-out exorcism" Reggie Wilson joked on this week's episode of The Flying Pigskin podcast. The Bengals were lead by practice-squad quarterback Brandon Allen to a loss against the New York Giants on Sunday. Wilson joined Caleb Noe and Tanya O'Rourke to discuss the Bengals' 'talent void,' poor draft selections, and dwindling fan excitement. See for privacy information.
Tanya O'Rourke said she "felt sick to my stomach" after Bengals star and rookie quarterback, Joe Burrow, left the game with a serious injury Sunday in Washington. On this week's episode of The Flying Pigskin podcast, O'Rourke joined WCPO sports anchors Caleb Noe and Reggie Wilson to react to Burrow's season-ending injury, what it means to fans, and what the future holds.See for privacy information.
The Cincinnati Bengals continued to struggle to find consistency in their loss in Pittsburgh on Sunday. On the latest episode of WCPO's Flying Pigskin podcast, WCPO sport anchor Reggie Wilson questioned the team's focus. "I don't feel like this Bengals team still knows what the identity is," he said. WCPO anchor Tanya O'Rourke said she thinks the team's identity is a work in progress, adding that "unfortunately, this team has been a work in progress for a generation. "Wilson and O'Rourke were joined by WCPO sport anchor Cabel Noe to breakdown the highlights (or lack there of) from Sundays Bengals/Steelers game. The group discusses the decision to leave Burrow in late in the game, failures on third down, and the demoralizing nature of the Pittsburgh Steelers.See for privacy information.
"I believe this team is so much better than their record. Yesterday, for the very first time, they looked like it. I dare you to tell me they didn't look like a good team." - Tanya O'Rourke We discuss Joe Burrow's progress, offensive line newbies, Gio Bernard's impressive performance, the Bengals new defensive playmakers, and what to expect after the bye week.See for privacy information.
On this week's episode of Flying Pigskin, WCPO sports anchor Reggie Wilson described the drama created when Cincinnati Bengals veteran defensive end Carlos Dunlap vented his frustration online as "a circus at this point." "You're better than this, Carlos" pleaded WCPO anchor Tanya O'Rourke. Adding, "I know you're mad and I know you're frustrated, but be the class act you'd want others to be." Wilson and O'Rourke were rounded out by WCPO sports anchor Caleb Noe to discuss the close Bengals loss against the Cleveland Browns and what to expect from a clearly troubled team.See for privacy information.
"If I'm being really honest, I hate the term 'that's such a Cincinnati way to lose a game,'" sports anchor Caleb Noe said on this week's episode of The Flying Pigskin podcast. "But," he continued, "that was such a Bengals way to lose." Noe joined sports anchor Reggie Wilson and archor Tanya O'Rourke to break down the Bengals loss in Indianapolis on Sunday. Of note was Bengals star wide-receiver A.J. Green, who recorded his most receptions and yards on Sunday after a slow start to the season. O'Rourke said she is "hoping this is a turning point" for Green, while Wilson described seeing Green's performance as it "felt like old A.J." The group also discussed Burrow's rookie development, conservative play-calling, and looks to the season ahead. Connect on Twitter: @flying_pigskin @CalebNoeTV @TanyaORourke @ReggieWilsonTV See for privacy information.
The Flying Pigskin podcast breakdowns the Bengals first win in 2020.  We talk about the Bengals finding balance and Mixon getting to the the end zone, but wonder what's up with A.J. Green. Connect on Twitter: @flying_pigskin @CalebNoeTV @TanyaORourke @ReggieWilsonTV See for privacy information.
Former Bengals tight ends coach Jonathan Hayes joins Reggie Wilson along with host Caleb Noe and Tayna O'Rourke to discuss the tie in Philadelphia, the Bengals receiver core, and defense.See for privacy information.
"Why would you let this poor dude suffer like this?" Tanya O'Rourke asked regarding Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow who faces a lot of pressure from the Cleveland Browns defense during their loss on Thursday night football. "I don't know when the Bengals will get a clue about this," she added. On this week's Flying Pigskin podcast, O'Rourke joined host Caleb Noe and Reggie Wilson to discuss the game, protecting Joe Burrow, A.J. Green's performance, problems on defense and more.See for privacy information.
"You robbed Joe Burrow of his moment." That was WCPO sports reporter Reggie Wilson's message to officials who called offensive pass interference on the would-be game-winning touchdown pass to A.J. Green in the final moments of the Bengal's loss to the Chargers in week one. Wilson joins WCPO sports anchor Caleb Noe and WCPO anchor Tanya O'Rourke to kick off a brand new season. On this episode, the crew reviews Joe Burrow's NFL debut, identifies this season's play-makers, and reflects on football without fans.See for privacy information.
How long until the Cincinnati Bengals are a playoff team again? The Flying Pigskin Podcast discusses the Bengals draft picks, Andy Dalton's destiny, the NCAA Senior Bowl, and more.See for privacy information.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL will hold its annual draft virtually. That means no flashy suits, no hugs or high-fives, and no players holding up jerseys. The Cincinnati Bengals enter this "virtual draft" with the No. 1 overall pick. Experts everywhere expect the Bengals to select LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, but Bengals fans aren't as sure.WCPO sports anchor Caleb Noe, sports reporter Reggie Wilson and sports photographer Philip Lee discuss the unprecedented "virtual draft" and what the Bengals' roster might look like come fall.Tune into WCPO 9 at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 24, for WCPO 9's NFL pre-draft special.See for privacy information.
WCPO High School Insider podcast host Mike Dyer is joined by Cincinnati Bengals director of coaching operations Doug Rosfeld to discuss how the team is preparing for the NFL Draft and what he's learned the most in the league after being Moeller's head coach in 2018.Find more High School Insider at for privacy information.
Despite Andy Dalton leading the Cincinnati Bengals for a 23-point fourth-quarter comeback to tie the game and force overtime in Miami on Sunday, the Dolphins ultimately won the game 35-38. The loss ensures the Bengals will have the first overall draft pick in the 2020.WCPO sports director John Popovich is joined by Craft Brewed Sports podcaster Scott Kyser to discuss the loss in Miami, the questionable futures of both Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, and share their thoughts on the Bengals draft options. See for privacy information.
We discuss the unsurprising Bengals loss to the Patriots, as well as Dalton's struggles, Mixon's successes, and the likelihood of the Bengals receiving the first overall draft pick.See for privacy information.
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