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Finally, a podcast celebrating all the women who know and love football. TFG Managing Editor Melissa Jacobs talks to the most prominent female voices from all avenues of the NFL (with some men thrown in occasionally) and shares a weekly musing on the intersection of football, society and feminism.
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NFL Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion Sam Rapoport takes us inside the 4th Annual Women's Careers in Football Summit where 40 invitees got to inference with NFL head coaches, GMs and the women who have broken barriers. Also, Melissa shares her thoughts on the CBA negations and the perils on a 17-game season. Please support The Football Girl Podcast with a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts: Continue the conversation with Melissa Jacobs on Twitter:
Melissa is joined by The Athletic's Lindsay Jones to wrap up Super Bowl 54 and look ahead to the hot button issues that will define the NFL's offseason? Where will Tom Brady land? What rules will be changed? Are the Chiefs poised to repeat?
Melissa officially gives her Super Bowl prediction and then is joined by her favorite football player of all time, future Hall of Famer Frank Gore!!! Frank talks about his future, mentoring young RBs, and those dark years in San Francisco. (8:07) Bonus: 10-yr old Myon Gore joins with a message for his dad. (16:48) And then the amazing, brilliant Laura Okmin joins to talk about calling her first ever Super Bowl for Westwood One! (18:30)
Melissa kicks off Super Bowl week with a (slightly homerish) examination of Super Bowl LIV with KNBR reporter Bonnie-Jill Laflin. (6:42) Melissa and Bonnie-Jill reminisce about the Harbaugh era but explain why the Shanahan era will have more staying power. Plus, is Jimmy Garoppolo the most underappreciated player in this game.
Melissa is joined by recurring guest, her husband Dave, to preview the AFC and NFC Championships.
Melissa shares her thoughts on the NFL's flawed Rooney Rule (3:25) and the coaching hire cycle. (7:45) Then 49ers Chief Administrative Officer Hannah Gordon joins Melissa IN PERSON to talk about her incredible rise as a team executive and all the programs she oversees, how to market the NFL to women and the brewing excitement ahead of the 49ers' divisional clash with Minnesota. (12:43) Melissa wraps up by making her surefire divisional round picks! (39:00) Please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving a rating or review on Apple Podcasts.
Merry Football!

Merry Football!


On a holiday edition of the TFG Pod, Melissa is joined by her husband Dave to discuss all the visions of NFL playoffs dancing in their heads! Why SF should be extra nervous about Seattle in Week 17, who will end the Patriots' run and who will coach the Cowboys in 2020. Plus Dave shares a poignant observation about Love Actually. Thanks to Poster Burner for sponsoring this episode. Turn any photo in a beautiful, movie-sized poster ands TFG listeners get an EXTRA 10& of your order. Head to:
Melissa is joined by The Violator (aka Wayne Mabry), a 28-year Raiders season ticket holder and integral part of the Black Hole to discuss the future of the Raiders' famed fan base as the team relocates to Vegas. He also takes us inside the final game at the Oakland Coliseum and explains why this crew has stuck together for decades. Thank you to PosterBurner for sponsoring this episode. TFG listeners, turn any photo in a beautiful, movie-sized poster and get an additional 10% by visiting posterburner/com/footballgirl Please leave a good rating and review for The Football Girl Podcast on Apple Podcasts.
Melissa is joined by Aditi Kinkhabwala to talk about the revelation that is Devlin Hodges and the 8-5 Pittsburgh Steelers, and discuss Mike Tomlin as the possible NFL Coach of the Year(9:43). Aditi also details going into labor in Cleveland while covering Week 1's Titans-Browns game and what it's like being newly back at work. Please consider a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts: Looking for a perfect holiday gift that will be a conversation piece all year? Turn any photo into a beautiful, high quality poster at Poster Burner. TFG listeners get an additional 10% off! Please visit
This week Melissa is joined by Hall of Fame NFL writer Charean Williams (Pro Football Talk)to discuss the Dallas Cowboys and the futures of Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott. Charean also reflects on her 26-year career covering the NFL which began as a dream as a 2nd grader and cultivated in her Hall of Fame induction in 2018. Also, Melissa shares her thoughts on Ron Rivera. Please support our podcast with a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts: Special offer for TFG Pod listeners: Turn any photo into a beautiful poster or canvas with PosterBurner. TFG listeners get an additional 10% off with this special link:
Beth Mowins of ESPN and the NFL on CBS joins Melissa for a robust conversation on her journey to become the first women to do play-by-play for a nationally televised NFL game.
