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Finally, a podcast celebrating all the women who know and love football. TFG Managing Editor Melissa Jacobs talks to the most prominent female voices from all avenues of the NFL (with some men thrown in occasionally) and shares a weekly musing on the intersection of football, society and feminism.
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Melissa is joined this week by ESPN Injury Analyst and co-host of the Fantasy Focus Podcast, Stephania Bell to gloat all about San Francisco's three-game winning streak! (7:50). Among the many golden nuggets in this episode: - Stephania on the best version of Jimmy Garoppolo (21:55) - Melissa recaps George Kittle's amazing post-game presser after beating the Vikings. (28:25) - Stephania on visiting with Brandon Aiyuk during training camp and what might be behind his early season lack of usage. (30:25) - Stephania offers a tutorial on hamstring injuries (36:00) - Melissa and Stephania start game-planning for the 49ers-Patriots Super Bowl (47:40) Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a good rating and review: Thanks for listening!
On a TFG Podcast special, Melissa is joined by her husband, Dave the Bears fan for a Football Date Night Reunion. Melissa lets Dave rejoin over the Bears win over the mighty Lions. He also contemplates the future of Matt Nagy. Plus should Detroit be allowed to continue to play on a national holiday? Melissa and Dave also ponder the various things they learned from the Thanksgiving slate including that the Bills' offense is kinda sorta maybe back. And crazy but maybe not Super Bowl picks! Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review:
Melissa is joined by ESPN's Courtney Cronin to examine the 4-5 Vikings who are coming off a massive win over the Chargers but face a tall task against Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Among the topics discussed: - How hard the Vikes have been hit by COVID - Aaron Rodgers' historic dominance over Minnesota - The underrated Vikes-Pack rivalry - The current state of the Zimmer-Cousins relationship - The evolution of Justin Jefferson's Griddy dance - Inside Courtney's Women in the NFL Combine event and where we are in terms of normalization Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review. Thank you!!
This week Melissa is joined by rising media stars Maggie Loney and Perri Goldstein of the Pack's What She Said podcast on Cheesehead TV to talk all things Aaron Rodgers in the wake of his unvaccinated saga becoming public. How tarnished is his legacy in Green Bay and beyond? Did they NFL drop a minor fine in hopes of making this story disappear? How should we react to Jordan Love's first start? Does Rodgers have any future in Green Bay? Much more!
Did you know there was a professional women's football league in the 1970's that sparked so much of the progress for women in football we see today? (12:02) This week Melissa welcomes Britni de la Cretaz and Lyndsey D'Arcangelo, co-authors of the new book Hail Mary which dives into the little known yet incredibly fascinating world of the National Women's Football League. The conversation weaves through the makeup of these trailblazers, why they wanted to play football, their often jaw-dropping success on the field. the men who supported them and those who treated them like a gimmick, plus the stream of misogyny these women faced. No, male reporter of the 70's, getting hit in the boob with a football doesn't cause breast cancer! Hail Mary is available online and in bookstores:
Melissa opens the show by explaining why she's throwing this 49ers season in the dumpster. She also runs through the other currently miserable fanbases like the Bears and Chiefs before collectively inviting everyone to join her on....the Bengals Bandwagon! (13:56) Melissa then welcomes Kelsey Conway, Bengals beat writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer for a deep dive into the shocking team that has taken the league by storm. Kelsey shares her insights on: - Joe Burrow's maturation - His special connection with Ja'Marr Chase - The free agent steal that is DE Trey Hendrickson - How the Bengals are well equipped for a multiyear run - Much more! Follow Kelsey Conway on Twitter: Follow Melissa Jacobs on Twitter:
Melissa is joined this week by The Athletic's Lindsay Jones, fresh off covering Raiders-Broncos, to discuss lingering questions about Gruden's resignation, the 650,000 emails, and the WFT workplace investigation. Lindsay also tries to make sense of the top half of the AFC, and talks about the path for the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. Follow Lindsay on Twitter: Follow Melissa on Twitter: Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review!
Melissa is joined by the NFL's first-ever female scout, Connie Carberg, who was hired by the Jets in 1976 (yes, 1976!) Connie reflects on her career, shares her thoughts on the NFL's current culture, and gives Jets fan a needed pep talk. Melissa opens the show with a lot to say on the Jon Gruden resignation and the culture of toxic masculinity that sadly still lurks in the NFL.
This week Melissa dotes on the 4-0 Arizona Cardinals, shares her lingering thoughts from last Sunday's "Return to New England," and tries to unpack Urban Meyer's disastrous early tenure. Then Melissa welcomes Denver Broncos player performance coach Emily Zaler to discuss her journey from soccer star to the first female full-time coach in Broncos history.(12:24) Zaler reflects on the persistence that landed her in the NFL, plus where the league is headed in terms of diversity. Be sure to leave The Football Girl Podcast a great ratings and review! Thanks for listening and see you next week!
Tommy Brady is returning to New England and Melissa is joined by Nicole Yang of The Boston Globe to break it all out. Is this a "revenge" game? Do pieces of Brady's aura remain at Gillette Stadium? Will there be boos? Plus, Nicole takes us inside the state of the 1-2 Patriots, which, well, isn't that great at the moment. Melissa opens with her thoughts on another 1-2 team that is far more surprising, the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus, the evolution of Brady's likability. Please support The Football Girl Podcast with a great rating and review on iTunes:
Melissa is joined by TFG Pod fave, Liz Loza of Yahoo Sports to discuss many of the NFL's hottest topics, both fantasy and reality: - Early contender for MVP? - Kliff Kingsbury's powerful offense (hello, Rondale Moore!) - Surprise fantasy players including Brandin Cooks - The beginning of the Justin Fields era!! Plus, Liz talks about her new fantasy show with Austin Ekeler and the evolution of actual NFL players dabbling in fantasy. And a check in on the growth on women in the fantasy industry that is still rife with societal barriers. Please support The Football Girl Podcast by leaving us a great rating and review: -
Clashing of the Rams

