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Finally, a podcast celebrating all the women who know and love football. TFG Managing Editor Melissa Jacobs talks to the most prominent female voices from all avenues of the NFL (with some men thrown in occasionally) and shares a weekly musing on the intersection of football, society and feminism.
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This week Melissa welcomes Annice Canady, the first women to officiate an NCAA football game. (16:57) Melissa also shares her conflicting thoughts about the upcoming NFL season (5:11) and spotlights the new rules for 2019 in this week’s Three Minute Drill. (1:19:01)In 2000, eight years before Sarah Thomas graced an NCAA field as an official, a job that would catapult her to the NFL level, Annice Canady was calling games for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). A firecracker with an innate instinct for football, Canady’s glass shattering only came after a perilous path. She survived three bouts of cancer, turning to officiating at the youth level as her comfort. But this was the mid-90’s when women in the NFL were as commonplace as vegans at a pig roast. Canady dealt with naysayers and innuendos from the start. On this week’s pod, she details her rich story and spotlights the traits and people who helped her along the way. Canady, who currently serves as a trainer of officials for the NFL, shares her mixed feeling about the current state of women in officiating.Canady is also featured in the documentary, “Her Turf,” which tracks three female officials at different stages of their careers. To learn more about Canady and the doc, click here: https://herturf.comChat with Melissa about her monologue on Face App and the pending NFL season:, to help us continue spotlight empowering, groundbreaking women in the NFL and have passionate football convos, PLEASE leave us a good rating and review in Apple Podcasts:
Melissa welcomes former NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino (13:16) who is the executive producer of 'Her Turf,' a documentary about three female officials. Dean chats about why the film subject is so important to him (14:58), other female officials in the NFL pipeline(34:08), why the new PI rule is potentially disastrous (38:07), what officiating looks like in five years (40:59), and his stint as a stand-up comic (46:41).On this week's Three Minute Drill, Melissa explains the overtime rule and why it hasn't been more tweaked. (50:03).Thank you listening! To further support The Football Girl, please a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts.
What Sarah Spain Said

What Sarah Spain Said


Melissa talks with ESPN's Sarah Spain about carving her unique multi-platform role at ESPN, her comedic beginnings, crushing social media trolls and the Bears' strange obsession with Cody Parkey.(4:52).To support the TFG Pod, please leave a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts:
In this episode of The Football Girl Podcast, Melissa goes in depth with new Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant defensive line coach Lori Locust (10:59). 'Coach Lo' tells the incredible story that led to Bruce Arians offering her a full-time coaching gig (12:05), the importance of carrying the coach title with extreme expertise (22:25), the folding of her former team Birmingham Iron and the AAF (28:15), what it’s like to play semi-pro football (30:55), and embracing being a role model for women. (41:14)Also in this week’s Three Minute Drill, the NFL turns 100 this year (with just a few wrinkles to show for it!). Melissa describes how the league really came to fruition. (53:28).Discuss this episode with Melissa @thefootballgirl: support The Football Girl Podcast by subscribing and leaving a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts!
Melissa begins this episode of the TFG pod by questioning the Bears continued obsession with kicker Cody Parkey (5:58). Then Melissa welcomes Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star to discuss the troubling Tyreek Hill situation. (10:10). Brooke breaks down the latest and provides a glimpse into the Chiefs’ strategy (11:13). She also examines the impact of Hill on the locker room not far removed from the Kareem Hunt dismissal, and wonders if there will be a cultural shift. (26:15). Brooke was one of the first to report on Hill’s son breaking his arm and she explains the nasty backlash she continues to receive, especially as juxtaposed to her male colleague at the Star who shared a byline. (22:09)On a more upbeat note, Brooke highlights some of her favorite moments covering the Chiefs last year (34:56)– think Backstreet Boys! – and breaks down the art of writing a game story on deadline. (37:37)Finally, Melissa has a new edition of THREE MINUTE DRILL explaining the ins and outs of everyone’s favorite penalty: offensive holding! (46:14) Follow Brooke on Twitter: Melissa on Twitter: support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving us a great rating and review! Also make a request for a future THREE MINUTE DRILL breakdown using #teachmefootball
It's Getting Drafty in Here

