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Finally, a podcast celebrating all the women who know and love football. TFG Managing Editor Melissa Jacobs talks to the most prominent female voices from all avenues of the NFL (with some men thrown in occasionally) and shares a weekly musing on the intersection of football, society and feminism.
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The Authenticity of 49ers Coach Katie Sowers
In this episode, which Melissa has been anticipating FOR MONTHS, 49ers Offensive Assistant Katie Sowers (6:06) joins for a wide-ranging conversation full of fascinating anecdotes from her unique journey and lessons learned about stereotypes that extend well beyond football.Katie opens up about coming out and the importance of authenticity (33:02), as well as embracing her newfound platform to inspire women while she strives to someday be an NFL head coach. After Katie, Melissa gives out this week's Do-Gooder Award to Saints LB Demario Davis and Redskins CB Josh Norman for donating much-needed bottled water for Flint and spending time to understand the ongoing plight. Full Show Rundown2:07: Melissa on not having any role models for her early trailblazing ambitions6:06: KATIE SOWERS JOINS7:54: Sowers on Bruce Arians opens the door for women10:07: Sowers on how football became her passion14:05: Sowers on refining football knowledge through playing professionally15:55: Sowers on how happenstance connected her with MFL executive Scott Pioli17:18: Sowers on how her relationship with Pioli taught her never to stereotype22:06: Sowers shares keys to being embraced during an internship 23:56: Sowers on knowing she proved herself to Kyle Shanahan26:39: Sowers on a typical week in season28:45: Sowers reacts to head coaches explaining what women bring to their staffs30:50: Sowers on embracing her platform33:02: Sowers on coming out and the importance of authenticity36:20: Sowers agrees with Peter King that we will see more NFL players come out37:48: Sowers on when football will be “normalized”40:07: Sowers on her love of music and karaoke!!43:45: Do Gooder Award! Josh Norman and Demario Davis deliver water to Flint
Football Date Night: Wrapping up Super Bore 53
In the final, Super Bowl episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave close down the NFL season by recapping the Patriots’ 13-3 victory over the Rams and all the hoopla that surrounded it. Dave started by giving the unsung MVP award to Gisele because the one time CBS showed her in the broadcast clearly inspired him to (finally) throw a decent pass (1:30). The duo then broke down the actual game, including why it was such a defensive snoozefest, why Jared Goff played so poorly, why Todd Gurley barely played, and whether the aura of Sean McVay has faded (3:00). The duo then pivoted to the commercials (11:30) and the vanilla Maroon 5 performance (14:00). Melissa then discussed what the ratings for the game might come in at and praised the enthusiasm of her Uber drivers (15:00) and resilience of Tracy Wolfson (friend of the pod) for braving the post-game scrum to secure an interview with Tom Brady (19:00). Dave had a similar experience trying to get his bagel cut at the neighborhood deli (20:00). After some relationship banter, the duo returned to the game to discuss how the game impacted Brady and Belichick’s legacies (27:00). Melissa then pondered what Patriots will do with themselves when the dynasty ends, though Dave didn’t care in the slightest (32:00). The duo then discussed Tony Romo’s performance and the insights Melissa learned during Super Bowl week about what makes him so entertaining (38:00). Finally, they ended by taking a look back on the first year of their Date Night podcast and what might bring Dave back for another season, framed by some sage words from the band, Semisonic (41:00).
Football Date Night: Off To Atlanta
On this (not so) special episode of Football Date Night, Dave and Melissa break down the Pro Bowl and the upcoming Super Bowl with the help of their special guest (and son), Cyrus. The duo began by addressing Roger Goodell’s deafening silence in the wake of the Saints-Rams officiating debacle (2:00). Dave drew a contrast to what Adam (don’t call me David) Silver would have done and theorized that Goodell (6:00) may be avoiding the limelight because he’s such a lightning rod for controversy. The duo then debated the merits of making pass interference reviewable by instant replay (8:30). The duo then turned to the Pro Bowl, as Dave lamented Mitch Trubisky’s struggles in the skills challenge (13:00) and Melissa reminisced about when the Pro Bowl was played after the Super Bowl and had more appeal (15:00). Dave then expressed his insecurities about Melissa traveling to Atlanta and leaving him home alone (17:00). Melissa wasn’t that excited for the hoopla, but Dave remembered meeting Steve Smith in Detroit and the enjoyment of having an actual conversation with an athlete versus a photo op (which he had with Peyton Manning) (18:30). But the best experience Dave ever had was when he rode in a limo to the ESPYs and mistook a famous jockey for a fashion designer (20:00). Finally, the duo closed with their Super Bowl predictions (22:45). Melissa then welcomed their special guest, Cyrus, to recap the Pro Bowl. (28:00). Cyrus listed his favorite players (Akiem Hicks, Leighton Vander Esch, and Bobby Wagner). It didn’t feel like real football, you couldn’t sack the quarterback, and the refs were not good, but he particularly enjoyed the trick plays.
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