Clashing of the Rams


This week Melissa is thrilled to be joined by The Athletic's Jourdan Rodrigue (12:24) to dive into her deeply layered and reported feature on Sean McVay's decision last season to sleep with the enemy and bring in defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, a product of the Vic Fangio defensive tree that had figured out the Rams offense. Was it a catalyst for exposing offensive weaknesses and leading McVay to Matthew Stafford? Jourdan also talks about the 8-month process of writing the feature, which included over 200 emails sent to herself int the middle of the night. She also shares her impressions of the Rams' Week 1 victory over the Bears and the debut of fans at SoFi Stadium. Melissa also opens the show with thoughts on Aaron Rodgers, the Steelers defense and why a QB switch is far more urgent in Chicago than San Francisco. Jourdan's McVay/Staley feature: Please leave the TFG Podcast a great rating and review! Thank you!
Happy New NFL Season!!!! Host Melissa Jacobs previews the 2021 season by running through a number of storylines that may have a big impact, including the new 17th game. Then she runs through every division and picks a winner, even after losing hours of sleep contemplating the NFC West and AFC West. Share your predictions with Melissa on Twitter: And please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review on Apple Podcasts:
WE ARE BACK!!! Melissa kicks off the new season with TFG Pod fave Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network and CBS Sports fame. Aditi and Melissa discuss the fierce AFC North and deeply examine the Steelers' chances with its offensive line issues and Big Ben in his golden years. Plus, an update of TJ Watt's pending mega-contract, Lamar Jackson's idiotic vaccine refusal, and Mac Jones reaction. Follow Aditi on Twitter: Follow Melissa on Twitter: Please support The Football Girl Podcast by subscribing and leaving a good review on Apple Podcasts:
Mocking the Top 10

Mocking the Top 10


It's NFL Draft Eve and Melissa is unveiling the top 10 picks early, just for you! Plus the NFL's Director of Community Relations Melissa Schiller joins to talk about the Draftathon and the power of athletes helping their communities. Please leave us a great rating and review:
Melissa is joined by ESPN's Laura Rutledge...and breaking news....Laura LOVES Mac Jones and thinks he will quiet any doubters. Also in this episode, Laura talks about her early days as a ballerina in China, how she accidentally got into sports broadcasting, and the struggle of juggling motherhood with hosting NFL Live and SEC Nation. Follow Laura on Twitter: Follow Melissa on Twitter: If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a great rating and review on Apple Podcasts:
Thank You, Alex Smith!

Thank You, Alex Smith!


EMERGENCY POD!!! Melissa is joined by ESPN's Stephania Bell to reminiscent about Alex Smith's unimaginable career. Stephania also goes deep into her time with Alex and his wife Elizabeth as they documented his rehab and recovery in Project 11.
Melissa is joined by Julie DiCaro to discuss her new book, 'Sidelined: Sports Culture, and Bring a Woman in America.' Julie talks about her experiences being deeply harassed on social media, why women don't get believed in sexual assault cases against athletes, how men can be better allies and much more. Melissa opens the show by imagining a utopian near future where fully vaccinated people get preferential treatment at sports stadiums and beyond. Buy Julie's book: And please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review. Thank you!
Melissa is thrilled to be joined this week by Maia Chaka, who was just named the NFL's first Black female official. Maia opens with her quite enthusiastic reaction to getting the news of her promotion. Then she shares the perseverance and grind it took to achieve her officiating dreams and offers advice for those who want to following her footsteps. She also explains how the pipeline of female officials is only getting more robust each year! Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review!
Melissa opens up by talking about this week's important virtual events, an inspiring Women in the NFL happy hour and the 5th Annual Women's Careers in Football forum which has sparked a litany of NFL careers. Then Melissa is joined by one of the women who benefited from the forum, Bucs assistant defensive line coach Lo Locust. (13:10 mark) Lo relives Super Bowl week, including the game experience and the aftermath. She also talks about her unique journey to the NFL, the origins of which didn't begin until she was 40! Follow Coach Locust on Twitter: Follow Melissa Jacobs on Twitter: Please leave The Football Girl Podcast a great rating and review!
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