ESPN Injury Analyst and resident 49ers fan Stephania Bell joins Melissa to celebrate San Francisco's nine wins, but also ponderhow many more are to come with the Packers, Saints and Ravens on the schedule. (37:50) Stephania also explains why no NFL players are technically healthy (16:11), why it's dangerous to play doctor on Twitter (33:44) and shares some of the worst injuries she's witnessed in sports. (28:20). Melissa kicks off the episode with Week 12's Watchability Index, ranking each game on a scale of Romos, and score predictions! (2:07) Please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts:
This week Melissa is joined by Dave Zirin (The Nation, Edge of Sports Podcast) to try and make sense of the NFL-sanctioned tryout for Colin Kaepernick. (17:01) Why now and with so many parameters? Melissa and Dave contemplate Jay Z'S role and how this situation may be handled differently if Adam Silver was commissioner of the NFL instead of NBA. Also, Melissa shares her Week 11 Watchability Index (grading each game on a scale of Romos, and makes Week 11 score predictions including the Texans-Ravens blockbuster. Keep the conversation going: Melissa on Twitter Dave on Twitter: Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Thank you for your support!
Melissa is joined by Yahoo Senior NFL Writer Kimberley Martin to dissect the atrocious reality that has befallen too many NFL organizations. In other words, which NFL organization is most embarrassing? Martin, who covered both the Jets and the team from Washington, breaks down the bottom feeding organizations in great details. Plus Kim and Melissa share the most important stories of the NFL's second half. Please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving a good ratings and review: Have a question or comment about this episode, or want to give Melissa a tip for a one-hot wonder song appropriate for a third-grade to perform, please reach out on Twitter:
In this quick-ish primer, Melissa Jacobs serves as your NFL concierge through the twisty schedule that makes up Week 9. From Pats-Ravens to Washington-Bills, Melissa lets you know which games are worth watching on a scale on 1-10 Romos. She also makes picks for each game which are absolutely positively correct! Please join the convo and share your Week 9 picks with Melissa by reaching out on Twitter: And please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts:
Melissa is joined by 670 Chicago host and noted activist Julie DiCaro to discuss the Brandon Taubman incident in Houston and examine the misogyny that permeates front office culture. DiCaro also discusses why the Chicago Bears have gone south this season. Melissa runs through the Watchability Index for Week 8 (spoiler: enjoy your Monday night) and explains the rise of trade activity in this week’s Three Minute Drill. Please support the TFG Pod by leaving a good rating and if you’re feeling extra generous, a good review. Thank you.
Melissa is joined by ESPN Vikings Reporter Courtney Cronin who takes us inside a team that while 4-2 team isn't sold on Kirk Cousins. Courtney explains that calm for now marriage between Cousins and his WRs (Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs), changing that might be brewing on defense and how the excellent NFC North should be a higher profile national storyline. Courtney also describes the intricacies of being on an NFL beat and takes us inside a happy hour for women in football she hosted at the NFL combine. Melissa's Three Minute Drill focuses on some extra silly aspects of the NFL's uniform/apparel rules. Please support The Football Girl Podcast with a good rating and/.pr review: Also be sure to check out the other shows on The Football Girl Network... Football Date Night: Melissa and her husband Dave uniquely dissect all the NFL action every Sunday night Fitz on Fantasy: Elite fantasy ranker Pat Fitzmaurice offers advice and engages in compelling conversations with fantasy football's best experts
In this inaugural bonus segment, Melissa rates the watchability of each Week 6 game on a scale of Romos. We hate to play spoiler but Washington-Miami is not recommended viewing. Melissa also makes picks for each game, which are guaranteed winners. Please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving us a good rating/review on Apple Podcasts:
In this episode, Melissa is joined by Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area to dissect the 3-0 49ers and look ahead to the rest of the season. A team insider, Chan surveys the injury situation, explains the greatness of the defensive line, plus Richard Sherman's resurgence and whether the 49ers would consider a trade for Jalen Ramsey and/or Trent Williams. Plus, Jenn and Melissa take questions from listeners! Melissa opens the show by discussing the turmoil at one of Sports Illustrated, where the possibility of mass layoffs threaten one of the most prestigious brands in publishing history. For the first time in a public setting, Melissa shares the details and aftermath of her own experienced being laid off from SI. Please support The Football Girl pod by subscribing and leaving a good rating/review on Apple Podcasts:
This week, Melissa is joined by Jane McManus, Marist’s Director of Sports Communication and columnist for the New York Daily News to take a bird’s eye view to the Antonio Brown saga. From the league’s role in mental health to accountability of Bill Belichick to the effectiveness of the DV policy, this robust conversation touches on several important aspects of this story. Also in this episode: Melissa crows about the 3-0 49ers and applauds Baker Mayfield for his response to hot take TV. Our Three Minute Drill this week spotlights the role of a nickelback and why the position has gained more prominence in recent years. And Melissa Please subscribe to the TFG Pod, and don’t forget to rate and review on Apple Podcasts! Find Melissa on Twitter:
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