It's Getting Drafty in Here


A new NFL rookie class is about to be anointed and Yahoo NFL expert Liz Loza joins the pod to break it all down. Liz and Melissa share skepticism about the top QBs in the draft including Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins (12:02), and Liz is in no way buying the Daniel Jones hype. (21:30) She sees Iowa TE TJ Hockensen as a possible breakout rookie (30:55), and Melissa and Liz agree on Quinnen Williams over Nick Bosa for San Francisco at no. 2 (35:26) Later in the convo the two discuss the Chiefs' Tyreek Hill situation and why we as fans should still view prospects with a glass half full mentality.Then Melissa introduces THREE POINT DRILL where she explains a different NFL rule, concept, terminology each week. First up: What is an EDGE rusher? (50:39) Have a football question you want Melissa to clarify on a future episode, to generally want to support the TFG Pod? Head to Apple podcasts and leave a review with #TeachMeFootball keep the convo going,Follow Liz on Twitter: Melissa on Twitter:
Young, black and female NFL agent Nicole Lynn (who reps probable Top 5 pick Quinnen Williams) joins Melissa to discuss her unique journey and successes in the shark-infested waters of player representation. (12:35) Nicole shares her harrowing first experience trying to sign a player (23:55), illuminates her ultra competitive business (29:25)and explains why her world is a particular challenge for women (38:15). Also in the episode, Melissa has PLENTY to say about Antonio Brown going off the rails (5:25), and in a moment of happenstance, our Do-Gooder of the Week is JuJu Smith-Schuster. (48:30)Please support The Football Girl by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.
Melissa opens the show by dissecting the week’s big NFL news – no not Andy Reid’s Hawaiian shirt, the expansion of instant reply! (5:47) Will it bring more integrity to the football? Melissa also points out a few of her favorite quotes from the head coaches breakfast.(10:06)Then…Tom Brady eats a mostly plant-based. Cam Newton gave up meat in February. They are just the beginning. Meet the woman who is trying to turn the entire NFL onto a diet with immense benefits. Chef Charity Morgan joins (14:41) and starts by describing her delectable plant-based loaded nachos. Charity then takes us through her culinary journey (18:54) and why she started making plant-based meals for her 6’4”, 267-pound husband, Titans LB Derrick Morgan. (24:67). Morgan shines a light on the deep competitive edge NFL players are constantly seeking, (39:46) which is why many of Derrick’s Titans teammates followed suit. She does explain the challenge of trying to coalesce her plant-based diet with the Titans more traditional meat and potatoes nutrition (37:02) and the general challenges of being plant-based in the South. (48:28) Speaking of plant-based, Charity also clarifies the difference between plant-based and veganism and why her family is a hybrid. (56:53)Please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.For more from The Football Girl please visit:
In this episode, which Melissa has been anticipating FOR MONTHS, 49ers Offensive Assistant Katie Sowers (6:06) joins for a wide-ranging conversation full of fascinating anecdotes from her unique journey and lessons learned about stereotypes that extend well beyond football.Katie opens up about coming out and the importance of authenticity (33:02), as well as embracing her newfound platform to inspire women while she strives to someday be an NFL head coach. After Katie, Melissa gives out this week's Do-Gooder Award to Saints LB Demario Davis and Redskins CB Josh Norman for donating much-needed bottled water for Flint and spending time to understand the ongoing plight. Full Show Rundown2:07: Melissa on not having any role models for her early trailblazing ambitions6:06: KATIE SOWERS JOINS7:54: Sowers on Bruce Arians opens the door for women10:07: Sowers on how football became her passion14:05: Sowers on refining football knowledge through playing professionally15:55: Sowers on how happenstance connected her with MFL executive Scott Pioli17:18: Sowers on how her relationship with Pioli taught her never to stereotype22:06: Sowers shares keys to being embraced during an internship 23:56: Sowers on knowing she proved herself to Kyle Shanahan26:39: Sowers on a typical week in season28:45: Sowers reacts to head coaches explaining what women bring to their staffs30:50: Sowers on embracing her platform33:02: Sowers on coming out and the importance of authenticity36:20: Sowers agrees with Peter King that we will see more NFL players come out37:48: Sowers on when football will be “normalized”40:07: Sowers on her love of music and karaoke!!43:45: Do Gooder Award! Josh Norman and Demario Davis deliver water to Flint
Melissa opens by sharing the story of Bruce Arians declaring he would create a full-time coaching position designated for a woman. She also explains why this position is needed.Then an emergency convo with Football Date Night's Dave on the Bears signing a kicker named Chris Blewitt. Melissa and Dave also share their favorite unfortunately named sports figures with Dave providing a glimpse into their marriage by misunderstanding the assignment. The two also dissect the MNF opening and suggest a path to the booth that invokes MTV in the 90's.
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